The Full Body Massage Experiment

A sex wife strips off her panties for a massage.Dear Delightfully Daring Lady,

You’re surpassing all my expectations, and I can’t stop imagining you splayed across your couch – legs wide, sex glistening. In my mind the image is like some 19th century French painting, and I wish I was there with my easel and brushes to capture your naked flesh for future schoolboys stuck in museums (part of the fantasy, of course, is that I would actually know how to paint). I’d call it: “Nude in the Afternoon: Upon Having a Lesbian(ish) Encounter in a Supermarket.” In any case, I hope your legs have stayed splayed and that your mind is thinking ahead towards more lusty adventures.

For this experiment, however, I want to focus on your body, and I think it’s time to push our game further. So, your body…. I have plans for it. Whether you’re stressed or not, tense around the shoulders or not, I think it’s time for a full body massage. As always, however, I have very specific instructions about how I want your body touched. So no ordinary massage salon for you – I intend for you to relish the luxury of having your own personal masseur, one who comes to the house at your convenience and puts you in complete control. You may know someone who offers this service (there are lots of them around these days), or someone who can arrange it for you. If you don’t, I’m happy to give you a phone number. My only condition is that the masseur must not be a masseuse. I want your full body massaged by a man.

Set a date. Before he arrives, I want you to have a comfortable spot prepared – a couch that is easy for him to maneuver around, or perhaps even a bed. I should also say that you may choose to have your husband around, or not. He is not essential to this experiment. When the masseur arrives, show him in, and as he prepares his oils, etc., excuse yourself to take a quick shower, and then come out wearing only a towel. You may not wear anything else beneath the towel. Oh, and I almost forgot: those Chinese balls of yours? I need you to slowly slide them up into your pussy before emerging from the bathroom. Of course this man is going to see you naked (he’s a masseur, don’t worry), so if a string attached to the balls is still showing, then also slip it between your lips with a finger. The masseur must not (at least not yet) expect that you’re completely sex-crazed!

Then come out to the couch (that I wish I could paint with you on it), or the bed, and drop the towel for him to see all of you. Be fearless, my queen, and feed your body to his eyes until he may become so overwhelmed that his glance will dart desperately away. Then lie down as he instructs, and so the adventure begins.

Now, please do everything in your power not to think of sex as he begins this full body massage. If you do become aroused, I want it to come through the body, not the mind. Focus on the feel of his hands moving across your skin, of the warm oil as you slide beneath his palms, and of the Chinese balls subtly shifting inside of you, slickening your pussy with every slight movement. Focus only on the sensations. Make a world of each one. Where will those sensations take you? What will this man transform you into in his hands? And how will your body respond when it’s just a body, just sensations – muscles and skin caressed by a stranger?

I’m dying to find out. The tension is killing me, really. All over, particularly the neck. I believe I need a full body massage….





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2 thoughts on “The Full Body Massage Experiment”

  1. Oh my. On occasions I get the peculiar craving to ride on a carousel on a hot summer day, the vertigo of spinning in a circle, the breeze through my hair, the innocent idle wonderings of what it would have been like if I actually had a pony as a young girl…

    …But then you post something like this that gets my darker subconscious musing. Would I ever dare pursue a handsome stranger through a funhouse, take him in the mirror maze?

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