Four-handed Massage: her response to the Masseur Experiment (Part 2)

A hot wife receives a four-handed massageMr. X dared my wife to get a massage at home from her sexy masseur. The catch? He also wanted me to be at home. Her e-mail response was so long, and so potentially revolutionary for our marriage, that I’ve chosen to post it in two parts. The first part of her response is here. This is the second part.

Ever heard of a four-handed massage, Mr. X? That’s one for each breast, one for a pussy, and one for the rest of me. Actually, I shouldn’t make it sound like a joke. It all moved very slowly and sensuously for a while, each man really doing their best to give me a good massage, and nobody really making eye contact. I guess we all made it a bit of a joke at first too, but then it was just pure pleasure, and I began to moan uncontrollably again, and they focused on rubbing me everywhere. After a while, as we all became accustomed to the situation, the men took turns rubbing my pussy and my tits. Their fingers, even the masseur’s, began to actually press into me more often, sometimes two or three fingers. Their bodies were getting closer to mine, and my husband even began licking my nipples occasionally. Earlier I had been making the occasional light comment, like “Now this is a massage!” but now it was all very serious.

Then at some point my husband was kneeling on the bed between my legs, rubbing his hands up and down my thighs and leaning closer and closer in. The masseur was on his knees beside my shoulders, kneading the front of my shoulders and then muscles at the top of my chest, then occasionally moving down to gently fondle my breasts. I had completely given myself over. They could have done anything to me. Then I heard my husband softly saying, “You can kiss them if you like.” And so this wonderful masseur did, timidly at first, but then with actual passion, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so overcome with desire. It was all like a dream, and I just wanted to be taken.

As the masseur was growing comfortable with kissing my breasts, then my belly, his hands beginning to move all over me, even down to my pussy to meet my husband’s fingers (incredible!), I felt my husband’s tongue there too, and I almost screamed with pleasure. I looked up into the masseur’s eyes, and I saw that there was no turning back for him either. I put my hand on his shoulder, then on his cheek. I also noticed through his flimsy pants that he was extremely hard, and I could not help myself. I slowly moved my hand over until it was at his crotch and I could feel him big through the fabric. Briefly I glanced up at my husband, who had lifted his face from my dripping pussy. He smiled, and said: “Everything.” I knew I loved him enormously, and now I also really wanted to feel the masseur’s bare cock in my hand.

For all the sexy things you’ve had me do and write, I realize I’m still a little bit shy when it comes to writing about actual sex, particularly sex that was as personal as this. Startled by my hand, the masseur had pulled his face back from my body. He watched me grabbing at him through his pants until my hand was firmly around his cock. My husband watched too. Time seemed to stop and I felt as if a mild orgasm was already rippling through my body. I reached for the drawstring of the pants and slowly pulled it loose. Then I grabbed at the waist of the pants and pulled them down. His cock popped free, close to my face. Funnily I can’t even really remember what it looked like. It was just right for the moment, if that makes sense. I don’t know if it was beautiful or not, but I do know that it was uncircumcised, unlike my husband’s. It wasn’t big or small – again, the perfect size for the moment – and most importantly, it seemed absolutely clean. It was also incredibly hard, and I began to stroke it. We all watched me do this for a minute or so, as if we were waiting to see if this was going to be the right thing to do. Then we all knew that it was right, and my husband’s mouth was at my pussy again, licking fast and furious and leaving me to the masseur’s cock, which I absolutely had to have in my mouth now.

He rose up on one knee then the other so that I could help his pants off. Then my head was coming up and I was leaning into him. He smelled like a mixture of horniness and soap, which pleased me. I stuck out my tongue, practically hyperventilating with what was happening. Then something clicked and I was ready for everything again. I took the head of his penis in my mouth and began to lick it. My excitement must have been gushing into my husband’s face. Slowly I took the masseur’s cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, turning a bit more on my side as he got deeper. Then I was sucking him in regular strokes, as deeply as I could, as his hands ran all over my breasts and back. I wanted him to take off his shirt, and I stopped for a moment to tell him that. I wanted to see him completely naked, and he may have been a bit bewildered by everything, but he truly was a handsome man – in very good shape, with a strong chest and arms and smooth, dark skin. I took him in my mouth again, flipping all the way onto my side as I did, because I wanted to feel the rest of his body with my hands.

Then I was on my knees, between the masseur’s legs. He had lain back on the bed. I was out of my mind. I was sucking and licking him and feeling him all over, one hand still stroking the base of his cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband standing on the other side of the room watching us. He was taking off his clothes, and when his cock was free he was stroking himself at the sight of us. I don’t think I have ever been so excited as right then.

My husband moved over to the bed again, but behind me so that I couldn’t see him. I felt his hands on my ass, and then his kisses there. I spread my legs slightly as I sucked so that he could stroke my pussy again, and then I felt his cock there teasing my lips with its head. I think I groaned into the masseur’s cock. Then my husband was inside of me, and we both groaned.

It was so perfect, Mr. X! It was absolutely magical. I don’t really know how long we went on like that, but I was sucking and licking, and kissing the masseur’s belly, and my husband was fucking me hard. Everyone seemed to know exactly what to do in every single moment, and we were all in ecstasy. After a while I kissed my way up to to masseur’s chest. We didn’t have a condom nearby for him to maybe fuck me, but I wanted to try kissing him on the mouth. It was so delicious to feel my body against his. I went on stroking him between the pressing of our bodies and kissed him on the mouth as my husband was driving me wild with his cock from behind. We were all ready for an orgasm, and I felt the masseur coming first, his cock swelling then shooting hot liquid up between our bodies. Then I felt my husband growing more insistent at the realization of this, and as I went on kissing the masseur, my husband came inside of me, then sagged down on top of me so that I was sandwiched between the two men. Maybe that was the horniest feeling of the entire experience. I just stretched and wiggled between them.

