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      Mr. X

      This is a story started by Mallory in the Your Fantasies group and contributed to by James Wilson. At their suggestion, it has been brought over here to develop. Your comments and contributions are most welcome, and we’ll see where it goes.

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      Mr. X

      Here is the existing content:

      Right now, I am fantasizing about meeting my fiancee’s parents and discovering I had an introductory sexual relationship with his father when I was younger.

      Mr. X
      Wow. Very kinky. Would love to read about that one taken further.

      My fiancee’s father was one of professors during my freshman year in college. I was a virgin and had a passionate love affair with him. Now ten years later, reuniting with him, as his son’s soon-to-be wife, the attraction is still there. I fantasize starting another affair with him, and continuing after the wedding.

      James Wilson
      Well, they say you never forget your first time (I sure won’t) but being so close to your first lover with every visit, vacationing together and during the holiday’s would be quite interesting indeed!

      Care to share any particularly naughty thoughts about how the holidays would play out while everyone else is napping from overeating or opening presents?!? I sure would love to know…

      After meeting my future father- and mother-in-law, and realizing our past relationship, tension escalated as the wedding plans become more real and the details for which seem tedious and endless, and nothing seem to be going right. We all found ourselves at odds with each other. My tension continues to mount with rage, emotional rollercoaster, and lust. And the yearning and lust were mutual with him. On some levels, not a surprise, when my future mother-in-law took my girls out and my fianceé is trying to get one last game day out with the boys, that we took our culminating lust to his bed.

      James Wilson
      We all need a release sometimes and weddings are unbelievably stressful events…

      He must be under a tremendous amount of stress…

      I am sure that your history together is an unexpectedly large distraction for him not to mention the costs, and planning and expectations of his having intense, lengthy personal interactions with his extended family and especially with his daughter-in law to be at this wedding!!!

      I can imagine he is filled with intense conflicting emotions watching you now with his son…

      He knows all too well what your body would feel like against his own as he watches his son put his arm around you and pull you in closer.

      He has memories of what your breasts feel like pressing into his own chest as he sees his son embrace you lovingly.

      He clearly remembers what your lips and tongue feel and taste like when he catches the two of you steeling kisses from the other room.

      Probably most distracting of all, he has the most intimate knowledge (undoubtedly as distinctly as if it were yesterday) of every last detail of your body – the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells – and the way it responds to being touched and stroked and squeezed and spread and penetrated as he hears the barely contained giggles, heavy breathing and muffled moans, in the middle of the night as you are fucking his son in the bedroom just down the hall

      To make matters worse, here you are working hard to make yourself the most beautiful and radiant and effervescent woman on the planet (as every bride inevitably seems) on your wedding day!

      I am also certain that he is completely torn as to how to address the endless stream of questions and concerns that are racing through his mind – the situation alone is so loaded as to drive even the most forthright and logical person mad.

      I am sure that he is searching every expression or gesture, every word or phrase, and every glance or stare from you to glean what you are really thinking and what your intentions and expectations of him are, how you really feel about him and why he finds it so maddeningly arousing to see you handling the unspoken awkwardness with such grace and aplomb and last, but certainly not least, how desperately he wonders whether you are feeling all the intense physical and emotional wants and needs which are erupting inside of him and how you are able to contain yourself in that regards!

      No matter how careful or considered or innocent, I am sure that each movement, every utterance, every second where your eyes are in contact are loaded with double…triple…quadruple entendre for him, unintentionally making it all much more confusing and that much more intensely arousing!

      All of this has nothing to do with his wife or his son and his relationships with any of them, but they are there in his mind as well…I am sure that he is incredibly stressed out…

      So please do tell us how you both are able to find your release… Hopefully it will provide me with the release from the stress I am feeling just thinking about it all!!!

      I really could not believe it, my first lover, here, will be my father-in-law. All these years, wondering what happened, why he resigned and disappeared. We had been looking at each other for days now. Communicating silently, our mutual mortification. Despite all the hurt and anger I had for him, the lust came back like it had been simmering for ten years, now boiling over.

