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      Email from Nicole to Alex

      My Sweetheart, Alex:

      Happy twelve years, my love. I am still amazed after all these years, how we met by words alone, and how it is still the wildest ride for both of us. I will always remember how we met over the blatant exchange of sexual preferences and exploits, deep seated and even rather deviant fantasies. Two totally faceless strangers, exposing to each other, our deepest and darkest desires. As our friendship grew, we became more intimate and subsequent daily banter ensued. Then, things really started heating up seriously for us.

      There has been so much happiness and trust between the two of us over the last twelve years. Thank you for filling my life with love and eroticism. Thank you for picking me up from the floor of the OR when I lost that patient, for giving me courage when my life was crumbling. Thank you for encouraging me to lose the fear and experience another woman, for giving us the trust and boundless freedom for the passionate and erotic life we have together.

      I love you so much,
      Your Nicole

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      Alix James


      As I think back on our time together, it is hard to believe that 12 years has past! We relate to each other so completely and openly and with so much trust that describing what we have as a ”relationship” doesn’t really seem adequate, or at the very least requires a much broader concept and definition of what it means to ”be in a relationship”.

      The way that you have opened your heart and mind and yes, even your body, to me so completely and without reservations and with such enthusiasm and earnestness and conviction is not only the greates gift I have ever received, it is also my greatest accomplishment as a man – the validation of all of my thoughts and imaginings and understanding of what is most important in life!

      It is hard to express in words how much I respect and appreciate the many ”gifts” that you bestow upon me – having the courage to being your truest self, being willing and able to give so freely and completely regardless of what I request, allowing me (more like emboldening) to be the fully expressed and complex person not only that I am, but also that I want and need to become, and, though you may not always agree with what I do or understand why I am doing it, trusting that I do have your best interests in mind as much as my own.

      I am in awe of what we have shared with one another, of all that we have expressed and experienced for and with one another (some good, some not so good, some downright awful, and much of it beyond either of our wildest expectations/imaginations). I wanted to remind you of some of those adventures, and quickly realized that there were simply too many to mention and that each held such a special or specific significance that I would be diminishing them all by even suggesting that a short few were more meaningful that all the rest. Each was a part of who we have become and for that I am so incredibly thankful.

      You have taken ahold of my heart like no one ever before and in ways that I doubt anyone else ever will. To celebrate, I have a special dinner planned for us tonight. I need you to get home a little early and prepare yourself in all the ways I expect – mind, body and soul. I plan on showing you exactly what you have come to mean to me in the most…satisfying…way possible!!!

      See you at 8:00!


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      Nicole, Getting Ready

      After a long case, I was dead tired changing in the locker room when I read Alex’s email. I curled up on the couch and read it again. His words made me smile. I hurried to my appointments for a massage and manicure hand treatment. I was grateful for those strong hands that dug deep into my tight muscles to release the tension. Later, sitting back with hand booties, I could feel the warm moisturizers beginning to penetrate my rough, cracked hands. And I closed my eyes, and relaxed, and mentally planned out what I will wear to dinner. When I arrived at home and entered our bathroom to start filling the tub, it did not surprise me that Alex left me a note. I had the feeling that he has some delicious plans for us tonight. I turned on our sound system as he instructed and our place is instantly filled with sensual music. Then I turned on the smaller system he placed by the tub. I’ve stripped and sat down in the hot water when the sounds of us fucking filled the room. I chuckled; that schemer, he recorded us when we were making love. I bathed and then leaned back, my senses filling with the soothing, sexy music and the hammering sounds of our pounding bodies, our raw cries of arousal and release. I already wanted to touch myself.

      Relaxed, aroused, I rubbed myself with body lotion, leaving soft skin and a subtle veil of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley scents. My hair cascading freely about my shoulders and back after it dried to a luscious sheen and silkiness. Then I rolled the nude fishnets up my legs, pulled on the nude wisp of thong to cover my swollen cunt. The red halter dress slipped over my body; its silky hem billowing high on my thighs, its fluid motion caressing my bare breasts. I darkened my lashes to match my black pupils. I dabbed a coy glossy invitation onto my lips. I toe-kicked the clogs I wore back from the hospital and chuckled to myself as I slid my feet into the four inch heels. I know Alex will enjoy my clinging to him in order to walk in these. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and I feel the excitement tingling through my body. I’m ready.

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      Alix James

      Alex “Final Preparations”

      I checked my watch for what must have been the 10th time in under an hour… Time had started to slow to a crawl as the time approached to head out the door for our anniversary dinner. The planning was complete days ago…finding the perfect restaurant, working with the manager to plan the dinner and make sure that all of my “special requests” could be accommodated, the shopping trip to pick out the perfect gifts…everything had gone exactly as expected. Everything was ready, and yet for whatever reason, I was feeling anxious.

      I had intentionally been focusing on work for almost the entire day, figuring that the worst thing I could do was give it any more thought. All it would do is get my mind racing and my body humming with anticipation to the point where I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. Tonight I needed to stay in control (at least for a while). There was an order of events – a script – and I did not want to blow through or skip any of the moments.

      “It’s done”, I would tell myself every time I would think about her getting prepared, following my instructions with dutiful precision, playing that recording of us fucking as she slipped into her bath, standing there naked, clean, and freshly shaven and slick with the last drops of water mixing with the lotion as she spreads it on her skin. I have always wished that I could secretly be there watching her get dressed – watching her step into and pull her thong into place, placing her toes into those fishnets and gently pulling them up and smoothing them out across her legs, slipping into that dress and looking at herself in the mirror before sliding on those heels – but tonight that desire was stronger than usual. “Shut it down, don’t go there!”, I would remind myself.

      It worked on an intellectual level and I had stayed physically and emotionally calmer than I imagined I would, but the second I stood up from my desk and stated to put on my coat and gather my things to leave it was clear that all the conscious thinking in the world had done nothing to quell the physical and emotional arousal which had been burning in my subconscious. My skin was tingling and I was feeling irritable from the frustration of not already having her in my presence, wondering how long I would be able to contain myself. A strong shiver shot through my spine and down to my crotch before flaring out along the entire length of both of my arms and legs. That all too familiar switch had just been thrown inside me and I took a big breath in and out again as I thought about how remarkable it was that she had always evoked such a strong reaction in me – every fucking time! Then I let out a small laugh as I thought “What are you so worked up about, she is the one that should be worried!” That was true, but somehow I knew that she was going to find a way to make me prouder than ever tonight!

      She knew we were going to one of the nicest restaurants in town, one of those been there for years and still impossible to break into “scene” places, perpetually filled with ultra-stylish types who all seem more in-the-know than the next. I was sure that her poise and beauty would look right at home (probably put most of them to shame), and Iwas taking a particular pleasure in imagining how little all of these “insiders” knew about what we were about to do right under their noses!!!

      I quickly shot off a text as I walked out of my office door… “Heading over now. Grab a seat at bar. I should be there in less than 20 minutes.”

      As the elevator doors started to close, I shot off another…”Make sure to pick a well lit spot that can be seen from the door. I can’t want to see you sitting there with all those men looking you over!”

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      Waiting and Longing

      I was squirming in the car driving over, and breathing deep to keep focused. I was shaking with excitement by the time the driver pulled up and parked. As he held the door open for me, I swung my legs out of the car and a breeze moved under the hem of the dress, giving anyone who might have looked over, an indecent flash. Not two yards from me was a dad struggling with an infant while his wife was dealing with an unruly toddler. He had a bewildered look when he glanced over at me and I tell him mentally, “Oh yeah, fucking me would be WAY more fun than that.” I gave him a big smile and I was laughing at myself. I was not even out of the car yet. Once I stepped up to the entrance of the restaurant, my nerves returned. It felt like everyone was looking at me and they all knew I’ve been fully groomed for taking. So what? I thrust out my chest, felt my nipples tighten and jut out against the wispy layers of the dress and a tingle zipped between my legs. So what? I’ve got a lover who wants me bad and fucks me like crazy. I coolly looked at the men, and casually at the women; a tiny smile purred on my glossy pout. Several men turned and I knew they were looking. I gave these players a sweet, wide-eye smile. Oh yeah, you see my tits poking out? You just keep wishing. There’s nothing between my tits and my red dress. When I approached the maitre d, my legs were a little wobbly. I was unsteady now, wondering what foreplay will happen here before Alex takes me home. Will he even take me home? I just stared for a few seconds at the maitre d who welcomed me, while I felt the moisture trickle from my pussy lips. My mouth was dry and my voice was wet-pussy husky when I asked if Alex has arrived. I was guided toward the bar to wait and I picked a seat, front and center, as requested.

      I got a drink and after a couple of sips, I calmed down enough to exchange some small talk with my companions at the bar. Several men started to gather and hover around me. I was done with silly flirtations. I wanted Alex. I grew impatient for his arrival, for his greeting with his fingers at the nape of my nape and his lips at my ear. I became engrossed by my thoughts of him. And the more I focused my longing for Alex, the more men seem to have appeared and surrounded me. The gentleman who sat next to me had been steadily gazing at me, finally asked, “Who are you waiting for?” I told him I’m here for our anniversary. He said “Uhhhh, and newlyweds!!” I laughed and told him it has been over twelve years. He looked at me for a moment and smiled quietly, “And you still light up like a Christmas tree when you talk about him. How lucky are you both.” I blushed like a schoolgirl and I turned to look at the door, searching, waiting, longing.

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      Alix James

      Alex: Early Arrival

      I arrived at the restaurant faster than anticipated…a good sign…but I had been looking forward to seeing her from across the room as I entered and I didn’t want to be waiting for her at the bar…I hate waiting in general and can’t stand the formalities, pleasantries and posturing required at a bar when I am focused on something else, so I checked in with the Maitre ‘D to let him know I had arrived. I instructed him to tell my wife that I had yet to arrive and to have her take a seat at the bar. I then scanned the lounge area near the bar and noticed that there was a small dimly lit table tucked away in the back corner which would afford me a perfect view all the way from the door to the bar which was available and told him that I would be sitting there.

      I decided that it would be more enjoyable to settle in and watch her every move for a while before being seated at our table – plus it would give me a moment to get completely in the moment, reflect on her and us and our time together (and how many amazing experiences we have already had) and most importantly, what I had in store for tonight. She could see me if she looked closely, but I knew that her mind and body would already be racing so fast – clouded by anticipation – that it would be hard enough to walk the expanse from the door to the bar and order a drink, much less scan the dark corners of the lounge for someone who wasn’t supposed to be there.

      Before I even reached the table, I kindly stopped the waitress and asked her to bring me a vodka tonic straight away. “Nicole will certainly notice her!” I thought to myself, especially wearing the short, stylish black skirt and crisp white tailored blouse with the revealing neckline which was the restaurants signature “uniform” for the waitstaff. If there was one thing that could momentarily distract my wife from her laser focus it would be a woman walking by her looking like that!

      In less than a minute I was greeted again by the striking smile and small firm body of the waitress as she bent down and forward to deposit my drink on the table in front of me.

      Wow, she’s really pretty, I thought to myself, as waitress was laying out a cocktail napkin and then my drink and then a series of small silver bowls filled with various fancy bar snacks. She looks amazing in the outfit, but I actually don’t think does her body justice…”Nicole would go crazy in her”… We probably won’t have time tonight, but at some point, I need to make sure that Nicole “meets” this woman, even if it is only to serve us a couple of drinks.

      I was suddenly glad I had asked her to “rush” that drink order because there would be almost no way for Nicole not to undress every inch of that woman with her eyes and linger watching her movements as she walked around and bent over at least a few tables before catching her mind drifting. Having the waitress walk back over after to take my order after Nicole arrived would have been a surefire way to get myself noticed…

      I admired the way her hips shifted and swayed as she turned and walked away, when I caught myself and started to chuckle softly under my breath. I found it funny that I new Nicole’s “like’s” in this regard so well. At various times over the years, I would become skeptical about how her “likes” always seemed to coincide so closely to my own for just about anything sexual. This was especially concerning considering how open and expressed we had always been with one another about such things. At various times I would grow skeptical thinking that she was really just saying things to please or excite me – almost like a signal or sign of approval (and I hated the idea of being manipulated in that way) – , or worse, that she might be loosing her own identity too completely in my own (something else that made me uncomfortable). But then I would remember that most of the time she would be the first to express some interest or preference, or remember how unabashedly and enthusiastically she pursued her “likes”, and I would remember how – on those occasions when she had been allowed to indulge fully in them – the wild abandon of her body and ravenous desire burning in her eyes betray all pretense of selflessness – she very much still did certain things for herself, not me!

      As I looked back up, I saw Nicole walking through the door. She looked spectacular. Her hair blew back and her dress pressed even further against her sculpted body when the door opened and a momentary burst of wind rushed by her. The movie effects guys couldn’t have done a better job. It was the perfect set-up for her to stride confidently and proudly through the door- the elegant and classy and oh so sexual woman that she was. I watched as one after another man (and more than a fair share of women) turned to inspect her standing there. I always find it amazing how unabashedly long people will allow their eyes to linger at the “new arrival” in such a high end setting – preying on the inability of people to take in and process the volume of visual information which confronts them – (different light, spatial orientation, volume & depth of field, design aesthetic, crowd scene, maitre d, reservation book, coat check) – and tonight was no exception. For the younger more stylish folks it bordered on rude but for the older, less attractive ones, it would have qualified as lewd and lascivious behavior in some jurisdictions!

      But that’s kind of the point at a place like this. It was precisely the moment I had hoped to catch when I arrived here early. She was every bit the show-stopper that I had expected in that red dress with her tits held high and proud and her nipples almost cutting through the thin fabric of the bodice. Her legs somehow were remarkably smooth and shiny which was unexpected given the nude fishnets stockings she was wearing (a great effect to say the least!) and those high heels made her look especially long and lean and outlined her feet, ankles and calves into a series of wickedly sinuous lines. I felt my breathing halt and my heart seemed to skip a few beats while I took it all in. I was struck by just how beautiful she looked to me, how attractive she seemed, how much outward sex appeal she was exuding! Every part of her was enhanced even further by my intimate knowledge of just how spectacularly enthusiastic and connected and raw and supremely skilled Nicole was in that sexuality. She was putting on a show, but if the people undressing her with their eyes right now even knew the half of it!!! I couldn’t have been more proud of her. The moment I finished taking in and processing what I was seeing, I became keenly aware of how my desire and arousal were surging through my body.

      She’s mine! I am going to have her – all of her. She will offer herself to me completely as she has so many times before and allow me to be the person that I am without reservation or hesitation or judgement. Fuck! I am going to ravage this woman tonight! That switch inside of me is more like a dial and it just got turned up another notch sending a wave of calm focus to come over me…I relaxed into it as I watched her sashay over to the bar, lean forward to set her clutch on the bar and then lift up one hip up onto the bar stool and gracefully swing one leg after the other up onto the foot rest. She lifted herself up slightly two or three times to get her other hip up on the stool and slide back until she sat squarely on the seat. Doing so caused the most subtle but breathtaking bounce in her tits which the two gentlemen on either side of her and the bar tender all had clearly been waiting to see through their not so subtle side glances. I smiled thinking about how relentlessly men search to witness these moments and of the millions of times that women must feel those stares over a lifetime.

