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Liza’s Amusement Park Ride Experiment

A naked woman takes a sex ride through the air.Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have an exciting correspondence with a woman named Liza, who writes a sex blog of her adventures at, and she eagerly requested a dare. Here was my e-mail to her:

Dear Liza,

Spring is in the air. One can’t help but imagine what you’ve been wearing as you move through your world. If it’s gotten warm enough wherever you are, I presume the men around you are beginning to study what the sun has revealed of your body. April showers bring May flowers, apparently, and from keeping up with your sex blog, it does seem that with your erotic habits you’ve been doing your fair share of April showering. I only wish that I was occasionally there to soap your back (etc.). Continue reading Liza’s Amusement Park Ride Experiment

I need to be told what we are doing: a reader’s sex dare

A couple fucking on a bar in a sex dareNow that my wife’s New Year’s sex dare is told (and here), it seems only appropriate that I share the fabulous adventures that night of our reader Sloane, who continues to push herself into new sex dares and capture our admiration in the process.

For her New Year she took inspiration from the experiment I first proposed to reader Lisa, then to my wife’s friend Mona. The experiment was then taken up by other daring readers on the site, who have posted their results in the Your Experiments group, and now Sloane….

Here’s the experiment in a sentence: write down one of your most pressing erotic fantasies and deposit it in a public place. I’ll let Sloane tell you how she did it, but I’m warning you: she’s charming. Continue reading I need to be told what we are doing: a reader’s sex dare

Tipping the waiter: a reader’s sex experiment

Woman flashing and dreaming of waiter sexWe’re travelling over the holidays, and though I know we’ll be getting up to adventures (which I’ll duly report at some point), I won’t be posting here till the first week of January. Don’t panic. I need my sexual fix as much as the next person, so here’s what you do: join The Sex Experiment social network, where like-minded lusties are proposing experiments to each other right now and explicitly (and artfully) reporting on their results. It’s free forever, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun in there. People are stripping in the Photo Orgy group and revealing fantasies that have long been secrets. I don’t know of any bigger turn-on than that. Continue reading Tipping the waiter: a reader’s sex experiment

Lust is my stop: a reader’s sexy bus experiment

A nude awaiting a moment of lustThere are secret connections being formed underground. A million erotic secrets just whizzed through the world wide web.

Look across the office, look across the bar: that person you see may well be performing some elaborate sexual experiment as you stare. Stare intently enough, and you might become part of the experiment, too.

I have no idea what new, exotic lusts strangers are propelling you towards, but I have news from the underground, from a sexual secret agent who calls herself Sloane. She’s won a competition, she’s stripped in The Photo Orgy, and she reports of excruciatingly sensual games she’s anonymously playing with her newfound friends.

Listen in: Continue reading Lust is my stop: a reader’s sexy bus experiment

Voyeur Stories: a reader’s menage a trois

Naked bodies in a sexy menage a troisThe good news is that I heard back from the elusive Grimm Perrault yesterday. The other good news is that I may never be the same again. She’s got me feeling downright virginal and in need of some serious kink to sully my perfect innocence, my bleached-out purity. Wow. You thought you knew a menage a trois? You didn’t know a menage a trois. Again, wow. And now instead of filling a page with Wow‘s, I’ll leave you to her: Continue reading Voyeur Stories: a reader’s menage a trois

Voyeur Stories: a reader flirts with Girl Girl Boy

Sexy girl girl boyDear Mr. X,

Things are taking interesting turns, in your life and mine. Last Friday I met an ex with whom I am on friendly and slightly cheeky terms. He told me about his current affair and commented in his self-deprecating humor that women had become his hobby but he wouldn’t be able to approach them without the Internet. That piqued my interest, and the next morning I set up a profile on this website. My profile picture was almost demure: just a part of my face, my fingers covering a beauty spot and a bit of my clothed shoulder. My text was also very specific and maybe a bit aloof, but purposefully so in order to put off certain types. Continue reading Voyeur Stories: a reader flirts with Girl Girl Boy

Voyeur Stories: a reader writes in

A woman with sexy legs confronts a voyeurA couple of months ago I received an exciting e-mail from an unknown reader:

Dear X,

I recently found your blog, and I must say that it is the hottest thing I have read in a long time. I have been feeling extremely horny these last days. Three weeks ago I split up with my fiancé after falling in love with someone who lives thousands of miles away. I will call him Mr. L. This leads to some sexual frustration, as you can imagine. But I am a very sexual person and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Former lovers keep knocking at my door, some blatantly, some less so. Yesterday, as I had just begun reading your blog, an equally distant former lover, whom I had promised a “show”, approached me via video chat. It was in the middle of the afternoon here, late morning there, and he was still in bed…stroking his cock. Continue reading Voyeur Stories: a reader writes in

Sexty: Queen Green’s response to her Five Word Experiment

A woman has passionate sex with her loverMy Duke,

I must report to you.

As you know, I told you I would see my love on Thursday.  Wednesday, as I was leaving work and signing off of our chat, the last thing I said was, “I lust for you to ravish and explore me.”

I had to go to the bank after work.  All the drive up lanes were full except for the lane right next to the teller window.  I never have a deposit slip and always have to ask for one.  After doing this for several weeks in a row, I have realized that Alex (a male Alex) is always working, and I always ask for a deposit slip and a pen.

Well, Wednesday was a very nice day, and I drive a convertible, so I had the top down.  I was also wearing a dress.  Nothing too suggestive, but sitting down it came high on my thigh and my boobs looked particularly big in it. Continue reading Sexty: Queen Green’s response to her Five Word Experiment

Confidence: Queen Green’s Five Word Experiment

A woman strips with confidenceI continue to be awed by the enterprising women who e-mail me begging for naughty experiments of their own. Yes, a man asks from time to time, but I’m forced to consider the previously counterintuitive possibility that women are the lustier, more creative, and yes, erotically braver sex. My own wife is the perfect example of this confidence, of course. As further evidence I present this recent exchange with a new acquaintance of mine who calls herself Queen Green: Continue reading Confidence: Queen Green’s Five Word Experiment

Sex Experiment Relay: Round Two

Incredible legs set to run a sex experiment relayMost Eager and Excellent Readers,

We have a new winner in the first round of The Sex Experiment Relay, the second of our daring games on this site after The Group Sex Game. For those of you who have taken a moment to sign up for the site, there’s also some serious experimenting going on in a couple of our member groups: Your Experiments and the Photo Orgy. If you like sex experiments or naked photos or orgies, feel free to join us. If you don’t, well I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Continue reading Sex Experiment Relay: Round Two