      When we were finally alone, I don’t even know what we tried to say to each other. All I know is we tried something verbally, and we were on the floor, his sudden weight pinning me down. I think I let out a little scream staring into the hot glow of his eyes just before he closed his mouth over mine and thrust his tongue in.

      My top got pushed up and yanked off and his mouth was on my breasts. I thought he said he heard me moan last night before he moved from his bite to suckling my nipples, tonguing the valley between my tits while I quivered violently. He dropped both hands down to pull my panties off, and pushed my thighs roughly apart. He grabbed my hips up and with one arch, he thrust deep and hard into my pussy. We both cried out a raw moan.

      He closed his eyes then; I know how much he loved the feel my wet pussy because I loved the feel of his hard and hot cock filling me. He used to say I grip him like a fist around his cock. I scored his back with my nails as my lower body lifted and fell, fucking him back with equal force. We kept fucking.

      His teeth clamped down on my shoulder harder than I ever remember. He brought his hands down around my ass, gripping it tight, squeezing and moving me, and used my body to slake his lust. I was nearly screaming with need when he drove his cock into the deep well of my slick and hot pussy, full hilt in me. I tilted up, tightened my legs on him, drew him deeper, made him feel the lock of my legs across his ass, the squeeze of my hot, soaked inside. I cried out for him to give it all to me just as he spurted his hot cum into me.

      James Wilson
      God I can imagine what he must have been feeling as you both fell to the floor and your mutual curiosity and concern melted away with your voracious kissing and groping finally validating that your wants and desires matched his own. I imagine him pulling your top down and seeing and feeling and kissing and licking your breasts again for the first time knowing all too well where the sensitive spots lay and how you like them to be touched. I can imagine how hard and aching his cock must have been as the memory of how tightly your cunt used to grip his cock and how wet you would get rushed through not only his mind but his body. I imagine the wild anticipation as he felt your wetness and placed the head of his cock against your lips again crazed with arousal and of the flood of satisfying relief when he sunk his manhood deep inside your familiar cunt and fucked you exactly the way he knows that you liked it. So what happened after you both were brought to orgasm and collapsed in a heap with his cock softening an starting to slide slot out of you and his cum started to drip down your crotch? We are all dying to know.

      We came so hard and then collapsed into a heap. He held me tenderly and protectively while softening inside of me, as if trying to communicate emotions from long ago. I, too, was transported back in time. Until a glance lands on a wedding gift that arrived earlier in the day and something snapped in my brain. And I clawed him and started calling him names. And within a couple of minutes, he pushed me roughly onto my hands and knees and was raging hard inside me again, pumping and pounding me. The only thing I knew was I wanted him. Somehow I managed to wrestle him onto his back, straddled him, and rode him in a crazed frenzy until we came again, with our mouths glued, kissing, kissing for all those lost years.

      Afterwards, we can barely look at each other. We avoided being in any situation together and certainly any situation requiring communication. Somehow, I made it through to the night before the wedding. I have been justifying it to myself and I thought I’m okay. We are all entitled to a last fling, right? And now I even have closure on my biggest heartache. Fling and closure; it was all reconciled. Until my fianceé and I started making love that night. I was so incredibly hot and horny and that made him all the more crazed. We fucked long and hard. I don’t think our sex had been this hot, ever. Who was I really fucking?

      Mr. X
      Fantastic. All of it, and really the last sentence.

      James Wilson
      The fact that you were with two men in one day is, in and of itself, hotter than hell. I challenge a man to say having two women back to back on the same day isn’t on their bucket list.

      Add professor/student and former lover/father-in-law to-be to the mix and the story gets smoking hot.

      But to finish with fucking your fiancé, and remembering what it felt like fucking your very-soon-to-be father-in-law earlier that day!!! Really twisted and really hot! I am in love with the notion of woman who is so physically irresistible AND sexually insatiable AND could have (at least in fantasy) been so in control and comfortable with her…”appetites”…so as to have lived in the moment and undoubtedly to the fullest.

      Very sexy story. Thank you!

