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Sexy Secretary: the result of The Walking Experiment

A sexy secretary gives a blowjob beneath a deskBased on the fantasies shared by women on this site, you men on the make would do well to hang out in bars. Also, you’d do well to forget your name and operate anonymously. There was Sloane’s Fantasy Experiment, then my wife had a quick, anonymous tryst in the bathroom (and then there was that time the fantasy got real – and planted the seed for this dare?). The approving comments from female readers have confirmed that bar fucks are having their moment. This longing for anonymity fascinates me, and not only because it is shared by my wife. This desire for pure sex without the chance of consequences fascinates me, maybe because although I love pure sex as much as the next person, I love the chance of consequences, the human touch, at least as much. I wonder if there are two genres of fantasy, the “romantic” and the “sexual”, and although they often overlap, I wonder if women (in general) more clearly separate the two than men. Is that counterintuitive? Men are often said to compartmentalize their emotions, but I wonder if when it comes to quickies, women are wiser about keeping sex in its place, because they know all too well how quickly a wider mix of emotions can become chaotic. Or maybe these are called “fantasies” for a reason. Further research is required, people. Hot glances need to be exchanged across crowded bars, and the bathrooms must be populated. Continue reading Sexy Secretary: the result of The Walking Experiment

The trees are a part of you (and you are sexy): her response to The Walking Experiment

You are sexy and naked when I fuck you in the bathroomDear Mr. X,

I really liked this dare. You are sexy, you know. But it scared me more than most of the others have, even if it was meant to be easier. Put me at a party and ask me to flirt, and there’s no problem, because that’s what I always do (innocently, of course!). But even though my husband and I have never been at all shy in bed, and absolutely everything is a possibility there, I’m also a bit of a good girl in the sense that I’m still a little bashful when it comes to vocalizing my fantasies. I did it with my friend Mona, but I guess it’s easier for me (not that that was all that easy) if it’s something I can giggle about with a friend. When you’re speaking just for yourself there’s no give and take, and you really can’t pretend that it’s just a game. It’s SERIOUS when you’re alone, X, and I felt like a real serious little schoolgirl. Continue reading The trees are a part of you (and you are sexy): her response to The Walking Experiment

The Walking Experiment

A naked woman walks into the ocean dreaming of a sexual fantasyMiss Kiss,

Here’s hoping this e-mail finds you as delicious as ever. I’ve been plotting new adventures for you, and as tempting as it is to dare you to peel off your clothes and do absolutely everything to intriguing strangers, I realize that at this point in our relationship, at least, my role is more catalyst than master.

So here’s an experiment, a catalyst that may send you off into your own experiments or may simply be a kick. Just don’t assume that this more innocent run of dares means my intentions for you have become any more innocent. Nope. They’re dirty, lady. They are orgiastic. They are an endless series of mind-bending fucks.

So here we go, “innocently”. Continue reading The Walking Experiment