      Then I watched as she ordered a drink and swung her legs slightly to the side and turned her torso back towards the door to await my entrance. “Thats a good girl! Show me how well you have prepared yourself for me and make sure everyone here gets a good eyeful”, I thought as I sipped at my drink before scanning the room to see who else was as pleased by her visual offering as her “date” undoubtedly would be.

      I hadn’t planned on waiting long before approaching her (I had a wonderful evening planned and had already gotten more than I could have hoped for with that entrance), but I could see the excitement in her eyes and her quick purposeful movements let me know that she was focused and ready. She didn’t appear nervous outwardly (anything but), but I knew she would be anxious to see me, that her sexual ache had been building all day and was probably starting to claw away at her rational thoughts (something she would need in order to stay composed in a setting like this) and that the longer she had to wait, the more…acute…those frustrations would become, so I decided to play around with it and make her wait a little longer. Then I grabbed my phone and fired off a quick text,

      “I am stuck in traffic and running a little late. Have you arrived? Are you seated at the bar and have you found a seat where I can see you when I walk in the door? I have been thinking about you and this dinner all day. More specifically I have been thinking about your cunt – MY cunt – all day. I can’t wait to see you sitting there knowing that my cunt is already soaking wet and swollen and ready for me. I am not sure how long I will be able to resist, touching, and smelling and tasting my cunt. Do you think that others at the bar can “scent’s” your excitement? I know if I were sitting there and a woman looking like you sat next to me and I caught a whiff of her arousal, there is hope so. You know how much I love the smell of your sex and I can’t wait to “sense” it for myself when I get there! See you soon…”

      A few moments later, I see Nicole react to the sound of the incoming text and casually reach for her phone which was resting on the bar. I watched her scanning though the message and waited to see how you would respond. I watched as your poised posture buckled for a brief moment – chest collapsing in slightly, shoulders rolling forward and head dipping down – the physical reaction and associated loss of mental focus that I have grown to know and love so much over the years when I push just the right buttons for you. She finished reading the text and seemed to notice that her facade had been slightly and momentarily compromised. She sat up a little higher, reassumed her the sexy, poised, self-confident demeanor and started to type a reply.

      I only caught a glimpse, something probably no one else at the bar noticed, but witnessing that fleeting reaction – that melting point, sent a chill through my body and a jolt of electricity through my crotch. I shuddered from the intensity of the excitement and arousal and lust that she creates in me (yet another twist on that dial which will eventually reach a level too high for me to contain myself any longer). All I could think of now was how much I love seeing her melt into the moment, how remarkable and beautiful I find it when she starts to devolve into a raw, unbound, purely sexual being, watching as she starts to embrace her calling and give herself over to it, of how in awe I am of the power of a woman in that state and, most of all, how good it feels to have those powers made available to me …to sense and bend and arc those powers to get what we both need most and to feel love and attention and adoration and devotion that come with it!

      I decided right then and there, that she was going to be waiting longer than either she or I had anticipated…this little momentary distraction of mine was getting me very worked up, and I wanted to see how far I could push it… I sat back and waited for the buzz from my phone to announce her incoming text…

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      I Wait I Want

      Glancing at the door again, I sigh and check my impatience. Absentmindedly, I rub the tip of my shoe on my ankle and survey the crowd. I notice the very attractive waitress and I let myself enjoy the distraction. I take in her proper, fitted attire one second and stripe her of it in my mind’s eye, the next. I think, I’d like to fuck her, ummm, so would Alex, I’m sure. The camera in my head starts snapping pictures of me doing her from behind with a strap-on, of her riding Alex while I lick her clit and suck his balls. It does not take me long to work myself to seeing my favorite scenario, walking in on Alex, with him between her legs and devouring her pussy.

      My breathing quickens and I jump a little when my cellphone vibrates with a text. I grab it quickly with a slight tremor in my hand. My heart sinks, my teeth grabs my lower lip, I let out a silent whimper. I am absorbed reading Alex’s message when I feel the slight graze of fingers on my arm. Yet another gentleman has seated himself next to me. He says, “You’re too stunning to leave waiting. I think I should get a fair chance at charming you.”

      I laugh and ignore him. I start texting Alex back. “Yes, Sweetheart, I’m here. Been waiting just as you asked. Hurry, hurry. Your cunt’s wet. There is a hot waitress we’d both like. And the guy next to me is hitting on me.” I hit the send button and look up.

      “How would you charm me? Tell me. Maybe you and I can play a game together and make my husband sorry that he is late.”

      He lifts an eyebrow and gives me a measured look, full of confidence. “Do you two play many games?”

      “Yes, we play many, many games.”

      “Text him that I think you’re stunning,” he says and after a few seconds, he traces his finger just above my wrist. “Tell him I’d like to run my fingers down that neckline.”

      I pick up my phone again to text Alex, “He says I’m STUNNING. He is running a finger on my wrist. He says he wants to run his fingers down between my tits. Drive faster. I am getting wetter. And yeah, I think he can smell my scent.” I hit the send button again.

      I am getting giddy as he makes circles on the bone of my wrist and the waitress makes another pass through the bar. I close my eyes for a moment and all I can focus on is this stranger’s cock pushing into my aching pussy while I push my tongue into the waitress’s cunt. I shudder and I let out an audible whimper this time. When I open my eyes, his eyes steady and full of lust, he moves his hand and covers mine with it. I give him a small smile of regret, which he reluctantly reciprocates. Nothing but Alex will be enough tonight.

      I give the restaurant entrance another glance and I look at my cellphone again. I take a very deep, deliberate breath in, but I can feel my want seething, evanescing into a vapor of pheromones, mixing with the bouquet from between my legs. And I am sure I am giving off electricity every which way. When the attractive waitress leans over to pick up more drinks, I tap her arm to ask her to bring me an expresso. I sip gingerly and my thoughts become circumspect. My mind reels through many of our adventures and our games. Most of all I feel the rush of the intensity we have together, whether we engage together, or we engage apart. How incredibly lucky are we to have this openness, this union when we are joint, as well as this intimacy when we seek our separateness. Twelve years, and I am waiting for him like tonight will be the first night we make love, like tonight is the night I think he is going to pop the question. Grabbing my cellphone again.

      “Where are you? I’m going crazy. I miss you, I need you with me. I want you so bad right now. Should I meet you at home instead?”

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      Oh how he loves that look of longing on Nicole. It fills him up with pride and lust. Yes, she is ready. He is more than ready. Getting up, he starts to cross the room to her, watching her eye the waitress some more as her legs dangle and swing slightly from the bar stool. He is not even half way across the room when his cellphone vibrates against his chest. He ignores it. It stops and starts to vibrate again. It is his boss, what the hell? Picking up the call as he reaches Nicole. One arm going around her shoulders, the other lifting the phone to his ear.

      “Alex, we need you back at the office in 30 minutes. We are letting Jeff go. We want to talk to you about what happens next.”

      “I just arrived to celebrate my anniversary with Nicole,” watching her eyes light up.

      “Sorry about interrupting, Alex. This is important. You need to get back here.”

      Cupping her jawline, tracing her lips with his thumb, “Okay, I’m on my way, be there shortly.”

      He swallows hard as her face falls.

      “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. Jeff is being let go. They want me back at the office. You may be looking at the next Executive VP. Have a little fun here. Meet me at home? We will celebrate later; I will make it up to you.”

      Part disappointed and furious, part filled with pride, “It’s Thursday night, they can’t do this tomorrow??”

      “I don’t know,” shaking his head.

      It took everything she got to take the high road, and to give him a lingering kiss, “I’ll see you home, Mr Executive Vice President.”


      I watch the brief exchange after the guy finally shows up for this beautiful woman, and his departure in less than five minutes. I’ve been here for an hour already so that means she had been waiting even longer. I continue glancing at her reflection in the mirror. She must have sense my watching. It did not take her long to straighten up to uphold that stiff upper back. What the hell? Worst is she shoots me down again.

      “You could just sit at a table with me and have some dinner. It will kill an hour for you. We don’t even have to talk. You can just let me look at you.”

      She jerks her head up, a little startled, “What? Are you talking to me?”

      “Yes, I am. I’m Adam, by the way.”

      I hold her glaze until she looks away, “Just an entree. You don’t even have to get an appetizer. No dessert. Coffee or tea, only if you need some caffeine.”

      Her eyes widen and then she actually laughs.

      “Can I have a little wine with the entree?” she asks.

      “Maybe just a little wine pairing,” I try to give her my best smile.

      “And no talking.”

      “No talking required.”

      She extends her hand out to me, “I’m Nicole. By the way.”


      Adam takes Nicole’s hand with his right hand, stands up, cups her elbow with his left to help her down from the bar stool. The pretty waitress brings them to the table Nicole and Alex reserved. He is thinking about how did he just get this to happen and how is he going to not screw it up? She is asking herself how did she just agree to this? They spend the next ten minutes reading the menu in silence. As it turns out, the menu needs quite a bit of concentration.

      Nicole looks up with a chuckle, “what is roasted flying pigs pork presse?”

      “That must just be a name,” Adam laughs with her. “What is pecan foam?”

      She shakes her head, “NO idea.”

      “Well, I’m going to have that, roasted skate with pecan foam.”

      “Um, since I can only have an entree, I think I will skip the flying pigs and have the halibut with crusted sea scallops.”

      The waitress is there before they even attempt to look for her. She takes their orders quickly and disappears. Nicole and Adam spend the next couple of minutes looking around the room and touching the silverware in pretense of adjusting the placements.

      Adam clears his throat, “I work around here. This is my second time here. They really do have a decent wine list.”

      “Did you have plans?”

      “No, I was going to come in for a drink to relax and go back to the office,” he paused, “but now, I’m not going back.”

      “It is just an entree,” she smiles a teasing smile, “you have time to go back to it.”

      “Yes, but no longer the focus.”

      After another long minute, he volunteers, “I’m in finance.”

      “Oh. That’s ….impressive. I don’t understand any of that stuff,” she shifts in the seat, careful not to understand more.

      He thinks this is going to be like pulling teeth but presses on, “give me a little picture……please. Do you sit in a cubicle? Share an office?”

      “No, I have my own office.”

      “OH. Your own private office!! Have you and the hubby ever done it in your private office?”

      Nicole’s mouth opens, her eyes and face in amused astonishment. After a long pause, she answers, “yes.”

      They both laugh and then she asks, “And you?”

      “I have an office. It is totally transparent; you know, all glass, pretty much. And no, I haven’t. But I wouldn’t mind trying that.”

      They both reach for their water glass. Avoiding each other’s eyes, they play with silverware placement once again.


      They both let out a barely audible sigh of relief when they are offered a selection of bread. Carbs, a reassuring distraction.

      Breaking off a generous piece, he offers it to Nicole and then helps himself to some butter, “I guess you were not coming from work. All dressed up like that.”

      “Thank you. Uh, no, not from work.”

      “Do you wear dresses to work? Or it’s all about suits?”

      “No,” she chuckles softly, “no suits. No dresses. Just shirt and pants, actually.”

      “Covering up those killer legs? That’s a damn shame. All the guys at the office must be disappointed.”

      “No, they’re not,” she pauses, “I run.”

      “Do you? I run too! How much, how often? I try to get in three or four times a week. Between six to eight miles.”

      “Five to six days a week. About five miles or so.”

      He glances down, as if looking at her legs through the table. “I always wear pants too, so the women don’t really know about my legs, which aren’t yours, but they’re not too bad.”

      Nicole laughs and nods at his suit, “I guess this is your typical armor?”

      “Yep, this is the usual uniform. Where do you run? I stay mainly outdoors unless it is raining or snowing.”

      “I stay mainly indoors except during spring and fall. I’m not very hard core; I need climate control.”

      “Was tonight a special celebration? Birthday?”

      “You ask a lot of questions.”

      “Yeah, it’s a front for checking you out without appearing too creepy.”

      She laughs, “anniversary.”

      “WOW,” he had thought it was the guy’s birthday.

      She looks back at him, a long ten seconds of silence, “you overhead us.”

      “Yes, I did.”

      “Humans want more, what they do not yet have.”

      “Such as a career move.”

      “Yes, that is one example.”

      “That is a very interesting observation, or commentary.”

      With a serious face, she says “well, think about it. You are more likely to be in hot pursuit of someone you have not yet conquered. Desire wanes after you get them, right?”

      She gives him a cool little smile while he mulls over what she is saying.

      “You make good points. Certainly, I am always looking to the next deal. And yes, it would only be honest to admit I’m a dog, now that you have me thinking about it in that light. This is going really badly for me, huh?”

      “No, don’t worry, here comes our entrees. We can eat food instead.”


      It seems like half an hour before I flag down a cab and another half an hour before I get to my office building. I probably needed however much time that was; I think I am breathing normal again. Get a grip. I push the plans I had with Nicole out of my mind. Never mind the images of how fucking hot she is and who she might be fending off. I smile as I imagine maybe she is picking up that knockout waitress for us. I just feel awful leaving her but I love that about Nicole. She gets this.

      I get up to my office with my boss and the board waiting for me. They tell me again that Jeff is being let go and how they see it going down tomorrow. I am to assemble the team in the morning, inspire their hope, move them forward. Will I accept the executive VP position? Hell, yeah. We will have a series of strategy meetings next week. No problem, I will clear my schedule. Now, why don’t I go on back to my lovely wife? You bet.

      I am on top of the world. I even get a cab right away. Once in, I grab my cellphone out. I guess I should text her. I laugh to myself. Who knows? Maybe she is getting picked up.

      Hi sweetheart I got it EVP!
      Im on my way home
      R u done? Meet me home
      If u get in before me look in the foyer closet.
      I got u something from La Perla

      I sink back in the seat, euphoric. I look at my cell again after another five minutes. Nothing. I hope it is the waitress.

      Looking at the other cars on the road and noting the speed, I sigh. It is going to be a while getting home.


      Hey. What happen thought u r celebrating anniversary

      Yeah but duty called. Guess what


      If u ever agree to meet me, u be meeeting an Exec VP

      OMG thats GREAT. Congrats!! How r u gonna celebrate

      Im going home to fuck N. But I want to fuck u too

      Lol ur bad

      I know.

      I luv it

      Set your cell to vibrate lets play alphabet

      OMG k

      Touch yourself r u wet


      Pull everything off cept your panties


      Lets see how long it takes this time for u to cum

      God Alex u make me wet

      Shhhh now put the phone on your clit tell me after u cum

    • #2801


      Their meals arrive and present gloriously in front of them. Seduction meals. Plated and presented beautifully. They admire the bold, seductive colors and the abstract form and sexy silhouette with which the components are arranged. The two of them take a long moment to take in the vision before them. Adam watch Nicole’s lashes flutter as her eyes half close and her chest expand just a little as she breaths in the food. They look up and look at each other before viewing the others plate. The wine steward follows and pours the wines to complement the entrees. Nicole watch Adam’s long fingers trail up the stem of the wine glass before he cups the globlet and lifts it to his nose and lips. Now is the time to use, not to play with, the silverware.