      PS: Will we ever find out who got fucked?

      Gentlemen: Yes, the story will continue but not for a couple of weeks.

      I fucked David, not as my fiancé from just a few days ago, but David whose father I just fucked twice earlier in the day. And David, he got another side of me, a new and unfamiliar side; he got a scorching hot pussy still aching and slick with another man’s cum. He held me tight afterwards, the heat of his body radiating onto my back. His arms around me squeezing and his hands cupping my breasts, his mouth softly kissing the nape of my neck then suckling down onto my shoulder. That is when he saw the bite mark imprinted from earlier.

      James Wilson
      I can imagine what David must have been thinking as his cock started to soften and slide out from your steaming hot and incredibly slick pussy… I am sure he noticed the animal ferocity with which you were fucking him. I am sure he noticed how incredibly aroused and swollen and sopping wet your cunt was. As he spotted the bite mark, I am sure that it instantly registered what had gotten into you.

      I am sure that he was wondering what it all meant to see you in such an incredibly aroused state! Since you didn’t shut him down sexually there must have been considerable confusion (and curiosity) about what message you were trying to send to him.

      Surely you must haver known he would see the bite mark, and your swollen, sore and deep crimson pussy put a whole new spin on what it means to be caught red handed!

      Lastly, despite your apparent disregard for (or highly alternative definition of) your relationship, you still clearly expressed your strong desire to be with him as well.

      I am sure he realized that your incredibly slick wetness coating his cock and balls was was this other mans cum as he desperately tried to deduce who had been inside of you earlier that day!

      Having just enjoyed the overwhelming sensation of orgasm himself, I am sure that the anger and fear and confusion and repulsion must have made it that more difficult to sort out his own emotions.

      I can not wait to hear whether his cock betrayed his words of disgust as he realized what a dirty little slut he was about to marry – and trust me…a guys cock is almost always a more accurate indication of how he really feels about something?!?

      Thank you for sharing your fantasy and I for one can not wait to hear the next bit of debauchery!!!

      How do you feel about moving this to Erotic Collaboration? Where you might contribute as David? Or as his father? Perhaps we can invite another member to play along?

      James Wilson
      I think that is a lovely idea. I am torn between the notion of being David or his Father…I like the possibilities represented by each of them. Let’s coordinate on how to make the shift…

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      I am mewling from the orgasmic haze, savoring the pressure of David’s lips tracing along my neck. I am purring softly when I feel the small sharp draw of his breath and then a pause. With great deliberateness, he loosens his grip around me. I stir as he releases just before he clenches his mouth on my shoulder. It all replays in a split second in my mind. And in the next second, my world imploded. I turn to face him. Rage, fear, and confusion. Repulsion, lust, and hurt. My heart flinches. My eyelids flutter but steadfast I force myself to look at him. I bring my left hand up to remove his ring. I drop the ring as he yank my arms up above my head and shove my head back down against the pillow. “Spread your legs,” in a low and forceful voice I have never heard before. My legs are wrapped around his back when he thrusts into my cunt to pacify his grief. His mouth moves down and his teeth sank deep into the fresh bite. My blood on his tongue and his mouth planted on my shoulder, his arms lower to wrap around my torso, he starts to fuck me hard to assuage his lust. Suddenly, he recoils and pulls away. I feel like I dropped ten feet. “That’s why he left the university,” he mutters, staring down at me. Is it possible for your world to burst into flames twice in ten minutes? I stare back at him for a long time then I nodded yes.

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      Alix James

      David is staring at her with crazed look….he is furious and his mind is racing so fast and each thought makes him angry! Just as he is about regain a semblance of control and start to lay into her about what is going on, he thinks of something else – another piece of the sordid puzzle falling into place – causing such a brutally strong reaction/repulsion/disgust that he all but forgets what he had been so angry about moments before.

      “My fiancé is fucking someone else… Not someone else, she is fucking my FATHER! She fucked him earlier today!! She fucked him just before she all but jumped me and fucked me harder and with more wild abandon than she ever has before!!!”

