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Private orgy: the result of the Sex Fantasy Experiment

Imagining a sex fantasy of an erotic orgy with a hot wife.

My wife still had Mona’s cell phone when she came home that evening from rendezvous to reveal her sexual fantasy. I had no idea how the meeting had gone, or even whom she’d met, because she hadn’t yet written to Mr. X. I’d been checking my e-mail every minute, of course, glued to my computer, so over dinner when she said she had to run over to Mona’s house because she’d left her cell phone behind after their coffee date that afternoon, I knew: 1) she’d made the right choice of friend to confide in; 2) she’d likely revealed a sexual fantasy hot enough to distract the otherwise seen-it-all Mona; and, well, 3) I couldn’t help but think about Mona’s tits (she’s the sort of woman that calls up an immediate image). Now that I’ve read her response, I can’t stop thinking about them, except that now my cock is firmly placed between the two. I can’t imagine my wife ever bringing a friend into our bed for a threesome, but if she did, Mona would be near the top of my list. Continue reading Private orgy: the result of the Sex Fantasy Experiment

A café orgy: her response to The Sex Fantasy Experiment

A naked woman wears a mask in an orgy fantasyDear Mr. X,

This challenge actually turned out to be harder than the last one (but then you probably knew that). Letting my tits pop out of my robe for the delivery man somehow just seemed like a game, but there was no wiggle room on this one (and you know I do like to wiggle!). I know my sexual fantasies, of course (long erotic books could be written with dirty illustrations, like a modern day Kama Sutra starring yours truly), but I spent hours nervously debating which of my friends wouldn’t be too shocked by just how slutty I’ve become. Then I thought, screw it, and I called up a friend who I’ll call Mona. She’s a good time girl, cruising through her second divorce, and I figured that she could at least giggle about it with me. Continue reading A café orgy: her response to The Sex Fantasy Experiment

The Sex Fantasy Experiment

A naked wife is imagined in a sex fantasy.Dear Little Exhibitionist,

How I would have liked to see you taunting your delivery boy. I can imagine that he’s still masturbating to the memories of the sight of you, and the extended sex fantasy the memories must inspire. I know I still am. I’ve promised to remain anonymous, and I will remain anonymous, but how I would have loved to run my hand up the inside of your soft thigh as you wore that little robe of yours. I would have loved to watch your husband pulling it from you, too full of desire to be shocked by your audacity anymore, and then to have watched him take you towards explosions with his tongue. And maybe you would have glanced across the room and seen me (the bastard) standing there, but you wouldn’t have said anything. You would have shut your eyes and groaned with your own pleasure, and the pleasure of what you were doing to us both. But enough of that…. Continue reading The Sex Fantasy Experiment