      In sync, Nicole and Adam make a cut and put a piece of their meal into their mouths, feeling their taste buds tingle while the food lingers long enough to be swept away by their tongues. Savoring the flavor and texture; looking at each other. Gulping, they both let out a low moan. Adam cuts a piece of the skate, pushing it onto the flat of his knife; he lifts it up and offers it up to her lips. Nicole parts her lips in slow measure, dips down on the knife and claims the bite of food he offers into her mouth. Her eyes roll back, the morsel melts in her mouth, and she swallows. It is her turn. She offers a piece of her halibut on her fork up to Adam’s lips. He opens his mouth without hesitation, leaning in for the bite before dragging his lips from the tines. Nicole brings the empty fork back to her mouth, slowly sucking it before setting it back down to her plate. Nicole and Adam finish eating without speaking. Enjoying their meals. Watching each other pull bread apart, finger the glass stems and silverware handles, play the food with their lips, lick up the morsels.

      Finally, Adam dabs his lips with his napkin and sets it back down on his lap. He takes another sip of his wine.

      “You have beautiful hands, strong fingers, Nicole. Do you work with your hands, play the piano?”

      Nicole raises her eyebrows, surprised.

      “No, I don’t play the piano. I barely know how to listen to music, let alone read music and play. That’s funny. And I can’t dance either.” She looks down on her hands before she withdraws them down below the table.

      She should have stayed quiet but could not help the force of curiosity, “why do you think that?”

      “You keep your nails extremely short,” he hesitates, then ” your fingertips are very dry. All of them.”

      Nicole squirms in her seat and pushes her hands down further, as if to hide them better.

      “I’m sorry, Nicole. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just notice things. Your hands are beautiful.” Adam extends his arms out and hands over the table as if to reach for hers.

      She brings one hand up onto the table and gently taps on the back of his, “thanks.”

      Adam moves very quickly and places his other hand over hers, sandwiching it, giving it a reassuring squeeze before releasing.

      The wait staff appears on cue to clear the table. Do they wish to see the dessert menu? Do they wish to see the selection of after dinner drinks?

      Adam nods at Nicole to defer to her decision.

    • #2807


      Nicole lets out an evil grin, “no, no dessert menu. I sometimes say sure let me at least read the dessert menu but then I ALWAYS end up getting something.” She shakes her head adamantly.

      Adam laughs loudly, “NO dessert. That was the rule. We were neutral on the coffee, or tea. Do you want some?”

      She thinks about it for a few seconds, looks to the waitress, “No, let’s have the check, please.”

      “I have a better idea,” she turns to Adam, “how about we take a walk around the block? I always like to walk just a little after dinner. And I think there is a Starbucks down the street. We can get something there if you want.”

      “I’m game,” he says.

      Adam makes a quick grab for the check, “This is mine, my idea.”

      She digs into her bag to get her wallet, “Okay, but I will take care of the tip.”

      Giving him a very generous wad of cash, she then checks both cellphones.

      “You must have really liked the wait staff service.”

      Without lifting her head, she looks up at him, “They were very good; she was excellent. They work for it.”

      He nods, and glance at the cellphones she tosses back into her bag, “Shall we go?”

      Adam stands up and offers his arm, to which she hooks hers. They stroll out into the crisp, clear night.

      “Adam, thank you. I really enjoyed that.”

      He covers her hand on his arm with his hand, rubbing ever so slightly, “I did too, very much. I never had so much fun having an entree and learning next to nothing about someone.”

      Nicole laughs, “I’m just socially awkward.”

      “No, you’re not. It’s okay. I really enjoyed having dinner with you tonight.”

      “Oh here is the Starbucks, do you want anything?”

      “No, I’m okay. I don’t need any more than what I got tonight. What about you?”

      “Yeah, I’m going to skip it too.”

      Adam releases her hand and fish out a card from his pocket, “look, Nicole, I am going to give you my card. No obligations of course but if you want to give me a call sometime. Maybe we can have an entree AND appetizer even.”

      They both stare at the card in his hand. Nicole lets out a shiver; her body shaking a little.

      “Oh you’re freezing. Come on, I’ll get you a cab. Go home.”

      Adam walks them to the curb. He puts the card in her hand. Holding her against him, he flags down a cab.

      Nicole, feeling the card with her palm, clutches onto Adam’s arm a little tighter.

      He lets her go but holds her hand which grips his card. He leans down and kisses the corner of her mouth. His lingers there until she finally turns and gets into the cab.

    • #2811


      Nicole hugged herself tight inside the cab, heart pounding, and body shaking. Refusing to read and look at the card, she shoves it into her bag. Taking a cellphone out, she texts Alex that she is on her way home now. Sinking back into the seat, dreamy, giddy, and tingling all over, she licks the corner of her mouth with the tip of her tongue. The ride was not too long but her heart continues to race, and the ache between her legs continues to grow the entire time.

      She walks through the door and the place is lit up in candles.

      “It’s about time you got home,” Alex mashes her against the door, covering her with his body, pressing his hardness against her.

      “I stayed and had some dinner, Mr Executive Vice President” she says before they start eating each others mouths.

      “Was…….it…. good?” he is unzipping her dress and pushing it off her. Sliding down some, pushing her fishnets down from her legs.

      She grabs his hand and rubs it against her pussy, “yeah, it was good.”

      Her panties are already very wet; his finger pushes into her deep.

      “God, you are soaked. What did you do?”

      “I got picked up.”

      Really? By whom?” Alex pumps a second finger into her, picturing that very fuckable waitress.

      “Don’t get upset.”

      He fingers fuck her faster now. She is tearing to pull his tshirt off him.

      “I see. Fuck the lingerie and my plans. Go upstairs; pick out one of the dildo.” Alex slaps her ass hard.

      Nicole could not run upstairs fast enough with Alex right behind her, spanking her ass harder and harder as she makes the climb.

      While she picks out one from the nightstand, Alex has stripped naked, and takes a full hood out from his nightstand. Before she fully turns to show him the one she picked out, Alex pushes her onto her back. Pushing her legs apart, her panty crotch aside. He grabs both of her small hands that grasp an impressive cock to guide it into her mouth.

      “Show me how you’d suck him,” and he pushes his cock hard and deep into her.

      Burying himself deep inside her heat, her wetness, her grip, he pulls the hood over his head, “show me how you’d fuck him.”

    • #2814


      How I’d fuck him? I don’t know if I’d fuck him just like that, but spending the last hour or so with him? That, is making me dizzy with a new energy, and lusting for someone new. I wrap my legs around Alex’s ass, look up at his faceless head, and with my heels, I pull him deeper. The sinister darkness of the unknown, stares down at me. I squeeze him tight, tighter, tighter still, with my pussy, while my tongue tease the tip of the cock before pursing my lips to take the full cock head in. I rotate my hips to churn him inside me, while I suck the cock slowly into my mouth. I throw my head back and push the cock all the way down, almost gagging as it caresses the back of my throat. I choke. My cunt clenches tighter, my throbbing ache pulsating against his thrusting heat.

      I wonder what he tastes like. I cast the cock aside and quickly pull myself up, wrestling him onto his back. His cock, wet with me, erect against his stomach. I wedge myself between his legs and wrap a chunk of my long hair around his cock a few times. Holding it still, I engulf him into my mouth. Sucking him while the strands of my silky hair ripple up and down his shaft. Cupping his balls with my other hand, I squeeze him softly; rake that thicker skin with my nails. I thought about what he said about my nails. I breathe harder. I sweep my tongue around his shaft, clockwise, then in the opposite direction. I can taste the flavor on his knife. I see myself again, watching him handle his knife, making his cuts. I press the tip of my tongue against my hair to rub it along his length. He moans loudly. I hear his voice, “No. You’re not.” Low, soft, full of confidence, as if he really knows me; even I could believe he sees inside me.

      I lift my head then and stare at the masked man. I quickly straddle him and bear down on him. Putting my weight on my arms, I lean down low, “hi-yo Silver,” and I start riding him, pounding him with my full weight. I breathe harder and harder; I slow down before I start panting.

      “Mr Masked Man, I bet you do not know that I’ve got yoga strong shoulders and I can ride a mechanical bull.”

      “Oh you can, can you? Show me how it’s done.”

      I clench his cock with my throbbing pussy, I start bucking, pivoting, and rotating my hips to pleasure his cock. He groans again. I jump off him and bury my head between his legs, clawing his inner thighs and taking his balls into my mouth. Playing his shaft with my fingers like he is a clarinet, my thumbs rubbing his seepage around and around the ridge before I dart my tongue into the slit on his cock head. Slurred whimpering resonates from his larynx. Maybe I can play an instrument after all. I alternated between sucking and riding him a few more times, before we ride each other into uncharted frenzy.

      I slump and lay on top of him. When our heart rates slow and breathing return normal, I ask, “Did I answer your questions?”

    • #2821


      All I could manage to say is “Yeah.”

      I look at her and see that she has already dosed off. I stop holding my breath and let out my heavy breathing. Not like she has not performed all those tricks on me before, but hell, my head is hammering. Okay, FUCK IT, it’s really my chest that feels like it is going to crack open. Managing to hold Nicole tight, I lean over and grab my t-shirt from the floor and use it to dry her sweat drenched back. Then I pull the hood off my head and the bed covers over us and I hold her tighter. I pull her up a little more and glide my fingers into her hair. I stroke that thick silkiness. Nicole keeps her hair long, mainly to put it up for work. I don’t think she does anything with it except wash it and blow dry it with that crazy expensive dryer that supposedly dries it faster. I remember how happy that made her. All I know is I love petting her hair and love how it feels between my fingers, cool, slippery, dense silk. She’s never let a guy pick her up, not that there’s been a shortage of attempts. And she had dinner with him? What the fuck?? She wiggles a little on me and I’m already swelling again. I stroke her cheek softly. And her eyes open a little and her mouth widen in a smile.

      I tried to control myself, but I blurt out “Who was he?”

      She peeks up at me and shrugs, “I don’t know, some guy, in a suit.”

      “Did you know him?”

      “Uh, NO.”

      “But you had DINNER with him?”

      “Yeah. Well, not like the whole dinner, just a main course.”

      “Did he touch you? Did you want him to touch you??” I’ve about started losing my mind now. I’m not making sense, not even to my own ears. I sound like a nutcase.

      Nicole pushes herself up on me and looks at me with those research lab eyes.

      “Yeah, of course he touched me. He’s a guy, sitting down to dinner with a woman primed to be fucked.” She pauses, and then in a very cool voice, “I enjoyed his attention.”

      She lifts an eyebrow at me, challenging me. I admit I’m an asshole; I want and get my cake but haven’t been able to reconcile her having hers if she wants it. Does she want it? I don’t even really know if she wants it. What is it all that she wants? Hell, after all this time, I still haven’t figured her all out. But I know that look; she is going to play me and make me pay.

      “Do you want details? So you can work on your little issue?” She grasps my cock in a vice grip.

      I think I shook my head no. I am actually scared about details but you know how you can’t help but touch the fire anyway? That’s me alright. Me and my dick. Fire? No problem, we’re in.

      She continues in that Pied Piper purring voice, “He put his hand under the table and stroked my knee over my dress. Then he stroked my thigh. First over the dress, then under the dress. Pretty much kept his hand there the whole time, just on my thigh, playing with little bits of leg between the webbing of my stocking.”

      I gather her with both arms and press her cheek against my chest. I want to shove my cock into her mouth to shut her up. But her hands grip me tighter, holding me between us.

      “Remember how wet I was already? I guess he deserves a little credit.”

      I howl then, howl at the burn of the fire. I think I push Nicole onto the mattress face down and haul her hips and ass up. I’m in her cunt, in her deep. Fucking her like the dog I am. Her hair in my fist and her head pressed down by my palm. I am not sure how I next manage to get lube into her. I pull out of her lava hot pussy and ram myself into her ass. She screams; her cries spur my tempo. I bring my palm violently down on her ass cheek; she arches. I spank her harder, she thrusts back at me, catching then keeping up with my lunatic pace. Together we arrive at the sacred junction, shared only between us. Where she is purely mine, and I am solely and utterly hers.

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      I don’t bother with any of the lights after I get inside my apartment. I moved through my routine mechanically, unconsciously and ended up on the chaise before I punch in the lights to go on. I look at the glaring white linens that only enlarge the emptiness of my bed. Yeah, I can imagine fucking Nicole on it alright. Truth is if I got her here, it would be a long stretch of distance, a long stretch of doing all kinds of things to her, before we got here. I close my eyes and I wonder about what she likes, how she likes it, how many times does it take to get her sated. How would she respond to my mouth on the nape of her neck, the small of her back. How wet does she gets. I grip my cock. What would she feel like around my cock? What hasn’t she done and experienced? I wish I felt up those legs of hers. Those killer legs. Felt her skin, her hard quads. After I clean myself up, I get into bed and drift into sleep thinking about what it would be like to have her here, right here, through the night, then waking up with her.

      The week following just drags painfully, despite throwing myself into work, wish it to consume me. I feel like an idiot, checking my phone messages, seeing if she would call. I want to go by the restaurant and just see if she’d show up again. I think about instead of just giving her my card, what else should I have said? Well, certainly not all that shit about her fingers, that was so dumbass. A beautiful woman like that, and I tell her she’s got ugly fingers?? I see her hands, dainty yet not really. They were taken care of but, but what? That childlike look when she was thinking about dessert. Maybe I should have really kissed her like I wanted to do.

      Did she think about the dinner with me? Who am I kidding? She went home, probably fucked him like crazy. She was clearly into him, the way she was waiting for him. I just killed time for her. What if she does call? I rehearse it over and over in my head. Hey, Nicole. How nice to hear from you. I had fun the other night. You want to do it again? Probably lame and too aggressive. I will let her talk; see what she has to say. I replay the dinner a hundred times in my head. Those legs, those hands, that mouth. Our comfortable silence when we ate. The glimpses into her. The caution she took around her privacy. I sigh and curse myself.

      “Hi. What are you up to? May I come by? And I…….I’m gonna want to stay over.”

    • #2825


      I spread my fingers and hands on the little table in front of Juju. Then I pull them back and look at my hands and fingers closely. I can feel my heart rate speed up a little, thinking about that dinner. Adam. I hate that he saw the little cracks on my fingertips. But it affected me more that he noticed.

      “Isn’t there something more you can do for my dry hands, Juju? I can’t stand them.”

      “I do my best, Dr. Nic, but you scrub them too much. Maybe the chemicals? Too harsh?”

      “Well, I can’t help that. Do something.”

      “Ok, ok, I do some extra things. Come back to the recliner with me. You can take nap while I work on hands.”

      While Juju is putting my hands through multiple steps of treatment, my thoughts are whisk away to him. I thought dinner was going to be food with some verbal sparring. It would have amused me to counter the typical double entendres, shoot down cocky posturing, even dumb down and swoon at his advances. It was a surprise that there was actually none of that. That was the scary part. I think we both realized there was a seriously risky chemistry in the air. I can’t get over the authenticity of the evening. I replay parts of it over in my mind. I keep hearing the lowering of the pitch of his voice, how it got a little husky when he contradictorily said “go home.” I keep feeling the solid pressure of his lips on the corner of my mouth. I wanted to turn a little to kiss him, to feel those warm, firm lips on mine. I want to know what his lips would feel like on my skin. I didn’t dare.

