Vazoom: Mona’s response to The Mona Experiment

A woman in a bikini shows one breast and a bit of her vazoomDear Mr. X,

You really really turned me on! I like a man who knows what he wants and tells me exactly how he is going to get it. Usually I am the most confident person in a bar, but if someone even slightly attractive has the balls to come at me with even more confidence, then I am probably taking him home. Your e-mail made me wet! I took off my clothes and read it again and fingered my vazoom till I came. I keep it shaven to just a strip of hair, but then you’re a stalker so you know that. Please also know that I like coming quickly and often. Something to remember if you ever dream up other dares for me.

Writing back to you made me even wetter! I guessed there was a chance you might be some creep looking for an eyeful, but hey, worst case was that some random man would see me naked. Baby – you wouldn’t have been the first. So writing back made me finger myself again. I liked the thought of you sneaking through the trees in the middle of the night. I hoped you would be nervous. I liked imagining making you horny from my living room. So I came again and sent you that e-mail. Midnight!

That night I had completely forgotten about a dinner I had with friends, but around 11 I just told them I was tired. They protested. Usually it’s Mona leading everyone out to the clubs (I love to dance and drink all night long), but I was happy to get home for my secret date with you. I put on some American jazz music that I love and changed into some seductive lingerie. You saw it, so I won’t describe it. That lingerie has never failed me. Men fall apart! Then I poured myself a big bourbon. That’s my favorite. Then I poured myself another. I lay on the couch listening to the music and lightly fondling my sexy curves, which you saw, so I won’t describe. Did they make you hard? I hope so! As I waited I got super hot imagining making some stranger hard. I also hope you have a wife or a girlfriend and that you had to lie to get out of the house for Mona. You would not have been the first to do that either.

One thing I had not thought of was how I would know you were out there. I didn’t know if you would try to stay hidden or come right out and try to get me to unlock the door. But since my friend says you have stayed anonymous, I guessed you wouldn’t show me too much of yourself. I wasn’t worried about the neighbors at all, if you thought that was going to get me trembling. I suntan naked on that balcony almost every morning, and I imagine quite a few of them have seen something.

When I tan I lie down on a mattress, so it’s not like I stand there fully naked for all the world to see. That really got my cunt itching. I was watching the clock on the wall and smoking a cigarette when midnight hit. I stood up in my lingerie and walked across the room to the balcony. I didn’t see anything at first. Then I noticed a cigarette burning across the empty lot. Was that you? Does naughty Mr. X have more bad habits than just Mona? I hope so.

I wanted to blow your mind. I like to be seen naked by men so I wanted you to see all of me. I wanted you to stare and lust at Mona. To reach for your dick and make it hard just looking at me. Did you? Then I wanted to leave you wanting what you couldn’t have, but that was the one problem with your dare. You make me that horny at midnight but don’t give me a man to fuck? That is not included in your services?

I have this huge dildo that vibrates and when I came back inside I took a quick shot of bourbon to slow my heart down, and then I lay down on the floor right beside the balcony and just out of sight from you, with my legs spread wide, and I put the dildo in my vazoom and came so fast it surprised even me. You had excited me, Mr. X, so I kept the vibrator inside and came a few more times! Even after that I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up going out to meet my friends at club and dancing till late

I want you, Mr. X! Are you out in the darkness somewhere? Probably not. Oh, don’t be scared. I won’t eat you alive. At least not all of you. So give me something a little more challenging next time! Newsflash: I need to get fucked.

Yours truly,



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5 thoughts on “Vazoom: Mona’s response to The Mona Experiment”

  1. you are really going to have to challenge this woman. but i know you’re up to it. can’t wait to read what’s next. and don’t leave your wife without any challenges of her own.

  2. Much better than expected, she might be the perfect test subject for wilder experiments that you might have second thoughts about trying on the missus.

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