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Infinite Layers of Fuck: the result of The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman has sex on the floor after naked sunbathingMy wife speaks the truth when she says that she’s entirely at ease in the nude. As the weather gets warmer, she flashes more flesh, and I get hornier. Of course Spring always gets me buzzing for sex and bikinis anyway, but her increasing nudity is like a visual representation of my mounting lust.

It’s an immense pleasure to have a light-footed nymph cavorting around the house, but as they say about nudist beaches, it’s not really sexual (which still sounds to me like claiming to read Playboy for the articles, but admittedly I haven’t tested one of these beaches out to confirm just how unsexy the nudity is). Of course I love having my sexy wife naked and reveling in the feel of her own taut body. It makes me feel like a dissolute Roman emperor or a wine-stained Greek poet (incidentally, I think I was made to be one of the above, the more infamous the better, but then I’m getting off topic…but just let me imagine those lounging beauties, the casual immorality, the toga-strewn floors…for a moment…a second…there).

Here’s what I’m thinking about nudity: you want it to have a few additional layers. Those nude Greek and Roman statues in the museums don’t turn you on. They have perfect bodies, but we need more: a glint in an eye, a chemical connection, a history together, a story that needs to be written, a line to cross, a human pulse.

Let me be more specific:

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Beach Balling: her response to The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman nude sunbathingDear X,

I’m not the most sexually forward person in the world, although I do feel myself changing thanks to you. I’m more assertive, at least, and I get more of what I want when I want it. I’m not just talking about your dares, which have gotten easier for me overall but are still sometimes SO difficult. What I’m really talking about is just every day walking around. Sex seems possible almost all the time, and that realization has actually been a shock to me, believe it or not. If you start thinking about everything a girl could get up to, it’s almost too much! Permanent orgasm? I think it would kill me, but I don’t guess it would be a bad way to go.

Anyway, one thing I have never been prudish or timid about is getting naked, and I’ve already been nude sunbathing in the mornings out on our terrace, which is in the full sun from early until around lunchtime. I honestly don’t even care if people catch a quick glimpse of me. It’s my house, and if people want to stare, that’s their problem. It’s not like I’m dancing on a stripper pole. I’m just tanning my sweet little ass!

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The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman sunbathing nudeDear Sultry One,

I’m still spending quiet moments contemplating the hot fantasy you spoke aloud during our walking experiment. I like to think of you being taken in sleek bathrooms. I’d like to take you as your hands gripped the sink counter and our eyes locked in the mirror in a brief, fearless fuck.

You constantly surprise me, but I’d like to see how you might surprise me with your flesh. I feel as if we know each other extraordinarily well after all these dares, or at least we know the dark parts of each other that stay mostly hidden from the world. I want to know even more about that dark places inside of you. I want to know how your darkness (which we could just as easily call “lightness”) corresponds to mine, and how it differs. I want to be able to find you in the darkness of this eternally erotic world we’ve created together. I want to know the ways you’re fucking, to discover more about what buttons to push and what dials to turn among the thousands in order to fine tune your sexual pleasure. Permanent orgasm – I’d like to imagine that for you. Continue reading The Sunbathing Experiment