      “Dr. Nic, wake up. Sorry. I removed the peel. Now you dip hands into the wax. Very hot, careful.”

      I sit up and refocus. I do as Juju instruct and sink my hands into the hot paraffin wax. I watch her wrap my hands in the huge heated mitts.

      “Ok, very good. You lie back now and take another little nap.”

      I watch her cover me up in a cozy blanket. I close my eyes after she leaves. I wonder if I should dig out his card from the sub-sub compartments of my wallet and call him. I am asking for trouble. No, it is really only polite to thank him again for dinner, for keeping me company. Right? That’s the decent thing to do. You already thanked him. You know you call, it starts something. Why does it have to mean starting something? Because you want more and that is going to start something. He knows I’m married. He still gave you his card. You call, it starts something, and you know it. I sigh and wiggle my fingers inside the mitts. I picture his face, his eyes looking at me. I feel his hand holding mine. What are you? Sixteen?

    • #2828


      Nicole quietly tiptoes over to the side of the bed, leaning over, giving a snoring Alex a peck on the cheek. He shifts immediately and blinks a little.

      “Ummmm you want more already?” he whispers.

      She chuckles, “Maybe tonight, Sweetheart. I am leaving. I’ve got a case.”

      Alex groans, “Oh. Thursday. You got a car?”

      “Yeah, it’s waiting outside. See you tonight. Don’t oversleep. You have your early meeting too.”

      “Ummm yeah. I’m gonna be hornier later, just warning you.” he says while trying to grope Nicole’s ass as she leaves.

      Alex pulls the covers back over his head. Not more than ten minutes later, his cellphone vibrates on his nightstand. That sort of thing always makes him jump on these early mornings. He hates that Nicole has to get out, almost literally, during the middle of the night. At least he finally convinced her to have a driver take her. He looks at his phone. It is not Nicole. Nevertheless, he sits up immediately, frowning, texting a message back.

      What’s up? Anything wrong?

      Nothin im wired. i took the red eye to get home. On a layover i’m bored can u chat

      Yeah, N left for work. How long do u have to get Home

      4 hrs maybe then im off for a whole month almst!!

      Nice. How finals go

      I think i nailed em all. Should get all A’s

      Great. I’m proud of you. I expect that summa cum laude. So your in Chicago for 4 weeks? Plans?

      Yep. Im totally gonna chill. U have time for play?

      Been crazy busy at work. I’ll make time for you though

      Climbing on ur lap grinding my ass and tits on u. I missed u soooooooooooo

      Mmm i missed you too baby. Your alraedy makin me horny

      I luv u all horned up how hard r u

      Hard enough to do you til you scream

      God u alwasy work me up

      As you do me. There a lot of people there around you?

      Some, not too bad why

      Casually take a pic of your chest let me see if your nips are hard and poking through your clothes

      OMG k give me a sec

      Shit Rach. You drive me totally nuts, you know that?

      Giggles u like?

      I want to suck and taste and bite those nips so bad. Go to the ladies room. I want you to take one of your ass for me.

      OHFUCK YESSS hold on gimme few minutes
      I luv u to fuck my ass I want ur cock rippin through my ring pushin deep fillin me with ur hot jizz

      Your ass is so hot baby. But listen I have an early mtg I can’t stay long to chat and cum.

      Pout I wanna cum though

      Wait til your on the plane, get a blanket and do it. Your hand down panties. Rub squeeze your clit. Push a finger into that tight cunt. Then suck your pussy wet finger and cum for me on the plane.

      Umm k I luv it im squirming now

      Hey I have a thought. So serious question.

      K, what

      I have to fly out to our Chicago office and assess the operation there. I’m planning for in a couple of weeks. Would you meet me?

      U serious?? God YES. I met you back then but that was different and just once. I luv to see you now.

      I’m thinking of bringing Nicole too, how do you feel about that?

      Oh I dunno. I mean I dont know her just what u tell me… U said she knows?

      Yeah she knows about you i told her, We tell each othr pretty much everything.

      Well if she’s cool… I guess …maybe. I dunno.

      But you would meet me for lunch?

      Uh huh for sure, yeah.

      That’s exciting, very exciting for me

      For me too id LUV to “meet” u again, now like this

      Great. I’ll talk to N about it. Text me after you get home we can talk abt this more, you can think about the N part more. And I’ll set some serious time aside to play.

      K bye theyre boarding us

      Bye Rach

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      Nicole flips over her wet hair, giving it another towel dry, and puts it up in a quick ponytail. Putting a little moisturizer on her face, and she finishes with a little lip stain. Then sitting down on the locker bench, wondering if she should head home to make dinner or make other plans, she makes a call to Alex.

      “Hi, how’s it going? Are you headed home soon? I want to know what to do about eating.”

      “Hi. Ughhh I still have a little more to do. You go home first.”

      “Well how about if I pick up some soup and a baguette and come see your new office?”

      Alex groans at the prospective of food, “Oh that sounds GREAT. I haven’t eaten all day. What, a half hour? That will give me time to finish up here. We can eat and I’ll show you my new pigsty.”

      Nicole laughs, knowing full well it would be a pigsty, “Okay, you’ve got it. I’d be prepared; I’m dressed down and ready to roll around in mud.”

      He growls, “I might roll you around the floor, just so you know.”

      “Promise? See you in a bit.”

      Nicole quickly makes another call to order their food. Packing up her gym bag, she takes another look in the mirror. She gets an idea. Pulling down her pony tail and redoing her hair into two side braids, and topping off with the baseball cap, she sprints out to head over toward Alex’s office. It is a good thing there is a decent place for takeout meals near his building or he’d starve. The place is crowded; good thing she called ahead.

      Entering Alex’s building, Nicole approaches the security desk.

      “Food delivery for Mr. Alex Wilde.”

      The security guard calls and then directs her toward the elevators, “Twenty-fifth floor. Mr. Wilde will meet you by the elevators.”

      Nicole chuckles to herself as she gets off the elevator. After a minute, Alex appears to let her in.

      “Mr. Wilde? Your dinner is here.”

      Alex laughs to himself and takes a long minute to look her over thoroughly, “I’m very hungry. Perfect. Your……timing is perfect. Do you set it up or I just eat out of the bag?”

      “Sure, I can set up for you if you like.”

      Nicole toys with her braid, twirling it deliberately with a finger and follows him. Alex lets her into his new, very messy, office and scrambles to clear off the conference table. She puts out the soup, the bread, the spoons, and a little box holding a dessert.

      “How long you’ve been a delivery…person?” Alex asks.

      “Just this year. Need the money to help with college tuition, you know.”

      He smiles, nods, and pats his lap with a lecherous grin, “Yes, I understand. How about making a bigger tip?”

      Without skipping a beat, Nicole drapes herself across his lap and proceeds to feed him soup.

      “It’s cauliflower with peekytoe crab and roasted almonds. I hope you like it.”

      He savors it in his mouth, “Umm you’re right. It’s exceptionally delicious. And you’re so fluent with the menu.”

      Alex roams his hands on Nicole’s hips; his eyelids heavy and he moans as she feeds him more soup and some bread.

      After a decent number of bites, the nourishment hits his bloodstream, and Alex finally speaks again.

      “I didn’t realize how hungry I was. You provide great service, honey. Very facile. What is your name? I will have to ask for you again.”

      “It’s Nickie,” she laughs while she dips some bread into the soup before nibbling on it.

      “Nickie, Nickie. You do a great dinner and your ass fits really nice on my lap. I would make a big donation toward your college fund.”

      “Oh goodie! And I really need the help, you know, if I’m to finish,” she giggles in that tone she knows drives Alex crazy.

      He pinches Nicole’s hard nipples and rolls them between his thumb and forefinger. He starts lifting her top.

      “Will it cost extra to taste these tits?”

      She thrusts her breasts out further, feeling them ache and feeling tightness as her nipples elongate into hard points.

      “A little taste is on the house. Any more than that, yeah, cost you extra.”

      He brings his mouth down, giving each tight pink point a soft lick.

      “Tasty, quite tasty. What “more” do you do and how much extra?”

      “I didn’t bring a menu of the extras. I just thought I get a big tip for this.” With that, she proceeds to do a little grind dance on his lap, long enough to feel him getting harder. Then she says, “Maybe you could tell me what extra you like and I can let you know if I do it and how much extra.”

      The phone rings in the office. Reaching for the conference line on the table, Alex answers.

      “Alex Wilde. Oh yes, hi George, everything is fine. She’s not delivery. It’s my wife playing a trick on me. We’re just having a bite to eat. Yes, good, thanks for checking.”

      Nicole laughs, finishing her food.

      “Did they think I’ve murdered you?”

      Alex clears the table of the food containers with one arm. Then with both arms, he lifts Nicole up onto the conference table, his mouth coming down on hers. Her arms wrap around his neck; her legs around his legs.

      “You know they think I’m screwing some little schoolgirl,” he says, while tugging and pulling at her braids.

      “Well, you are, just virtually,” nibbling at his carotid.

      “Ummmm yes, remind me to talk to you about Rachel later,” he murmurs into her hair.

      Alex fingers the length of Nicole’s braids while he darts his tongue into her mouth.

      “I want a school trip around the world. Interested?”

      She sucks his tongue and sweeping it around and around with hers, giving him a little preview.

      “Yes, I can do that. ”

      “How much, Nickie?” he asks, as he reaches for the back of his pants for his wallet.

      Her mouth drops down to suck his throat; her hands pulling his shirt out from his pants. Zippppppppp…. and her small hand grasps him.

      “I take wire transfers.”

    • #4554


      Alex finishes dressing, putting in the notch to his belt, and then putting his jacket back on. Still staring at the naked body sprawled across his office floor, he playfully whips his tie across her ass. She moans. He bends down to turn her over. She winces and moans again.

      “Did I hurt you?” he looks at her more closely and asks anxiously.

      She nods, “Lotion doesn’t … work…… well.”

      “Come on, let’s go home and I’ll take care of you. I’m sorry, Sweetheart, I was too rough.”

      Alex helps Nicole up onto her feet. Gathering her clothes, he kneels at her feet, helping her get her legs into her panties and pants. When they are done, he looks at her.

      “You need to get your hair back into those braids, I messed you up. Do you have a mirror in the gym bag?”

      “Yeah, it’s over there, and get my brush.”

      After a few minutes, they are ready to leave. Alex calls down to ask George to get a car. He holds Nicole tight around the circle of his arm until he gently helps her into the car. The backseat is spacious and he pulls her back onto his chest, her head under his chin, her back on his torso. Wrapping his arms around her, he can feel her relax and meld into him, just as she should. He unbraids her hair carefully. As she doses off to sleep, he strokes her hair. His other hand on her chest, he feels her slow, serene heartbeat all the way home.

      “Nic, wake up, we’re home, Sweetheart. You go in and relax. I’m going to start the bath for us.”

      “Umm, okay, I’ll bring that dessert in with us.”

      It takes a good bit of time to fill their tub, giving Alex time to find the lavender epsom salts.

      “That smells wonderful. May I join you, handsome?”

      “Yes, come on in, sexy, there is room for two.”

      Getting into the tub, leaning back and relaxing on Alex’s chest again. The two of them quiet, stroking each others limbs. After relaxing some himself, Alex takes the small dish and spoon from the dessert box. He feeds Nicole a spoon of the creme brulee before tasting some himself. She turns to look at Alex; the two of them smile coyly at each other as they taste the voluptuous, silky custard in their mouths.

      “I see you’ve brought us the sexiest dessert,” he teases her.

      “Sexy? I just thought it would be yummy.”

      “Oh no, creme brulee is a very sexy dessert.”

      Trying to keep a straight face, she challenges him, “Is that a line, Mr. Wilde? I must say, I have not heard of it before.”

      “Oh no, not a line. Creme brulee is made sexy with delicious egg yolks and cream, tempering the mixture to increase its temperature slowly, a little more heat at a time, and finally coagulating in The Bath.”

      “So like no egg whites? I’m not even getting a little nutrition from this?”

      “Nope, no egg whites. Do you know why?”

      Shaking her head with her best look of innocence, “No idea. Why?”

      “The egg whites make it clumpy, and lumpy is not sexy.”

      Batting her eyelashes at Alex, “Ohhhhhhhhh you are referring to the denaturing of protein?”

      They both burst out laughing, relishing their private joke.

      Alex turns the hot water back on low and takes the sponge to Nicole’s back and neck.

      “God, I still remember our first date, and that creme brulee. Are you feeling better now, Sweetheart?” he asks with a frown.

      Nicole nods reassuringly, “yeah, I feel like I have no bones. You may have to carry me to bed and tuck me in. ”

      “I’d love to.”

      “But no more virgin ass for you for a few days.” She lets out an exaggerated moan.

      Nicole turns a little to look up at Alex, with a lifted left eyebrow. “And how is your little coed groupie?” she asks.

      Holding her tighter, Alex sucks a deep breath in, “I have to go check out our Chicago operation with a team, probably be there a week or a little more. I was chatting with Rachel and I asked her to meet me, meet us.”

      “In Chicago?? I thought she’s in California?”

      “Yes, she was. She is home on break, in Chicago. I am planning to fly out next Sunday and come back the next Wednesday. Can you come with me or come for part of that?”

      Nicole flips around in the water, putting her face on his chest, licking his nipple, “For sure I can’t come with you; I have a bunch of cases. Maybe join you for a couple of days if I cancel hours, but I have to see my schedule first. When did you work all this out with her?”

      “Not worked out exactly. She texted me the other day from the airport on her way home. I had Chicago on my agenda, so I asked her if she would meet me. And then I asked her if she’d meet both of us.”

      “Texted you? When did you start doing that? And what did she say?” Nicole pushed herself up on her elbows to look at Alex.

      “She seemed excited about it. Wasn’t sure about you, but more like because she doesn’t know you, I think.

      Nicole waits for him to continue, thinking that’s why he hasn’t mentioned Rachel recently or copied her on some of their email plays. Things didn’t cool down, they heated up.

      Sheepishly, he answers her other question, “We’ve been texting for a couple of months, or a little more. She suggested it, easier to chat…more, stay in touch, you know with her running to classes all day, the time difference…..”

      “If I can’t come, would you meet her?”

      “I really want US to meet her, for the three of us to get know each other, to see if the three of us would get along.”

      Alex pauses. “But yeah, I would still like to meet her. Even if not to fulfill the fantasy, just have some real face time. Nobody makes my fantasies come true like you do.”

      “I’m not eighteen.”

      “She is older than that.”

      “Is she? How do you know for sure? I want you to authenticate with her driver’s license. And I’ll pack some condoms for you.”

      “Jeezzzz Nicole!! I just thought I, we, meet her.”

      “You want to fuck her. And I think she wants to fuck you from what I’ve seen. If she gives you the green light, you’re gonna fuck her. Right? So you need to be prepared.”

      Alex strokes her jawline, “I love you so much Nicole. This is just …..fucking.”

      She smiles softly at him, “I know what it is. And I love you. And we have more than love.”

      He kisses the top of her head, “Yeah, we do. We’re so lucky. I’m so damn lucky.”

