What the Doctor Ordered: CC’s Public Sex Experiment

0002CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her most recent experiment from Mr. X.

Dearest Mr. X,

Your challenges are so delicious. This month you dared me to orgasm in a public place. So many scenarios ran through my head. I briefly considered doing it in a parking lot, my school library, and my favorite coffee shop. Yet none of these were special. For me, it wasn’t enough to just complete the dare – I wanted to do something crazy.

It happened yesterday, during a rainy afternoon. This wasn’t planned ahead of time – an opportunity presented itself. I had an appointment to get a prescription refill. I’d been in the waiting room of my doctor’s office for so long, I was falling asleep. There were two other patients in the room, and the receptionist. I was browsing the internet on my cell to pass the time when inspiration struck. I made sure no one was looking at me, and opened an incognito tab on my phone. I visited my favorite mobile porn site. Before I watched anything, I ensured my phone was on silent.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a bit picky when it comes to the porn that I find hot. The people in the video have to be people I would actually want to have sex with. It took twenty minutes of scrolling before I found something amazing. An incredibly beautiful woman with natural curves, long red hair, and a sultry smile was masturbating for the camera. I was mesmerized as I watched her slender fingers sliding up and down her body. Closing my eyes, I imagined her touching me rather than herself. A familiar ache settled between my thighs. I knew then that this was to be the public location where I’d attempt to complete my dare.

The lovely redhead fondled her breasts, bringing her nipples to pert peaks. I wanted to lick her pink nipples, and imagined how her skin would taste beneath my wandering tongue. I loved how she threw back her head as feelings of pleasure overwhelmed her – I wondered if I looked the same when I touch myself.

It felt incredibly daring to sit there, in such a common setting, watching something so naughty. Never had I been brave enough to do something like it. The adrenaline made me light-headed as heat gathered between my thighs. I found myself rocking a tiny bit in the waiting room chair, rubbing myself ever so slightly against the hard surface. The answering waves of pleasure made me more daring. I took my eyes away from the phone, making sure no one was watching as I leaned forward, seeking more contact for my dripping cunt. I rubbed myself shamelessly against the edge of the chair. It was so hot – knowing that at any moment someone could look up and see what I was doing.

I imagined the guy opposite me doing just that. I wondered what he would do if he looked up from his phone, and saw me. I couldn’t help but glance down between his legs, wondering what sort of cock he had in those jeans. Would it get hard for me? Would he want to fuck me if he saw me?

A nurse called my name, ripping me away from my fantasy. I hastily put my phone into my purse, and followed her. She checked my weight, temperature, and blood pressure. She remarked that the latter was rather high – she had no idea it was because of what I had been doing. After filling out my chart, she left the room.

I sat on a high table, and my legs dangled over the edge. I felt incredibly unsatisfied – I needed more. Carefully I arranged my dress, which allowed me access to my needy pussy, with one side hiked up over my thigh. I needed to orgasm – I could hear people walking by the door, and murmurs of other patients in the rooms adjoining mine. Though I was nervous, my desire was overwhelming, and I needed to cum.

Not knowing how much time I had, I moved aside the thin layer of my panties, and greedily went straight to the sweet spot. My clit was swollen, and I allowed myself to squeeze it gently. I rolled it between my fingers like an olive in oil. Little electric shocks traveled through my abdomen as I touched myself.

My breath came faster. My nipples strained against the confines of my bra, rubbing against the cotton fabric. My finger slid down my slit slowly, and I explored the folds of my labia. Everything I touched seemed to swell. The smell of my excitement permeated the air. My juices soaked through my panties, and made my inner thighs slick.

I imagined the guy from the waiting room coming into this room by accident, seeing me playing with myself. Inviting him inside, I would show him my dripping pussy, and beg for him to fuck me. My fantasy took over. I wondered what it would feel like to have this stranger’s cock shoved deep inside me. He looked like the strong type, the kind of guy who would grip my hips, and pound me hard. I imagined him bending me backward over the table, taking me from behind, pulling my hair. There would be no sound in the room other than the frantic slapping sound of his balls against my ass, and the wet suction of my pussy accepting a hard cock.

Sounds of people moving outside didn’t stop my fingers as I played with the slick folds of my cunt. Instead of slowing, I grew more impatient. I spread my legs further apart, letting my dress ride up to bunch around my hips. I tugged my panties off impatiently, balling them up, and putting them inside my purse. Feeling incredibly turned on, I shamelessly stroked my clit in a familiar loop, circling it with steady, firm pressure. In that moment, I knew if someone walked in and wanted to fuck me, I wouldn’t stop them.

My mouth relaxed and opened. I bit back moans of pleasure as I felt my excitement building. My muscles clenched, and I couldn’t stop myself from rotating my hips. Two fingers captured my straining clit, and I pinched the little rosebud between them. Frantically, I moved my hand up and down, finding the perfect rhythm. My free hand found its way to my breast, and I squeezed it. My nipple felt like a tiny rock beneath my shirt. I pressed my palm against it, stimulating it with the same motion of my other hand.

My orgasm started unexpectedly. My breathing stopped altogether as the most intense spasm racked my body, sending me into a state of perfect rigidity. I could only apply steady pressure as pleasure radiated through my pussy while it convulsed. For one long moment that felt like an eternity, my body was burning hot. Fire licked up between my legs, engulfing me. I gasped then, drawing in life-sustaining oxygen as I continued to pulse.

My hands fell limply to my sides as my body calmed. I pulled down the fabric of my dress to cover my thighs. I had been so wet, that the white paper beneath where I sat was sticking to the back of my legs. I hopped off of the table, and peeled the paper away quickly. I bunched it up, stuffing the evidence of my arousal into the trash can. I re-covered the table. Shaking, I retrieved my panties. I had barely slid them back into place when my doctor entered the room.

He had me sit on the table, and we went over my refill request. It was a simple matter, easily taken care of. Five minutes later, I left his office with a slip of paper in my purse, and an exciting memory. I’ll never forget what it felt like to do something so intimate in a place where I could have been discovered at any moment. Though this was done as a response to a dare, I have a feeling that I’ll be attempting this act again and again in different places.

I hope that this was what you had in mind when you sent me this dare, Mr. X. I hope that it excites you, because it surely was one of the most titillating things I’ve ever experienced. I wonder if you had been the stranger in the waiting room, if you would have noticed me. If so, I can only hope that it would have stimulated your imagination, and maybe for a brief moment, we each would have fantasized about fucking each other. I’m wet, and waiting for your next dare.


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