      He can feel the rage building inside of him: the pit forming n his stomach, a searing heat welling up in his chest and radiating out and down his limbs with every beat of his heart, his breathing is becoming labored from the tightness across his chest, every muscle in his body is itching relentlessly with a tingling crawling feeling – begging to be brought into motion…demanding to be flexed in the most forceful way possible…shouting to be used in a violent flurry of absolute rage – as if exerting them as hard and as long as possible as if complete exhaustion were the only way to make it stop! STOP! THINK! DON”T DO SOMETHING CRAZY OR CAUSE SOME DAMAGE THAT CANT BE FIXED! His rational brain was trying to contain the boiling mass as best as it could, but his gut told him that it was useless – this time he would loose it in a way that he has never experienced before and he had no idea what that meant…

      “She is fucking my father whom she now tells me that she had an affair with years ago… My father had strong feelings for her… He left his job so as to not risk everything – his career, his marriage, his family – by continuing to see her, so they must have been some pretty fucking strong feelings!

      As much as he wanted to start grabbing and hitting and tearing things apart bit by bit, he found himself completely frozen, overloaded unable to do anything due to the onslaught of thoughts and emotions and feelings and questions and realizations that were coursing through him…He was shaking and every muscle in his body was tense and ready to tear itself loose from its joint…he felt like he was going to explode not figuratively but literally, and in every sense of the word, but he couldn’t move…blow after blow slamming hard into his body and mind making it hard to breath…making it hard to even blink…

      “Are they still having an affair?!? They must have feelings for one another or else there is no logical reason that they would have fucked each other earlier today! Have they been fucking ever since we got here!?! Is she in love with him? Has she been using me to get closer to him? Does she love me at all?”

      He was confused by the intense attraction and repulsion that he felt for her… He fucking loved this woman!…He loved everything about her!! The way she looked, the way she moved, the way she made him feel, the way she responded to him – his words, his thoughts and his touches, the way she smelled, and even the way that their bodies fit so perfectly together in every conceivable situation and the raw and mysterious and powerful sexual energy that he felt from her oozing from every pore of her being. Drawn to her with a wild attraction which never waned in any situation and which she put out so innocently – oblivious to its deranged effect on rational thought…. Eliciting such a primal reaction and desire to bathe in her essence – to touch the core of her soul – as if fucking her harder or deeper or longer or more often would each increase his chances of being able to fully experience her – to make her “his”. How clear it is now that she may never be “his” the way he thought…

      “What the fuck was she thinking? That beautiful dripping wetness which I assumed reflected the intense attraction and arousal she felt towards ME, nothing but a sloppy gaping cum-slathered cunt stretched out by my fathers cock!… How much of her arousal did I cause vs. my father? Does he turn her on in ways that I don’t? In ways that I can’t? How big are her overall sexual desires and needs? How small a part of them do I even fill?!? She probably knows exactly what she wants and how to get it… Maybe she wasn’t so obliviously in the way that she put out her signals…Maybe she was oblivious but getting what she wants comes so naturally that she is oblivious to how it affects those around her…”

      Who would do such a thing the day before their wedding? I know she has a strong deep sexuality that I don’t totally know, but she can’t possibly be so out of control as to fuck someone she doesn’t care about the day before her wedding?!? How fucked up would you have to be to do such a thing, especially with the father of the man you are about to marry!!! Why would you risk everything we have just to get laid?!? Why wouldn’t you call off the fucking wedding if you didn’t love me or don’t want to be together? Why would you have fucked me just after fucking him? You had to know that I would figure it out somehow, especially given the thick coating of cum (my fathers cum!) on my cock and balls and running down my thighs! What the fuck was she thinking? What the fuck was my father thinking? What fucked up message they both trying to send to me??

      He can feel the rage building inside of him: the pit forming n his stomach, incredible heat welling up in his chest and radiating out and down his limbs with every beat of his heart, his breathing labored from the tightness in his chest, and every muscle flush with a twitchy tingling sensation begging to be brought into motion…demanding to be flexed in the most forceful way possible…used in a violent flurry of absolute rage – as if exerting them to exhaustion would be the only way to stop the maddening crawling sensations rippling through his body!