      Nicole’s face gets serious and in a low voice, she says, “She is always talking about fucking her ass. What are you going to do with that?”

      He frowns and shakes his head, “No. NO. That’s special, something just you and I share.”

      Nicole is quiet for a few minutes thinking. Some little coed spread her ass for him and he won’t do it? Or won’t do it and not regret it?

      “I want to make sure we remove a bad outcome from this. If she wiggles that ass in front of you, I know you, you’re going to fuck it. And if you do, it won’t change anything for us. You are still my first and I am still yours.”

      “You’re right, about all of it. Nothing changes us.”

      “We accept and trust each other, Sweetheart. She won’t take away anything from us. Maybe add, but not take away. That’s how I see it.”

      With that, Nicole takes a deep breath and dives under the water, between his legs, taking his erection into her mouth. Alex jerks and slips down further at her shocking dive. Watching her hair streaming, elongating and floating on the water, thinking about Rachel, he wonders now at Nicole’s prompting, just how little more than eighteen is she, just how tight is that ass. Alex could not decipher between the heat and pressure of her mouth versus that of the water. He is gasping hard for air, as if it is his lungs under water. He gasps, he thrusts. He is released for a split second before Nicole dives back down his cock. He labors hard with near manic gasps. He grips the sides of the tub, filled with panic, fear and novelty, he floods her mouth.

      “I’m a prune,” Nicole declares, “let’s get out of the water, stud.”

      Looking at her shriveled fingers, the image of a second third person crosses her mind.

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      I hate packing. I look at the suits, the shirts, the ties I set aside with frustration. And casual clothes, I need some more of those. I look around the closet and give up. I think I’ve got most of it together. Where is Nicole anyway? It is almost 9pm. I need her to do this for me. I search for my cellphone.

      “Hi, Sweetheart. You okay? Where are you?”

      “Hi. I had to go to the hospital to check on a patient.”

      I can hear the clips of tension, “Everything okay? You sound stressed and tired.”

      “Yeah, I am. But she is fine, I got it under control.”

      “You want me to start making you something to eat?”

      “No, I had something already. Just warm the bed for me so I can crash. I’m about 30 minutes away.”

      “You’ve got it. Be careful. See you soon. I love you.”

      “I love you too. Bye, Darling.”

      If we get to bed tonight before midnight it’d be the first this whole week. I pull the covers back and give everything an extra pull to straighten all the linens, just how Nicole likes them. Getting into bed, I turn on my laptop to double check my files. By the time Nicole comes in, I am well into drafting my agenda and reviewing the preliminary responses to the points raised by the patent examiner. Giving me a little kiss, she heads to the shower.

      “I know you’re tired, Nic, but would it be okay if we try to text Rachel when you’re done? I want to firm up some plans with her.”

      Nicole groans, “yeah, sure, go ahead. I’ll say hi, that’d be nice. What are you working on?”

      “The patent application and it’s a disaster, I may have to fire the attorney they had do this.”

      “Email me the attorney responses if you want me to look at them and give you my two cents.”

      “Terrific, I’d love your comments. Oh, and you have to finish packing for me.”

      “You’re such a baby. You should buy just new things while you’re there. You could use a wardrobe makeover.”

      She laughs but I know she is damn serious. I stop working for the time being and shut down my laptop before I search for my cellphone again.

      Can you chat?

      Hey watsup?

      How are you? Want to talk about next week, meeting up

      I cant wait

      I’m flying in on Sun. N can spend couple of days next weekend, she is going to come nxet Fri a week from tonite.

      Wow seriously?

      Yes. Will you meet me for coffee? lunch dinner? Say Tue sometime?

      Hell yeah.. Tue anytime after 4. But still dunno about N is that ok

      N is not sure either but would like to at least meet. She is finishing shower and going to say hi if ok with you

      K .. and just meetin is cool

      Goes for me too Rach. I want to get together, meet, no pressure for more.

      Seriously Alex i appreciate that. Im kinda scare tho u get me totally soaked

      She says anything remotely sexual and I just plummet down the rabbit hole. Before I can even employ minor edit function, I start fucking her in my head.

      Are you home, alone

      Yeah, my parents went on that cruise yesterday since im home to housesit

      Get on yur bed want you to fuck yourself for me, Im going to tell N to read and watch

      GOD Alex NOOOO u for real??

      DO IT

      Kkkk gimme a sec
      K on bed

      Good girl, show me how wet my cunt is

      I hear Nicole switch off the hair dryer. Perfect. I call out to her, “Nic are you almost done?”

      “Yes, you got it worked out with Rachel?” She sounded a little removed. No, I’m not having that.

      “Yeah, I think so. I’m still chatting with her. Come here, I want you to read.”

      “In a minute, I have to put lotion on.”

      NO Alex im not ready for that for N and pics

      Nicole walks toward me just then, hair shiny and flowing, her body pink and glowing. She slips into our bed and sees my erection right away. I can see her lips quiver just a tiny bit just before she swallows and I hand my phone over to her. I watch her read. I watch her face falter. Then she is typing out a text and shows me.

      Rachel this is Nicole. I’m scared too. Super nervous. What if you’re way cuter than me and I’m too old and gross you out or something?

      Uh hi.. No its just i dunno

      I am looking over her shoulder, then I take the phone away from Nicole, putting it on camera mode.

      “Get on your hands and knees, Nicole,” I order her quietly.

      She looks at me for a second and got into the position. I click the camera at her pussy as she arches her ass up high. Then I send it to Rachel.

      I just had N do that for me to show you

      OMG OMG

      DO it, Rach I need to see my cunt

      Nicole turns around, I can see her pupils dilating. I push her back onto her stomach and I’m on top of her, pinning her down. My teeth sinking into her neck high up on her hairline. I give her the cellphone to hold.

      “Let me know when she sends her cunt,” I tell Nicole while I pull her legs apart under me. “I’m going to fuck you both at the same time. Text her that.”

      I can feel Nicole spread her legs wider and I can hear that whimper, that incredible sexual, wet whimper. She lifts the phone so I can see.

      “Can you imagine my cock in that?” I ask her while I chew on her earlobe.

      Nicole nods and shudders wildly, “yesssssssss, put it in me.”

      I rub my cock along the crack of her ass. “Not yet. Tell her what you want me to do to her, what you want.”

      Alex is going to fuck us both right now. He’s on top behind me, and lookin at your pic. I want to spread you open and put him into you

      Uhhhhhhhhh oh fuck FUCK yeah

      “Tell her I am thinking about how tight she is going to be around my cock.” I press my cock at Nicole’s pussy lips, rubbing her slick folds. “Better yet, give me the phone.”

      I have never more appreciated the power of words since sextexting but this is not the time for that. I text “Face Time” to Rachel and then tap on the app. Propping the phone cam up on the pillow in front of us, Rachel’s face comes into focus.

      “Nicole, meet Rachel. Rachel, Nicole. Now be a good girl Rach and show Nic that cunt of mine. Show her how soaked you get for me.”

      Dry mouth, Nicole stares at Rachel and she stares back. And then Rachel is scrambling around on the bed, removing her pants and panties, and parting the blonde fur to reveal a wet pink pussy. Nicole winces internally, wondering when Alex did this with Rachel. When did he see her for the first time. How did he react to that moment of heady intoxication of the initial, maiden revelation. All she can think about and imagine is Alex fucking the young blonde, and herself, sucking his cock clean after, licking him out of her.

      Nicole reaches for the phone and focuses the cam on her own face. She is moving her hips and pussy, gliding my cock. I look at Rachel, her body shaking and she is making little quivering sounds. God she is so turned on, my heart is pounding. And pounding even more like it will come through my chest when I hear Nicole.

      “Open your legs, Rachel, I want to see you better,” she tells her. “Wider, Rachel, like you will spread for Alex when he fucks you for real.”

      I feel Nicole trembling, feeling a gush onto my cock, her legs part wider still under me. I watch Rachel’s legs open, her pussy lips parting slightly as she spread wider, so wet. Their combined heat luring me into the fire. I have to have them both now. I sink into Nicole, this incredible woman, who has chosen me. And I stare at Rachel, this ingenue, who might consider me. Our trio of grunts, moans, wails, and whimpers fill our ears and ignite our orgasms. I think I black out yet see white. She makes me feel like a god.

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      Rachel stares at her reflection, scrutinizing every detail of the skirt and top.

      “Are you sure this looks okay?”

      “YES, Rachel, it looks really HOT. This is the IT outfit. You’ve tried on everything in your closet already. I really think that looks great. You are smoking in it. Skirt not too tight, not too short. Not slutty. Just says you’re hot and you know how to dress. Soft, buttery top, just hints of tit. And what difference does it make? That perv just wants to take it all off you anyway. I’m worried about this for you, you know.

      Rachel shakes her head, “No, don’t worry, really, Morg. He’s cool. I’m just meeting him for coffee at the Sacred Grounds at the Water Tower.”

      Morgan frowns at her best friend, “You promise me that you’ll text me? I’ll call the police if you don’t.”

      “I promise, Morgan, I promise, I swear. And Alex is really okay. I already know him from that seminar I took last year, you know. And I’ve been talking to him for like a year now.”

      Morgan shakes her head doubtfully and grimaces, “A guy like that, talking to you from long distance, I bet he has a lot to hide and you don’t have any idea.”

      “No, he is cool. I really know him enough and I feel good about the important stuff. I will exercise extreme caution and judgment. And I gotta go! I’m gonna be late.”

      A short time later, Rachel arrives at the mall. Making her way to the mezzanine level to the cafe, she checks her phone for the time. She sighs in relief. The timing is perfect, she is ten minutes early, enough time to calm down and check her makeup again. Alex arrives right on time and spots Rachel instantly. The last three yards moves in slow motion. She stands up, he appears beside her. They take each others’ hands. They stare into the others’ eyes.



      “You’re here.”



      “Hi. Wow.”

      “Yeah, wow…….uh….. wow.”

      Alex clears his throat. Rachel lets out a cough. They look at each other again and start laughing.

      He makes a painful face, “wow,” and laughs again. “I’m doing it again. Let me start over. Hi Rachel, it is really good to see you again. You look terrific.”

      Rachel, laughing, giggling even, “Hi Alex, yeah… I think I need to sit down.”

      He takes her arm, guiding themselves through the tables. “Let’s find something with less traffic and get some coffee.”

      The two of them find a table off the side and sit down. While waiting for their coffee, Alex takes a small box from his coat. Putting it on the table and opening it, revealing six chocolate chip cookies.

      “Nicole made these for us. Her extra thin, extra crispy chocolate chip cookies.”

      Rachel takes one and looks at it, “Really thin. She bakes too, huh?”

      Alex smiles a goofy smile, “yeah she bakes, but I do the cooking. She can’t cook and I can’t bake.”

      She bites into the paper thin, chocolate sweetness, “God,” she gulps, “this is so good it is evil.”

      Between bits of small talk and sips of coffee, they finish the cookies. Alex reaches for Rachel’s hand.

      “Let’s take a walk around the mall. We can window shop and talk some more.”

      Alex holds Rachel’s hand. Together, they take a stroll through the mall. Soon they start deconstructing the window displays and analyzing the marketing effectiveness of the story the window tries to tell, whether it surprises the consumer, grabs attention, creates a desire, sells a fantasy.

      “Oh look, Alex, there is Bebe. I love their stuff. Let’s go in.”

      “Sure, let’s.” Taking note of the ultra skimpy, sexy apparel, he already loves their stuff too.

      Alex chuckles as Rachel flocks over to the racks of clothes, skimming through the selections. He tags along behind her, surveying the merchandise.

      “Hey Rach, how about some shoes? What size are you?”

      She looks behind her at him, “I need shoes, actually. Size 7. You going to pick some out for me?”

      “Yes, I am,” and he searches for a salesperson.

      Alex sits down on a seat facing the back of the store and waits for the two pairs of shoes he picked out.

      “Come over, Rachel, let’s have you try these on,” he calls over to her and ushers the salesperson away.

      As Rachel sits down, Alex kneels in front of her, removing the first pair from the box. Looking up at her, gazing into her eyes, he cradles her calf and her ankle, then removes her shoes. Placing one bare foot on his thigh, he looks long and lingering at her thigh before slipping the first shoe on. Tracing his fingers lightly on the other knee, he lifts her other foot further up on his thigh. She gasps. He feels the slight tremble on her leg as he slips the other shoe on her. She looks down at him. On one bent knee now and a sexy grin, he moves slightly back, and tells her to give them a try now.

      “Let me see you walk all the way to the front and back, let me see if they work.”

      Rachel can feel his eyes licking her as she walks away toward the front of the store. Then she turns to come back toward Alex, boldly calling out to him with her body, the glide of her legs and meow of those high heeled, strappy shoes.

      She tosses her head back and run her hands through her hair before anchoring them on her hips, “do they work?”

      Alex nods and straightens up, strolling slowly to her, “These are okay, but let’s try the other pair on too.”

      Then he leans in closer to whisper into Rachel’s ear, “Go the dressing room now and try on that little dress. Take your panties off and leave them in the dressing room. NO touching, you understand?”

      She giggles and nods her head yes. While waiting for her to return, Alex prepares the second pair of shoes, unlacing them carefully. Once again, Alex kneels in front of her when Rachel comes back in the very short, body hugging dress. He places both hands on her knees and push her legs together before taking the first pair of shoes off.

      With his head bent, concentrating on slipping one of the second pair on her foot, he asks, “do you think you’re wet, Rachel? Don’t say anything. Spread your legs a little for a yes.”

      Her legs move apart a little.

      He starts to lace up the shoe.

      “Do you wish I’m staring at your pussy now?”

      Her legs hesitate, then move apart some more.

      He finishes tying the first shoe.

      “Do you wish I’m eating your pussy now?”

      She squirms and spreads.

      He slips the second shoe on.

      “Are you thinking about my cock?”

      Rachel whimpers; the dress sliding dangerously high as legs move again.

      Alex starts to lace up again.

      “Are you getting soaked? Are you going to leave a wet spot?”

      She lets out panting gasps while her thighs come together a little just before she spreads them some more.

      He finishes lacing up the second shoe and runs both hands up from Rachel’s knees to her thighs. Then he dips his fingers onto her inner thighs, skimming the soft hot flesh before pressing his finger prints there. Swiftly he pulls the dress back down and presses her legs together.

      “Well now, let’s have a look at how these look. Take a walk. See how these feel.”

      Rachel leans down; her lips tremble a little and whisper, “I’m not sure I can stand up straight, much less walk. You got me shaking, Alex.”

      He smiles and gestures his head to signal his confidence in her. When she does get up, she sways a little before gaining enough balance to push her hips forward and her shoulders back. He watches her long strides and the lifting of those tone legs, like a mare trotting leg extensions. And then he gazes at her hypnotically swaying hips and ass. And when she turns to come toward him, face guileless, strutting a body for sin, Alex stands up to meet her.

      “I think you should get these shoes. And the dress. I especially like these pretty buttons.”

      She nods, in a trance, “okay.”

