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A beautiful college student stares out a window. Several days ago I got an e-mail from a reader named [Alice]:

Your stories are incredibly sexy. I found out about this website when I was sitting at a cafe near my university. A cute little indie girl (large glasses, pixie haircut, a macro-dermal piercing on her cheek) had your website pulled up on her laptop. Now I know it is kind of weird to look at someone’s computer, but when an irresistibly cute girl is smiling and shivering…you kind of want to look. Sadly, I haven’t seen her again, but oh well. I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories, and whenever I read them I end up picturing that indie girl in them. I’m a bit jealous of Lisa for having ‘assignments’!

I like a shivering pixie as much as the next person, so I responded by asking for more details about life as a college sex goddess. She wrote back:

I do a lot of activism, and you’d be surprised at how attractive some of the people are. I met a boy, three years older than me, with a Linguistics degree, at a political event. I have to admit he is a punk. He has black hair, a shaggy mohawk that’s growing in, a fascination with Noam Chomsky, and he has been texting me. I want to use him, and most importantly I want a challenge for what to do when I see him Sunday.


This is where it gets interesting. I proposed to Alice that you, the readers, write in with your own experiments in the comments section below, and then that she choose the experiment of yours that most tickles her…fancy. She wrote back, enthusiastically agreeing to the plan and providing a few more details to spark your creativity:

I am meeting him Sunday at my friends’ house, where we are all having lunch. I have slept with a man and a woman who live there (four people in all live there), neither of them know that I’ve slept with the other, and the idea of them seeing me flirt with someone else is….exciting. The boy suggested that we get drinks after the lunch….


Alice has promised to write back with the results of the experiment, so now it’s up to you! Does the thought of a sexually ravenous woman living out your erotic fantasy in some distant place excite you (if it doesn’t you’re in the wrong place)? Are the possibilities of college sex a subject on which you have a horny opinion? Well here’s your chance. Post your comments below, and she’ll choose. But don’t delay. We’ve got a Sunday morning deadline, and an eager activist who’s counting on us to titillate!

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