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Mirror Sex Mirror: the result of The Public Experiment

A woman with a great ass looks at herself in the mirrorSex is like any art in that when it’s really great it breaks routine, reveals hidden beauty, and extends our sense of ourselves. Great art succeeds in creating something new, in a new way, from a new perspective. Great sex is the same. It needs variety, innovation, audacity, but it is sometimes difficult to find the will to inject those qualities into our daily lives. We need change, we need change in sex, we need other bodies with other predilections, but sometimes just changing the atmosphere will bring about some of that change we seek.

Long story short: my wife and I have been fucking our way across Europe. We’ve been keeping fellow hotel guests up late. We’ve been having fantasies in languages we hardly speak. We’ve been rutting around in strange neighborhoods. Continue reading Mirror Sex Mirror: the result of The Public Experiment

Sexy Spanish Dancers: her response to The Public Experiment

Two beautiful girls dance and flash as a couple does some hand fucking.Dear Dastardly X,

My husband and I rarely go out to clubs or discotheques together. Occasionally he’ll go out with friends to drink and look at the girls wiggle, but neither of us particularly loves dancing, and I’ve never been a four-in-the-morning kind of girl. But when it’s August in Barcelona, where we’ve been this past week, four in the morning just means a late dinner and a nightcap. The parties go till noon and then they start again, so one midnight we decided to find some sexy place. A friend had recommended a club near the Barrio Gotico, where we were staying, but when we got there the place was still empty. The waiter assured us that it would be filling up soon, so we chose a table in the corner as far away from the dance floor as possible. The music was good – not too loud, not too trendy – and we ordered a bottle of wine. Continue reading Sexy Spanish Dancers: her response to The Public Experiment

The Public Experiment

A hot wife with great legs prepares to have sex in public.Dear Little Showoff,

After the brazen way you last showed off your naked body to that lucky neighbor of yours, is it any wonder that I’m seriously contemplating making an appointment with one of our local real estate agents to see if there might be another apartment free in the building? I make a charming dinner companion, I promise – always appreciative of my hostess. And I happen to be a great lover of artistic photography – I guess you could call me a collector. So really, what could be more perfect? We could knock on each others’ doors in search of understocked kitchen supplies…share wifi…have neighborly orgies. You know: everything you look for in an investment property. Yes, I think I’ll head down to that real estate office this afternoon. Continue reading The Public Experiment