      With shopping bags in toll, the two make their way over to the parking lot for Rachel’s car. After putting the bags in the trunk, Alex drops the car keys in her palm. Gathering Rachel in his arms, he presses his face into hers. He rubs his cheek on hers, feeling her body soft and hot against his. She couldn’t stand the long minutes, wanting more, she seeks out his lips. He holds back, barely rubbing his lips on hers, his tongue licking just the pout of her lower lip. Rachel presses herself closer, whimpering, trying to find his lips with hers. She is feverish by the time Alex brings his mouth down on hers, kissing her, and then kissing her harder. And when he pushes his tongue into her open mouth, he is muffling her not-so-quiet moans. When they come up for air, Alex pushes himself away a little, bringing his hands up to caress the back of her head and neck.

      He stares into her eyes, “Have dinner with me tomorrow night. At Everest, 6pm?”

      Rachel, disoriented and panting, “Tomorrow? Dinner?”

      “Yes, you know the place?”

      She gives him a confused look, “Yeah… but what about now?”

      Alex brushes her cheek with his fingers, “Now? Now I want you to get home safe. Get home and process. I want you to be sure, Rachel.”

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      I swerve and turn my steering wheel sharply at the blaring sound of a car horn and get my car back into my lane. I shake myself awake from daydreaming, rewinding to mind play the last couple of hours with Alex. I desperately need to get home and shove my hands down my pussy and make myself cum. God, he is even better in person. He looked good. Those soft but alert and so serious eyes. And in that suit, puissant. I can’t get enough of his mouth, full and firm and confident. I didn’t get enough of a taste. And what he did to me at Bebe. I think we would have been arrested if I pulled his head between my legs, where I wanted him. But that was what I wanted, I would have done anything. Why didn’t he want to go further today??? Is he having second thoughts? All he gave me was a little kiss, a small taste? Oh god, what if he is having second thoughts? No, that’s not it. He said dinner tomorrow night. And he wanted ME to be sure. Like he wants more than just to screw me. Or is it just that he wants a kinky threesome with his wife? Does it matter? Swallowing, I just feel myself aching deep and I press my hand to my chest to ease the throbbing.

      Thank God. Finally. I pull into the driveway, managing to remember I have shopping bags. Tearing off my clothes, I rush up to my room and collapse onto my bed. I start rubbing my pussy over my panties. I think about his hands on my legs and knees and thighs. How I spread at his command. Did he see my pussy? Did he see I was wet? God I hope he did. I rub faster. Wait. I jump up and tore at the Bebe shopping bag, throwing the lid off the shoe box, I bring one of the shoe back to bed. I swear I was dripping down my legs when I walked around in the store. I press the back of the stiletto heel against my clit. I soak through the panties, lubricating onto the heel. I move my clit up and down the heel as it wedges its length between my swollen pussy lips.

      I hear him.

      “Do you wish I’m eating your pussy now?”

      YESSSSS, Alex, yes, please! I hump against the heel.

      “Are you thinking about my cock?”

      I Want Your COCKkkkkkkk. I jerk and thrust, out of control, at the heel.

      “Are you getting soaked? Are you going to leave a wet spot?”

      Sooooooooo soaked and……creaming for you, ALEEXXXxxxx!! Alex. Alex. Alex……..

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      Is she thinking about my cock the way I am out-of-my-mind thinking about her cunt? I’m on fire horny. But this is best. I want her sticky wet sure. I want her to commit to savoring every delicacy of lust, sin, and taboo I am going to show her. I want her mind to be enthralled with salaciousness. I want her full heart.

      I don’t know how I didn’t nail her in the back seat of her car. I don’t know how I didn’t just do her against the trunk of the car. I guess it pays to be in control although I am more excited than when I had my first fuck. Fuck, I’m so hard my teeth are chattering. Gritting my teeth, I turn the water temperature all the way to cold and hug the wall until my entire body is shivering. I need Nic.

      I search for my cellphone and get into bed. It takes me three tries before she picks up.

      “Hi Sweetheart, how are you?”

      “I’m good. What’s wrong, Alex?”

      “Nothing, I just needed to hear your voice. Actually, I want to see you. Can we Facetime?”

      “Yeah, sure, I have to find my iPad. I couldn’t find it earlier. Give me a few.”

      I hear her moving around and rummaging. I turn on mine in the meantime.

      “Don’t you have it on the dresser?” I ask her.

      “Umm yeah… it’s not there.”

      “Wait a minute, I took yours, Nic. This isn’t mine.”

      “Oh. Where is yours?”

      “Crap..look in my closet. I messed up. I musta grabbed mine and didn’t pack it.”

      “Ok…………. oh here it is. I got it. Give me a sec,” she says and hangs up.

      A few minutes later I see her beautiful face, her hair spread against the white pillow. I smile at her. Her eyes look awfully tired.

      “You look good, Nic.”

      “Why aren’t you ………..?” She asks. I can see that brief pull on her lower lip with her teeth.

      “It went fine, I had coffee with Rachel. Then talked and walked around the mall. We are having dinner tomorrow night.”

      I watch Nicole sit up on the bed with a frown, “Are you having second thoughts? Or she is?”

      “No, I guess I want her to be sure. And I didn’t want to rush. Although I was really horny fifteen minutes ago before the ice cold shower.” I laugh.

      “Oh ok. So dinner tomorrow, maybe tomorrow,” her voice a little shaky.

      “Yeah.” I look at her and feel like a schmuck. Of course she had been thinking about it tonight. Now she is going to keep thinking about it.

      I stare at her and realize she is on my side of the bed. It is a mess. I frown and ask, “Why is the bed a mess? Where was Emmie?”

      She rubs her face on my pillow and in her sulky voice, “I told her not to make the bed.”

      “I miss you too, Sweetheart, I will see you in three days.”

      She starts to say something but end up just nodding.

      “Get some sleep, Nic. I just wanted to see you for a few minutes before I turn in too. I love you so much.”

      “I love you too. Good night, Sweetheart.” She breathes in, then gives me a serene smile, blows me a kiss.

    • #4595


      After I shut down the iPad, I sit up and pull off my tank top, patting down my sweaty neck and back. I reach down and pull off my panties too before laying back down under the covers, moving my body around to feel the rumpled sheets, pressing my face into the pillow to breath Alex in. I think about how much he didn’t say, his controlled casualness. I reach down, I am drenched. I was right; he has gotten hotter for her, more of her than just pussy. I’m so wet, I clench tight around my finger. He didn’t rush, it was an appetizer evening. He keeps my hot, confused, tormented arousal on low simmer. I must abide until tomorrow. I pull my hand away. I am shaking, my fists tight. I squeeze my eyes shut. I imagine his voice, describing how hard he is anticipating her. I climb higher and higher until the air was so thin, my breathing labors, and I fall asleep.

    • #4596


      I would have not been able to make it through the day had it not been for my insane schedule. I am grateful for complete inability to think of anything but work today. It is almost 10pm when I crawl into bed, exhausted. They should have had dinner already. Danced some more with flirtation and foreplay. Again, I peel off what little I have on; letting the rumpled linens embody my skin, trap my heat. It makes me ache, sharp and dull, deep and erupting, that we are free, committing to each other, devoid of denials. Is he fingering her yet? Does she have my cock down her throat? Is he tasting her yet? Is she writhing against him? Is she moaning or is she a screamer? Has he given in to the delayed gratification of pushing into her, entering her resistance, feeling her take him in? A new pussy. A young pussy.

      I throw the covers back and go into Alex’s closet. I look around and slip on the t-shirt he threw on top of a pile. I get my strapless strap-on from my nightstand, and push it into me. I throw myself onto the bed, clutching his pillow. My face smashing into his pillow, I breathe him in. Is she breathing him in now? Is he feeling himself enter her young cunt for the first time? I work my hips with feral abandon. I wail. I ululate. I scream. I come.

    • #4597


      Terrific dinner and conversation. Delicious, light-hearted flirtation. My mind is racing, wondering if this is the conclusion, does he have second thoughts? I slip my arms into my coat as Alex holds it up for me. Then his body and arms wrap the coat around me, his hands come around to tie the belt tight around my waist. He sweeps my hair aside, his mouth on my ear, he asks, “Are you ready?”

      I turn sideways to look into his eyes, “Yeah,” I nod. Did he asked an implied question. I don’t care. I want him in the worse way. I’m ready. Whatever it is, I’m ready.

      We step into the elevator. It is just the two of us. Inside, he glances up for a few seconds and moves me to a corner while untying my coat belt. Then he steps back to the opposite corner, smiling at me.

      “Forty flights down, Rachel. Can you undo all those buttons by the time we get to get out?”

      I look down my dress, unsure how many buttons but there were many as I recall putting on the dress earlier. Or am I just freaked out of my mind?

      “I don’t know, Alex. What’s my prize if I can?” I glance at the floor indicator flashing now at 30.

      “Whatever you want, Rach, whatever you want.” He looks at me with that wicked twinkle in his eyes.

      My fingers start working on the tiny buttons. I try not rushing so I don’t become all thumbs. It is flashing 25.

      “What if I want something from Tiffany’s?” I am starting to enjoy this game. I am working the buttons now. It is flashing 20.

      “Not a problem. Push your tit out”

      I pull my dress and bra aside, my breast pop out. I give him a long, daring stare. I continue with the buttons.

      “You have incredible succulent nipples. Pull it, make it longer for me…. and the security boys.” He nods at the camera above me.

      Now I’m rushing and can’t get my buttons loose as smoothly. His games make me insane. Ten is flashing. We can hear ourselves loudly drawing our breaths. I yank the other side of my bra down and under my breasts and they are thrust out, higher and pointier than ever. Alex takes two steps and his mouth is on me, sucking at one of my nipples, and then biting the other. My hands seeking, trying to finish the rest of the buttons.

      “Count down,” he grunts at me.

      I am getting breathless, feeling the suction of his mouth on my tit all the way down to my pussy, I moan out “six.”


      God, could I cum with just his mouth sucking my tits? I almost scream “four” at the sharp bite when he turns to my other breast.

      Alex’s nails dig painfully into me and his tongue now barely flickering on my huge stiff nipples.


      His tongue slows down more.


      His teeth bite deep and hard into my left nipple, his fingers pinching my right.

      I hear the elevator ring. His hands moving lightning fast. I feel the air squeeze out of me as my belt clinch my waist and he pulls me out.

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      We tear out of the elevator onto the cold street, from fervency to the arctic. Alex has me tight around his arm while he hails a cab and I pant into his chest.

      “Do you want me to take you home, Rachel? Or are you ready to come back to my hotel with me?”

      I am shaking hard from both heat and cold but there is nothing shaky about what I want.

      “Hotel, Alex, wherever I can be with you.”

      “The Peninsula, please,” a timbre of calm satisfaction marks his tone.

      Inside the cab, our arms wrap around each other. We suck mouths; our tongues licking and probing and exploring each other. Alex’s hands find their way inside my coat, inside my open dress. He unclasps my bra and his palms caress my upper back, and trail down to the small of my back. His movement firm yet tender, his touch rich and textured. The pulse in my throat peaking. After at least five minute making out like that, he pulls his lips just enough to hover against mine. His voice low and gravelly, he says, “Push your finger in…. feed me your pussy.”

      His fingers move up to stroke the nape of my neck, while my hands lower to push a finger into my pussy.

      Knowing I am about to moan, he shushes me, “Shhhhhh not a peep.” Then he parts his lips, opens his mouth just enough to suck and lick my wet, slick finger.

      As he pushes my hand back down, he turns to instruct the driver, “Let’s take the scenic route, please go up 41 to Lincoln Park then turn around to the Peninsula.”

      Alex whispers to me again, his words bath themselves in the tingling tunnels of my ear and of my pussy, “Feed me your cunt, Rachel. I want to taste your readiness. I want you to cum by the time we get to the park. When we turn around to head to the hotel, I want to be tasting your cum. Feed me Rachel.”

      I look out the window as we drive along the lake and I alternate pushing my finger into my soaked pussy and into Alex’s mouth. “More….again,” he urges. I see the park now. Dipping my finger into my scorching hot pussy, I scoop another wet finger into his mouth. I’m close. Then Alex bites down and sucks relentlessly on my finger, not letting go. His hand grasps my other hand in a vice grip.

      We are passing by the outskirt of the park. I panic, fighting his mouth to free my hand. He bites down harder. I am freaking out; my body thrashing out wildly. I roll over onto Alex partially, getting his knee between my legs. His teeth bite my finger deeper. I am humping his knee, I am floundering like crazy.

      We are passing through the park now. I ride his knee like a lunatic. My mouth at his throat; I clamp down to avoid screaming as the cab make the turn to head back down. I work my hips and ass to a frenzy, fucking myself on his knee.

      I feel the cab veering. The park is behind us now and we head back down the lake. I do myself on his leg like little bitch in heat until I gush onto his pants. He lets go of my hands suddenly, I almost fall. I shove my hand between my legs. I offer my finger into his mouth again. We pull up to the Peninsula.

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      Rachel and Alex step into the hotel elevator in a feverish embrace. She can feel the velvety heat of his breath in her hair and hear the flaring of his nostrils as he cradles the top of her head under his chin. Are their heart rates calming or are they climbing? They cling to each other, both barely able to feel grounding beneath their feet. There is quite a bit of traffic tonight in the elevator, transporting people up and up and up. The people empty out. Then they finally arrive on the 18th floor. Rachel let out a loud gasp, entering the suite that can easily house an entire family.

      “Your firm really knows how to take care of you,” she stares out the terrace, breathless.

      “No, Rachel, this is not company housing.” Alex chuckles nervously, “This is for us. For you. I hope you like it. I want you to be comfortable. I’m trying to “wow” you.” He looks at her, anxious for her satisfaction.

      She reaches up to touch his cheek, her hand shakes a little. “I’m wowed alright, Alex, this is beautiful, but you’re the Wow. And… and I’m really scared, but I want the scare too. BAD. I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m so nervous.”

      “I’m nervous too Rachel, believe it or not. Like I’m scare I’m going to cum in my pants right now like some teenage punk. Like I’m an asshole because you’re the only woman I’ve thought about all day and that’s never happened.” There is a slight grimace around his eyes but he does not look away from her for one second.

      “Do …….you …. do you want to call? Her?” she asks, while thinking is this how it feels to not think with your brain?

      “No,” he answers firmly, quietly, without hesitation.

      With his eyes fixated on hers, his hands start working with deliberation. His clothes are dropping off.

      Coat, jacket, tie, belt, shirt, undershirt.

      Shoes, socks, pants, briefs.

      The long, supple lines of his nude body travel fluidly to her. He nudges up against her first, before taking two steps back, to present to her, his nakedness.

      Rachel follows him into the master bedroom of the suite. Does he want her to undress? Does he want to undress her? She watches him sit down on the edge of the bed. Alex looks up at her; he licks at his lips, his gaze lingering on her face in quiet adoration.

      He waits.

      Then she lifts up one foot onto his thigh, the heel sharp on his knee. He unties the shoe, holding it steady while she slips her foot out.

      He waits.

      She grows bolder, lifting her other foot between his thighs with the toe of her shoe brushing the heavy hang of his balls. He unties the second shoe; she slips it off.

      He waits.

      Rachel relaxes and with feigned modesty, reaches under her coat and dress to wiggle off her stockings.

      He waits.