Slowly we pulled apart from each other until we were separate on the bed, and although I had probably had several little orgasms since the beginning, surprisingly (probably nerves) I hadn’t had that big bang. Lying back in perfect joy, I slowly began fondling myself again. The men, who were on either side of me, eventually revived from their stupors enough to notice this, and then we were back to the massaging – my breasts and my legs, but mostly my pussy, both of them there, rubbing and prodding, until I was screaming out and bucking up and down in a MASSIVE orgasm.

We laughed about it afterwards, and then the masseur, to his credit, realized that we didn’t want a lot of small talk. He went off to the bathroom with his clothes and came back fully dressed and ready to go. I insisted on paying him and flounced up out of bed to find some money (his come still on my belly!). I could sense the men admiring me, and that made me happy. Then I shook the masseur’s hand with a smile, and he left. My husband and I went off to the shower together, and then back to bed. Are you surprised that we didn’t stop for dinner that night?

Mr. X, I’ve been sitting here typing for two hours, and I realize I’ve practically written a book, but you deserved a proper update and I’m going to want to keep the memory of this experience for a long, long time.

So thank you, Mr. X! A thousand times thank you! What more can I say? Thank you forever!


Your eternally devoted and completely massaged me


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20 thoughts on “Four-handed Massage: her response to the Masseur Experiment (Part 2)”

  1. the two male thing is also a dream of mine. This is extremely pleasurable to read. There is perhaps a typo, you have bad where I think bed is supposed to be but then again maybe you meant it that way Mr. X. mmm…can’t wait to hear what is next for you guys.

  2. That was awesome. Definitely a fantasy of mine. Two men massaging me and then fucking me. I hope to hear more stories like this from Mr and Mrs X, seems like you two are becoming more and more adventurous and I love it!

  3. You finally took the plunge……and I am soooo glad you did! I am reading this in bed and I wouldnt be at all surprised if I have a little wet spot underneath me! Feckin’ HOT! I want a sandwich Mrs X stylee. Congrats to you both and heres to the next time……

  4. I read this a few days ago and went around for the rest of the day with my jaw dragging on the ground (and an erection that just wouldn’t quit!!!). Congratulations!

    I find it hard to process much less express the profound feelings that these last two posts evoked in me…

    This was an incredible “letter” from your wife to Mr. X,

    surpassed only by how incredible the act itself must have been,

    surpassed only by the fact that you participated in this amazing act,

    surpassed only by the fact that your wife has opened herself up sexually to the point not only that she did it but that she seems to have enjoyed it (apparently REALLY enjoyed it),

    surpassed only by the fact that you…the diabolical (or is it genius) Mr. X…orchestrated her entire awakening,

    surpassed only by the fact that you (the one who has patiently been biding his time all this while) are on the precipice of having some of the best fucking sex of your entire life!!!

    Hot story, hot experience (I can not wait to hear the “husbands” recounting…oh shit…does that mean we are down to two perspectives as opposed to three?), and fuck am I jealous on so many levels right now I can barely take it…

    Nobody’s life is perfect, but for that one afternoon, seeing her pleasured at another mans hand (a personal favorite of mine), watching her finally let go without fear that it would impact your relationship (no small feat ever) and finally seeing her become the fully expressed sexual being that she appears to really be deep down (not to mention a lifetime of memories of her going to town on that guys cock..apparently ready to fuck him had there been a condom handy…that must have come close to your vision of perfection! Ok…ok…I am sure that you can actually envision an even better (a few extra ravenously sexual women attacking the both of you would never hurt) but Damn! Consider yourself a very lucky man and that was a very well deserved reward for how thoughtfully and skillfully you have been exploring this (and for having picked the right woman all those years ago).

    1. Absolutely, James. That’s so well said that I really have nothing more to say, except maybe that it’s…

      surpassed only by the fact that I get to share the adventures with smart, sexy readers on this site!

      1. Do you have to rub it in?!?

        Don’t for a second think I haven’t already figured-out that when you finally start swinging in earnest (and I see no reason why that isn’t a very real possibility if you present it in as skillful a way as you have to date) you will already have the greatest head start in the history of newly open relationships on identifying smart, sexy, attractive, willing to do anything for you and your lady partners. Diabolical (Genius)!

        Like I said…”jealous” on SO…MANY…LEVELS!!!

        Whatever happens, you sure as hell better not loose my e-mail…

  5. I have been waiting with bated breath for the second half of this experience and it did not disappoint! As you well know, Mr. X, masseurs are a little fantasy of mine, and this was incredibly arousing for me! Glad to see that you and the missus are taking leaps in your sex life, and VERY glad to be allowed along for the ride!

  6. Great posting and the way you write, I felt that I was there, watching the whole thing. Your words painted a strong picture in my mind and that is beautiful, you have talent in conveying your experience. Beautiful, simply beautiful. We have a masseur who specializes in tantric massage and were reluctant to engage him but now – we are booking! Your moment – poetry, sheer poetry

  7. I am speechless. This was such an erotic experience. I’m glad that you, Mr. X, weren’t just the recipient of the result of one of her latest dare but that you were a very active participant. If being with two women is (most) every man’s fantasy, the same could be said about woman with two men. Super hot.

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