      All of the sudden his body spasms and jumps sharply causing his mind to stop and his eyes to regain focus…

      He is still there, her body still beneath his, her eyes looking longingly and shamefully into his…he feels something and is totally confused by what is going on. He looks down and see her hands gently, softly, lovingly stroking his cock from top to bottom and his cock is so swollen and rigid – almost purple from so much blood and he realizes that her touches are so tender and sweet and the sensation almost unbearable and his balls clutch tight and start to tremble and twitch as if he were approaching an orgasm…

      God the shame, the humiliation! What the fuck is this girl doing to me to make me so weak!!! Not only has he been frozen with rage and what, she can make him cum from such a brief amount of stimulation…

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      I stared up at him for a long time, and nodded yes. I looked away then, no longer able to look at the pain in his eyes. So ashamed I have hurt him. I run my hands down his body, wanting my touch to somehow tell him what I don’t have words for. His body frozen in motion. My hands reach all the way down and grazed upon his cock, full of rage, standing ready to kill. “I’m sorry, so sorry, David.” I caress it softly, too scared except for light touches, hoping to calm him. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know who your father is.” I felt his cock jerk and get harder still. My hands becoming smaller in comparison. Looking at him again, staring deep and dark into his eyes, “I love you. But I can’t explain ……….. any of this.” I lean up and gently press my lips on his chest, my hands cupping and feathering his erection one last time. I’ve lost everything.

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      Alix James

      He heard her speaking and felt the soft kiss land on his chest, but there was hardly another thought or another feeling in his body, aside from how good her hands felt on his cock. His eyelids started to droop and slowly flicker closer and closer to being closed. He couldn’t fucking focus on anything to see straight anyway…what difference would that show of weakness make? It was all but unbearable…his fiancee who he could hardly look at (but couldn’t look away from either), the wrenching in stomach close to making him throw-up, his body so tense and rigid about to burst from the pressure of the blood coursing through it, his mind reeling from the anger and hurt and disgust and humiliation and fear and now the confusion.

      He heard her speaking and felt the soft kiss land on his chest, but there was hardly another thought or another feeling in his entire body, aside from how good her hands felt on his cock. His eyelids started to droop and slowly flicker closer and closer to being closed. He couldn’t fucking focus on anything to see straight anyway…what difference would that show of weakness make? It was all but unbearable…his fiancee who he could hardly look at (but couldn’t look away from either), the wrenching in stomach close to making him throw-up, his body so tense and rigid about to burst from the pressure of the blood coursing through it, his mind reeling from the anger and hurt and disgust and humiliation and fear and now the confusion brought on by the feeling that he was about to pass out with each and every long slow trace of her fingertips along the underside of his shaft, with each smooth circle of his head and with each swirling twist across his balls…

      Confusion with why his cock is so painfully rigid…logically there wasn’t one fucking thing in this situation that was a turn on!

      Confusion with the fact that his balls were starting to clench and that his body was twitching and jerking from what three or four strokes of her fingertips along the underside of his head and softly along his shaft and balls – hell she hasn’t even wrapped her hand around the shaft and given it a tug!!!

      Confusion over how he wanted to stop her with all his might but couldn’t because of how much pain he felt throughout his entire being and how it was the only remotely good feeling in sea of untold misery.

      Confusion over how it didn’t just feel good it felt mind-blowingly amazing – on the verge of taking his entire being away from all of this madness…

      Looking down at her through his hazy blinking eyes, he could just see how completely and totally she had unburdened herself of so much pain. Made no attempt to deny it, readily and completely admitted it, the intense hurt and shame written all over her face and the way that she seeming offered her entire being up for his judgement and, if necessary, annihilation…unworthy of him…unworthy of herself! All it did was hurt him more to see her so completely exposed and vulnerable… he can see it in her eyes that she won’t protect herself… No one else could possibly understand or help themselves from taking advantage of a woman so beautiful so loving and yet so thoroughly ruined…utterly helpless and willing to be exploited… “

      How can I possibly be feeling like this? Who in their right mind would even think about how she is feeling right now? What is wrong with me? Please, God don’t let her stop touching my cock! I don’t think I can survive this pain without this unbearable orgasmic bliss!!!