      She reaches under again and with a little smirk, tosses her panties in his face.

      The reptile in him leaps out and up at her, grabbing her coat belt, yanking her toward him. Her coat untied, he pushes coat and dress off. She is on her back on the bed. She wails. Alex drops to his knees between the legs of the siren. He leans down for a little slip of tongue along the smooth pink swollen lips. A bowl of raspberries suddenly lands on Rachel’s stomach. Alex puts one into his mouth and skillfully, he tongues the raspberry with all its minute burrs around and around Rachel’s jutting hard clit. She whimpers and coos, louder and louder. She drips, wetter and wetter. Alex’s pulse grows fast and fluttery. He is short of breath now, drugged on the taste, the sensation, the smell of her cunt.

      Alex moves to the sound of her pleas. He spreads her legs apart and wraps them around his torso, pivoting his hips about and pushes himself atop her. They are grinding, rubbing, skin to skin and bright eyes fix on each other. Alex’s lips hover just above Rachel’s, brushing and stroking. She shudders and moans louder before pulling him down onto her mouth, kissing him harder. His hands move all over her body, feeling her breasts, her hips, her arms and legs. Her hands rub his back, his hips, his ass, feeling the heat and texture of his skin.

      They break the seal of their kiss to look at each other. Rachel flushed, warm, barely able to breathe, “YESSSSsssss, Alex, yessssss.” To answer her, he rocks with growing fervor, locking hip to hip, Alex slides his cock between her slippery pussy lips, legato bowing Rachel’s wet cunt. Sliding, panting, the grinding of his cock grew to a slick smooth glide. She moves to feel more of him; she moves with him, lower, back up, lower. She is arching and straining with increasing vigor. She pants harder, draws a quick, sharp breath in, then she spreads her legs wider and tilt up. Alex grunts as he thrusts into her, feeling his cock enter and lodge inside her. He pauses, her pussy seems to ripple around his cock and engulf him in wet heat. She squeezes him tighter with her pussy. They fuck until they are both blinded by the white hot sensations.

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      I take a deep breath in and close my laptop. I am trying hard to focus on getting psyched up for the case. I look at my phone again for a message. Nothing all day yesterday, nothing this morning. Well, he is still asleep. Exhausted. Fucking a 20 year old would do that to you. I throw my phone at my bag; it bounces inside the locker. I don’t want to be seething but I am. I don’t want to be gripped by licentious urges but I am. Stop it. And don’t forget the time difference. Get it together. I can’t help it. I’m aching. I scrub my arms vigorously, breathing deep through my mask to steady myself. I regain my composure, I finish scrubbing my hands, taking more time and with less force on my fingers. I go over the surgery in my head one more time as my nurse drapes a towel over my arm and I dry myself.

      “Are you ready for gowning, Dr. Reegan?” My nurse asks.

      “Yes, thanks, Terry.” I smile at him as he holds up the gown for me.

      The overhead pager calls me.

      “Hold on Terry,” the two of us shake our heads at each other.

      Crap, now I have to scrub again. I push the speaker button. “Dr. Reegan. You are on speaker.”

      “Nic, sorry, you are going into surgery?” Alex’s rich, sexy, pitiful voice comes through the speaker.

      “Yes, Alex.” I think I manage to sound cool and professional, with a pleasant undertone of fuck-you.

      “I’m sorry I’m late and interrupting. I just had to try you….. to tell you, you-know-what.” His words, humble. His voice, discreet.

      “Good. I you-know-what too. Bye.”

      “Bye, Sweetheart. Call me when you’re out of surgery.”

      I am glad I have my mask on to hide my silly grin as I scrub again. Terry rolls his eyes at me while he gowns and gloves me.



      I wake up and see Rachel’s blonde hair on the pillow. I grin and reach out to touch it when I see what time it is. Shit. I roll out of the bed and grab my cellphone, making a run out to the living room to call Nicole. Damn it, she is not picking up. I call the operating room phone.

      “OR 3” someone answers.

      “Dr. Reegan, please. It’s urgent. Tell her it’s Alex.” I feel like I’m sprinting.

      “I’ll page her but she may have gone into the OR already.”

      Nicole’s curt voice comes over, “Dr. Reegan. You are on speaker.”

      “Nic, sorry, you are going into surgery?” I am dejected, knowing I didn’t get to her on time to talk.

      “Yes, Alex.” Wretched, I feel the sting of her disappointment. The one thing I can’t take is her disappointment.

      I want to touch her. A frog in my throat, I tell her, “I’m sorry I’m late and interrupting. I just had to try you….. to tell you, you-know-what.”

      “Good. I you-know-what too. Bye.” Her voice still very cool, but I hear her little smile. God, I love her.

      “Bye, Sweetheart. Call me when you’re out of surgery.” I ask her anxiously.



      After taking a second, long hot shower at home, I finally curl up on the sofa to call Alex.

      “Hi, am I interrupting?”

      “Hi, Sweetheart. I’ve been worried. How was your day? I told everyone to take a break; I’m in a meeting.”

      “It was bad. Extensive localized metastasis. I think we got it all. Excessive bleeding. We thought …. never mind. How was …….yesterday?”

      “Rachel is very, hot-blooded.”

      I let out a weak laugh, “No kidding?”

      “I’m yours, Nicole, I’ll always be yours.” That felt like he punched me in the chest.

      “I guess you enjoyed her,” I can barely hear my own voice.

      “Yeah, you know I’ve never known anyone wetter, hotter or more adventurous than you. But Rachel, god, you’re going to like her.”

      “Well, I will know tomorrow.” I say the words, but I’m not so certain any more.

      “Sweetheart, I gotta go back in. Call me tomorrow when you’re headed to the airport. I love you so much.”

      I stare at the phone. He disconnected. I sit up. My chest is still hammering. I think I want to cry. What’s wrong with me? I’m just stressed out over the case. And I’m starved. My head is spinning. I bend over, close my eyes and put my head down. All I can see is Alex kissing her, eating her, pushing his cock into her. I hug myself to steady the shaking. This is just bullshit. I get up and power walk it into our room, into my closet. I take everything off and pull on jeans over panties, a little crisp white shirt over bare tits, then slip on kick-ass heels. I put on my coat outside on the curb, and hail a cab to our anniversary restaurant. I wonder, what are the chances I would run into Adam?

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      I wake up, momentarily confused by the strange sensation of delicate soft curls around my fingers before my eyes could focus and see Rachel’s low snoring features. I wonder if she could possibly be more exhausted than I am. I smile as I inventory all the different ways we fucked yesterday, starting with what we thought was a casual trip to get me a few pieces of weekend clothes as Nicole had instructed for me. I still cannot believe how she just so nonchalantly ducked into the dressing room with me, sucked me to a full erection so exquisite I was in her pussy, no protection, fucking and filling her. Carefully, I trace the bite marks on her breasts and the hickies on her neck. I sigh, thinking about Nicole. The only times she’d let me loose on biting and sucking her are the times we are on vacation, when she doesn’t have to worry about her tight-ass colleagues seeing them in the locker room or at the pool. I pull the sheet back a little more to look at the rest of Rachel’s body. I am on fire just thinking about pushing into her, being inside her, and how she fucked me so care-free and fearlessly.

      I look at the time and wonder if Nicole has made it to the airport yet. I have to tell her. I am petrified of my own voice. Instead, I do not take my eyes from Rachel as I search and locate my phone to text Nicole.

      I see myself fucking Rachel’s mouth in the mirrors of the dressing room.

      Have I told you how much in awe I am of your trust in me, in our love, to fulfill our deepest desires and needs.

      I can feel her so so tight pussy under the dinner table.

      Your acceptance of me makes me whole; it is nothing short of incredible.

      I can hear her little scream when I pushed Rachel down hard on her knees.

      It is both wonderful and terrifying how you can see into me; there is no hiding from you when you see me with those eyes of yours.

      My hand still stings from coming down on her ass.

      I am yours entirely.

      I was near breathless struggling with her when I tied her up. God, what a fighter.

      When I fuck with others, I am yours. When I am alone, I am yours. I will never not be yours. Hurry, Nic, come to me.

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      I don’t know what it is with me and airports and sex. Maybe it goes back to that shameful teenage stunt I pulled on what-was-his-name. I have a standard airport travel uniform: short pleated skirt and my high top Vans. If it is cold, like today, I would wear tights, or the thigh high socks I got on now. If it is warm, I go bare legged. I let my hair down and I wear dark glasses. Just in case. But on the long endless terminals to the gates, I am transformed and shamelessly attracting attention. Just like last night, I am not on the prowl, but I need the reassurance of the Kavorka, the lure of the animal.

      I stride through the long route to the airport lounge, sign in and find a large sofa chair in the middle of the in- and out-going traffic. I sit down, my skirt slides up. I cross my legs; I show a lot of thigh. I have some coffee. I start to relax. I am flipping through magazines when I hear the first vibrating buzz of my cellphone. Alex. I read his messages. There are three. Um, I must have just picked up cell service. He makes me smile. I start typing back when another message buzzes. And another. I erase what I started typing. I read his messages again.

      I know he is mine. My so very, very sexual man. And I want to keep him, and keep him wanting. There are specific occasions when he is this serious. I struggle momentarily, fighting hard to unlearn the jealousy. I can tell by his words the unprecedented level of his satiation, how he must have reveled in her seduction and her body. I wonder how hard he got and how many times by now he has entered her. My jealous, off-balanced arousal burns hot in me.

      I look at the time. About half an hour before I need to get to the gate to board. Not enough time to use the shower and cum. I probably should not cum anyway, despite the screaming ache between my legs. I want him to smell me a mile away. I want her to know she is contending with the Kavorka. I laugh at myself and realize a couple of fellow travelers have sat down across from me. They smile at me as I laugh. I think, why not? I stare at them innocently while I uncross my legs slowly, flirtatiously rocking my thighs together, and apart. The two of them are awkwardly trying to figure out if they should initiate and exchange small talk. I bend down, at my ankles, to adjust and straighten my socks. I am making my ache hurt deeper. I get up and adjust my socks at my thighs, giving the two amateurs a fleeting glimpse. Then grabbing my luggage, I leave the lounge. I need to get to Alex. I need his cock inside me.

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      “Looks good. On time. About half an hour, she’d be here.” Alex takes Rachel’s hand and guides her awkwardly toward some seats near the gate. Rachel fidgets quietly until he pulls her close to him. His arm around her waist, her hand on his torso. Their heads close. “I’ve got you,” he reassures her.

      From forty yards away, Nicole spots them. Her knee in motion, she bucks just a little. They are deep in a long kiss, lost in each other. Heat and tenderness. Her heart rate, on overdrive. Her legs, in slow motion. As if Alex is responding to the strong scent approaching, he jerks his head up to see that Nicole has arrived. He shoots up.

      His mouth is on Nicole.
      Her hands on his face, holding him where she wants him.
      His fingers winding and tugging her hair.
      Their body halves click together.
      His tongue tastes her mouth and he is quenched.
      Nicole’s nails clawing his cheeks, feeling the slight roughness.
      His hands swimming but tangled in the liquid silk.

      Alex’s hand firming propels Nicole by the small of her back. His other hand reaches to pull Rachel up.

      “Nicole, this is Rachel. Rachel, Nicole.”

      The two women eye each other. The air snapping with animosity. Alex can feel the pull of tension in his arms as he tries to pull them closer to him, to each other.

      “Hi Rachel, it’s good to meet to you,” Nicole stiffens to speak calmly, despite all the images flying, blinking in and out of her head. Her eyes examine the smooth softness of youth.

      “Yeah, it’s good to meet you too, Nicole. Alex has told me so much about you.” Rachel winces at how contrite she sounds. She wants to cower under the older, more knowing woman’s gaze.

      Nicole turns into and closer to Alex, whispering but her hiss loud enough to hear, “why did you bring her?”

      “Because I have bigger plans for you than fucking you six ways from Sunday in the airport lounge. I bet you took your panties off for me, didn’t you?”

      Before either woman can voice any further thought, Alex wraps his arms around both of them and led their walk out to hail a taxi. He ushers Rachael in first, then Nicole, before going in himself.

      Alex whispers into Nicole’s ear, “I love you, Sweetheart” while his hand peels her coat apart and her skirt up to reveal her thighs. He leans back, his brain absorbing and enjoying her vision. His intoxication accelerates. He is rolling as he shifts his stares back and forth from Nicole to Rachel. Alex pulls Nicole back onto his chest; his arms wrapped around her. Nicole rubs the back of her head against his chest; her weight sinks into him. His hand moves lower, to lift Nicole’s skirt even higher. Rachel’s eyes widen and sweep up Nicole’s thighs; she gasps at the shudder than rushes from her brain to lower regions. Nicole watches Rachel looking at her. She feels hot, the heat melts her. Alex’s fingers barely grazes her skin; her skirt moves up some more. Nicole becomes a pot of warm honey as Rachel fixates on the shiny, shimmering sweetness between her legs. She really did remove her panties for Alex. Nicole feels Rachel’s stare practically lapping at her pussy. The two gape and finally look into each others eyes. The back of the cab is so quiet yet filled with the hammering of heart beats and heaving of labored breathes.

      Alex reaches for Rachel by her chin, as if otherwise he’d drown.

      With his other arm tight around Nicole, he nestles her against his body and strokes her everywhere with his hand. Nicole basks in the familiar lust of Alex’s body but totally focused on Rachel’s mouth as she is drawn nearer, the crescent shape of it, the slight dent in the pout of her lower lip.

      Alex’s head crooks over Nicole’s shoulder to brush his lips across Rachel’s, his fingers caressing her face, his mouth moves closer to lock her lips.

      Nicole’s skin burns hot to his touch. Through the thin material of her clothes, he can feel smooth muscles of her abs, the hard bones of her hips, and the weight of her breasts. Feeling Nicole makes the edges and the core of his soul dissolve and it is as if he is part of her.

      Just by the way Alex grips her; he makes Rachel’s mouth open, her eyes glow, and her breathing fast. Faster and faster until everything is spinning around her and she forgets even her own name.

      Nicole bends forward and Rachel feels the warm, wet scrape of teeth across her collar bone. She can hear Nicole’s moans; they feel like her own as they grow shorter and coarser.

      Rachel’s hands fly out in jerky searches, finding Nicole’s thighs. She urges into Alex, wanting more of herself to pour into his mouth.

      Rachel’s hands send threads of pleasure rippling up and down Nicole’s legs. Fear pricks sharply at the back of Nicole’s neck. Her throat dry, her voice cracks, “We get to the hotel, I want you to watch Alex fuck me. Then I want to watch you fuck my husband.”

    • #4662
      Alix James

      And without further ado…the moment of truth – or at least the very beginning of it!

      And I must say this is quite a beginning!!!

      There is sooo much going on here and every ounce of it incredibly rich and complex and filled with anxiety and uncertainty and exhilaration and arousal.

      Bravo for delivering a scene with so many details to consider and ponder…yet filled with so many unapologetically tense and awkward moments…while not affording anyone the opportunity to get stuck on any of these moments.