      Fuck this feels insane, the thought to himself as his eyes shot wide open and he looked at her and started to watch her as she was looking down and giving all of his attention to how she was touching him…as if she knew that this was all that she could do…all that she had to offer…the only thing capable of easing such seemingly endless pain.

      He didn’t know what to do, but he knew what had to be done in that moment. He ran his hands across her shoulder and up her neck until his fingers were wrapped tightly around her throat and her chin planted firmly in the crook between his thumb and index finger. He raised it up higher and higher, not cutting off her breathing, but in a firm seemingly unbreakable grip as her head began to rise up until she was forced to look him and staring him in the eyes…

      He took a deep breath and with eyes focused but still flickering from the waves of pleasure seemingly holding him in the brink of loosing consciousness…asked her,

      “Do you love me?”

      “Yes”, she replied.

      “Do you desire me?”

      “Yes”, she replied

      “Do you want to be with me for the rest of your life?”

      “I have never wanted anything more than that”, she answered

      “Do you know how to save me from myself in this moment?”

      “Yes”, she replied

      “Then don’t stop…”

      “Don’t stop whatever it is that you are doing…”

      “I don’t ever want you to stop…”

      “Promise me that you will always be there for me…that you will always take care of me in those moments when I can not make the pain stop… and promise me that you will never, ever stop doing what you are doing to me right now, using every fibre of your being to pleasure me and take away the pain….”

      “I will”, she replied

      “PROMISE ME ALL OF THESE THINGS!”, he demanded

      “I promise I will always be there for you…I will take care of you when the pain won’t stop…and I will use ever fibre of my being to bring you pleasure and take away your pain!”, she screamed…

      “THEN DO IT!” he exhaled…

      “I am yours…”, she said before lowering her head down to his cock and proceeding to take his manhood as deep down her throat as possible… He felt the heat of her lips first followed by searing hear of her tongue and throat as the entirety of his cock sank back further and further until her lips were planted firmly against the skin of his crotch.

      She didn’t move, she just held her head there and looked up in his eyes…

      He looked down at her and could barely see more than a tunnel of vision focused on her eyes and feeling the warm wash of his orgasm start to well up from deep inside of him…

      Chills, coursed through him, he knew he was about to cum, but it took longer than usual…as if he was able to savor every tingle, every, twitch, enjoy each and every wave roil through him in slow motion…

      He could feel his balls clenched tighter and more painfully than he could ever remember. He knew he was going to fucking explode, with every ounce of his being was about to be channeled down and out his cock. He glanced down realizing that she was there, that she was going to take the brunt of this eruption and that she almost certainly wouldn’t be able to contain the insanity of what was about to be unleashed….

      He caught her eye and that same pained, yearning look was in her eyes, begging him to have her…telling him it was all right…”promising to use every fibre in her being to bring him pleasure”…

      She meant it and he knew it….

      In that moment surge after surge of his cum, thick ropy strands of his essence, boiling, exploding, shooting out from deep within him – from every part of him – in wave after wave in a seemingly endless barrage as she took him inside of her. Stayed at his side, never eased back or released her grip on him…

      His eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed back onto the floor…

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      The only words were his questions. Had it been real between us? Yes. Did I love him? Yes, with all my heart. Did I still love his father? Yes, I always will, but not with all my heart. David and I were married the following day and we just celebrated our fifth anniversary this year. My father-in-law and I never again succumbed to our physical desires but we maintain a special intimacy. Over the years we have had occasions of being each others arms. And David, he knows. And he knows that both his father and I made a choice, and that choice had been and is him.

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      Alix James

      What a pretty bow! I must say my heart skipped a beat when I saw that you had posted something here. I still adore this story line…so much so…I became excited at the prospect that you had restarted it!

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