      This has taken on the feeling of a fully loaded freight train speeding full throttle to its intended destination with all the excitement and danger inherent in such a journey. A controlled stop at this point would require considerable time and effort, while the alternative, uncontrolled process of halting it is potentially so catastrophic as to make perseverance and preservation seem like a perfectly legitimate rationale!

      Here is to hoping that this train stays squarely on the tracks until it reaches its final destination…that everyone aboard chokes down their own considerable fears, trusts their engineer, and even finds a way to make the absolute most of this opportunity and not try to determine its relative worth until after they reach their final destination!!!


    • #4664


      With Nicole’s luggage in tow, Alex follows Nicole and Rachel and several other guests into the hotel elevator.

      Rachel slyly whispers to Nicole, “Alex has naughty uses of elevators.”

      Nicole chuckles, “I think that’s actually my fault, I ADORE elevators. You are right, he is wicked, but in ways you have not imagined yet.” She reaches over and brushes the side of Rachel’s face with her fingers, trailing it down her neck, and lingering on her collar bone before leaning in her lips only a couple of inches away. “Maybe you have your own naughty ideas?”

      Glancing nervously around the elevator at the other guests and Alex’s profile, Rachel fidgets and bridges the gap between their lips by some fraction. “Maybe,” she says, barely loud enough.

      Nicole exhales a breath of warm air, “MAYbe?” she challenges. Her eyes narrow. Her look, dismissive.

      “YES, maybe,” Rachel rushes forth. The gap narrows to almost an insignificant fraction.

      Alex lopsides over to tell Rachel, “When Nicole says maybe it is just a polite no. I think you should be my ‘maybe means yes’ woman. Quick, we are almost on our floor, taste her. Nicole’s mine when we get to our suite. Mine first anyway.”

      Rachel flinches and turns to look up at Alex, grabbing and hanging on to his arm, “yessss,” and flips back to land her mouth smack on Nicole’s lips. Their noses bump rather hard. Nicole almost instinctively pushes Rachel away as her lips are chewed. She changes the intent of her hands and instead, holds Rachel’s face steady, calm. The lip gnawing calms to lip rubbing to an introductory kiss.

      “We’re here, ladies. Let’s take this inside.”

      They enter the suite quietly. Nicole looks around the beautifully appointed space, giving Alex an approving smile.

      “How many bedrooms?” she asks.

      “Two.” Rachel answers.

      Nicole slowly looks around some more, pretending to see the beautiful space but suddenly hit between the eyes with feeling as if she is a house guest.

      “Both.” Alex answers.

      In a split second, Nicole is on him, as if to make sure her claim. Alex wraps her around the circle of his arm and softly massages the nape of her neck with his other hand, forcing her to stare up at his face. His eyes sparkle into hers before kissing her whimpers.

      “So good, Sweetheart, it was so good,” then he comes down, tasting her low, uneven gasps.

      His voice soft, tender, knowing, “Do you want to know more, Nic?”

      Nicole tightens her claim, searching for her voice but her head signals for more.

      “Come here, Rachel, undress me.”

      To prove her stake, Rachel comes right up behind Alex and proceeds to remove his jacket and tie with rather quite a bit of skill and familiarity. Before she proceeds with his shirt, Nicole starts undoing his buttons. Rachel races to lower her hands onto Alex’s belt; as if crossing the finishing line, she rips his zipper down.

      Angling her face to clamp their lips tighter to quell the shock of being second, Nicole pushes his shirt off. Her hands feeling the warmth of the skin that is her cushion. When Alex looks down, Nicole is examining the red mark just above his sternum. Then she locks eyes with him, deliberate and dilated. He pets her hair and guides her mouth up. She licks the mark so, so gently. With Rachel’s assistance, he steps out of his shoes, pants, and underwear and reaches for her. Twisting her hair around his hand, he pulls her to standing.

      Off balance and unsure, Rachel asks, “Do you want me to stay?”

      Alex’s eyes catches hers, his voice so low, “You can’t figure that out Rach? You can’t?”

      He pulls her closer by her hair and kisses her.

      It is not a kiss of seduction, or lust, or fucking, or heat like the ones they shared the last few days. No, this kiss tastes of need for her, and as he pulled her tighter, Rachel pulled right back at him. And Nicole tuned into that need, sucking and biting at the mark as if to obliterate it with her own but Rachel’s taste and scent permeated into his skin and she could not help but lust for the new flavor and smell of his flesh.

      Nicole rises up, craving more, nudging her lips against their tightly glued lips, trying to move in on the seal. Then just like that, the seal releases, and Alex is kissing Nicole too. He just moved so ever slightly and put part of his mouth on her lips, hard and fast, practically inhaling her as he pushes all three of them toward a burning core.

      Alex asks himself, has a man ever been kissed with such simultaneous focus? Nicole lusting for him like it is their fifth date. And Rachel, Rachel, he is dizzy from her want of him.

      The bursts of Alex’s need linger in her mouth. Rachel feels the slow shudder that seems to release something she’s been holding back when Nicole’s mouth joins theirs. She wonders to herself how she is the “other woman,” and yet the heat Alex exchanges with his wife is so completely undeniable.

      Nicole thinks, how is it that her husband’s unremitting desire for this hot young thing is so strong he is emitting a new scent, and yet Nicole is pursuing him as if she is the new lover, wanting to know what it would be like to be with him.

      The three of them, deep in their kiss, sense the world dropping away from them, when Nicole and Rachel simultaneously push their tongues into Alex’s mouth. They explore this richer mix of velvety buds on each other. Alex peels back once he feels the women’s tongues lapping, like discovering a new flavor of ice cream they’re falling in love with and competing with each other on who gets to eat more of it.

      Alex moves behind Nicole and quickly renders her topless. His hands cupping her breasts while his fingers squeeze and pull her little hard nipples. His mouth moves instinctively to the nape of her neck but he stops himself. Instead, he moves his mouth just behind and below Nicole’s earlobe, the spot that made Rachel soft, so soft and quivering. He tells her while nipping the spot with his canines, “Rachel goes nuts when I do this to her.” His hands move up her ass under the skirt, lightly trailing on the surface of her ass cheeks. Nicole is kissing Rachel harder; she wants to discover if this is what Alex feels when he is kissing Rachel, this hot illicit arousal. Before she can be sure, Alex is pulling her away by her hips.

      “Get down on your knees, Rach, or better yet, sit on your feet. Give Nic something to hold on to.”

      “Yeah, Rachel, have a seat. Watch the show,” Nicole says in a sexy invitation.

      Alex lifts Nicole’s ass up high by her hips and she folds down, her hands landing on Rachel’s shoulders, her mouth on her mouth. Then Alex is in her, in her deep, with his hand and fingers teasing her lightly. Except for the soft movements of his fingers, he doesn’t move at all, just holding Nicole tight against him. She is forced to come up for air; her hands gripping Rachel. Her need clenching around Alex.

      Alex leans way down, taking advantage of Rachel’s available mouth, to kiss her long and hard as Nicole starts to thrust herself against him.

      “That’s it, Nic. Rachel did all the fucking a few times. Fuck me, Sweetheart, fuck me like Rachel fucked me.”

      Nicole wails. Her eyes wince; the corners of her mouth curl with pain. Her hips move with power. Alex’s breaths grow shallow and rapid. No. No, no, no. This is not going to be how it is. She slows down and reduces the force of her thrusts. Alex involuntarily juts himself forward to get more of her. Nicole shudders as she feels herself on the edge, but grits her teeth and sways and rotates her hips in a belly dance figure-eight. One direction. The other direction. She can feel Alex shaking, his control faltering. She gives Rachel an evil grin then utters a series of whimper, gasp, gasp, whimper, gasp, whimper, whimper. Alex groans louder. He succumbs and moves forcefully toward his primal urges. His thrusts so hard, his balls slap the crack of her ass.

      Rachel watches the two of them. Wild, raw lust.

      Nicole yanks Rachel up onto uneven feet, wrapping her arms around her for stability. The impact of Alex fucking Nicole now has two bodies with which to absorb the force.

      Her voice hoarse and small, “Kiss me some more, Alex,” Rachel pleads.

      Nicole’s teeth sink into the flesh on Rachel’s neck, below her ear, biting her hard so she can hang on but stumbles over edge, free-falling, accelerating, crashing. As Alex cranes his neck to find Rachel’s mouth, his lips seal hers, he loses himself into Nicole.

      Have you ever had an orgasm that finishes without release of all the tension and built up desire of great foreplay. Climaxing, starting, needing to cross the finish line again.

      The twist of the pretzel eases. Nicole stumbles forward, and then takes a few steps away, watching her husband and his new lover, both lost to the drum of their own hot blood and the tingle of their lips. Hypnotically, she watches Alex lean in to drink from Rachel’s moist, full mouth; her hungry, red lips eating his swollen lips in return. Nicole’s fervor is mixed with the crouching of her soul, the hissing of her brain. She is more conscious of Alex than she has ever been of him, of the throbbing of his jugular, the impatience of his fingers now searching between Rachel’s legs, the slight life of new stubble across his jaw. Nicole tears off her own skirt, leaps forward to add her own stoked hands to remove the obstacles covering Rachel’s body.

      The three of them come to a sudden stop at the precipice, pause from the furious climb. Alex, whiplashed by the erotic high. Nicole, smashed to a wet mess. Rachel, seared with heat. It is only Rachel who manages to make a sound, a loud pant, a stiff plead that set Alex to take their hands, lead them to the master bedroom, and onto the bed.

      “Now, Rachel, show Nic how maybe you have your own naughty ideas.”

      “Maybe. But… but right now I can’t think, Alex, I just need ….you to…finish me off,” she pants.

      Alex pulls Nicole further up on the bed, straddling her, he spreads her legs wide. Sweeping his arm around Rachel, he pushes her head down between Nicole’s legs.

      “I’m not going to fuck you, Rachel, until you eat her ’til she cums.”

      It is hard to figure who was shaking more, as Rachel finds her face and mouth and lips and tongue in the mystery of Nicole’s cunt. Nicole cries out at the clumsiness plowing into her and lighting up every nerve of lust. Her brain is fogged by dizzy whirling sensations; a continual pulsing cinched her entire body.

      Alex comes around behind Rachel, pressing against her, his thighs hot. His hands squeeze her slightly soft hips before one hand slides down her stomach, straight down below the blonde curls to where she was hot, and sticky, and aching. He traps her legs tightly between his and tilts her ass up higher. Rachel shivers uncontrollably, trying to spread her legs; her voracious pussy begging to be fed. He looks at Nicole as she is near sobbing, unable to think, unable to breathe, wanting the sensations to stop. Wanting them not to stop. Catching Nicole’s eyes, he thrusts himself into Rachel.

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      “Triple, venti, non-fat latte, extra hot,” I tell the barista, giving her my phone to pay for my treat.

      Surprisingly today, the wait is minimal. Tasting my drink after I stir in a packet of sugar, my phone rings. I smile, it’s Alex. Wait, am I still pissed at him?

      “Hey lover boy, how is spring break?” I ask sarcastically.

      “Nicole, it’s Rachel,” I don’t think I recognize her, this new voice, “Alex and I were hiking a mountain trail. He fell, Nicole. We are waiting for help.”

      “How bad, Rachel? How bad?? Is he conscious?”

      “Yeah, I think so. What do I do? Tell me.”

      “Did you call 911? How far did he fall?”

      “Yes, they are coming. I am not sure how far, maybe five or six feet? What can I do for him? Please tell me what to do, Nic.”

      “Put me on Facetime, let me see him. DO NOT touch him.”

      It was not until much later that I recall several people screaming in the Starbucks and crowding me to help with the scalding coffee that splashed down my bare leg.

      “ALEX ALEX, can you hear me?” I watch his eyelids flutter and half open.

      “ALEX, LOOK at me, it’s Nic. Don’t move. Rachel, put the phone right up to his face!”

      “ALEX, can you hear me?” I could not really hear him but see him mouth a yes.

      “ALEX, open your eyes wide for me.” He struggles and opens them little more. I squint and examine his pupils the best that I can but I can’t tell anything. He attempts a smile and a “hi.” I can barely hear him, but I hear it.

      “Rachel, is he breathing okay, from what you can tell? Put your ear close, but not against him, do you hear anything unusual, wheezing?”

      “I think his breathing is okay, nothing weird. I think, I’m not sure.”

      “Okay, good job. Stay with me, Rachel. Put one finger into his hand gently; see if he can squeeze it.”

      “YES, YES, he squeezed!!”

      Shit, I lost the call. I try again.

      “Rachel, the signal is not great. Let’s work fast, let me see his legs.”

      “Okay. ALEX, Rachel is going to put her hands on your feet, just press against them a little, just a little.”

      “He moved one, Nic, not sure about the other one.”

      “ALEX FOCUS ALEX. Rachel has her hands on both your feet, move your right one for me a little, just a little.”


      “Yes, that was the one that moved before.”

      “ALEX, move your left foot, just a little. For me, Alex, move a little.”

      “I think he moved it, weaker.”

      “Put the cam up; let me talk to him, Rachel.”

      “Hi Sweetheart, look at me, look at me, I need you stay focused, keep your eyes open. Talk to me.” I see him swallow and his lips move.


      “Hey…. I need you to stay awake and focused. Keep talking to me and Rachel.”

      “I’m sorry, Alex, my first spring break and I get you into trouble.”

      That gets a little smile out of him.

      “Rachel, keep him awake. If I lose you again, I need you to make sure they take care of him. I want a CT scan and I need you to do whatever you need to do, Rachel, to get him evaluated right away in the emergency room.”

      “I know my way around emergency rooms, Nicole. I know how to push for things.”

      “ALEX, you are probably going to stay overnight for observation. I don’t want to hear it; you ARE going to stay.”

      “Thank god. They’re here, Nicole. I will call you back after we get to the hospital, ok? Please don’t cry. “

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      Nicole emerges from the shower, wrapping the robe tightly around her. The bedroom is still dark. She stops short, watching Rachel turn Alex over on the king size bed, with the expertise of a seasoned nurse. She straightens the sheets, one side at a time. The covers are then pulled over him like a mother would over her child. Things are increasingly not adding up for Nicole as she watches Rachel take one of the extra pillows on the couch. She is hugging it tight as Nicole sits down next to her.

      “I didn’t get to thank you, Rachel, for everything with Alex. It was so crazy yesterday, getting him discharged, huh?”

      “Yeah, it’s always like that, they tell you you’re being discharged tomorrow, and it will take all day before you can actually leave.”

      “You did great. Extraordinary, actually. I’m so grateful. If you weren’t there making sure, you never know if they would take care of him as soon as possible.” She gives Rachel a big squeeze.

      Rachel shrugs a little. “Yeah, I have to be in their faces; otherwise, you’d be lost in the system.”

      “You really DO know your way around the system,” Nicole pauses, “and around patients too, it seems.”

      Rachel shrugs again. “My sister had CP. Before college, I took care of her on weekends. Then on breaks and in the summer.” She pauses, “My parents, mainly my mother, took care of her the rest of the time, with some outside help here and there.”

      Nicole cannot see Rachel’s face, with her head practically buried in the pillow. But she recognizes that tone. The kind of tone, practiced over time, to convey information without losing control to the depth of pain and gruel of sleep deprivation. The avoidance of the terrifying discomfort of people’s ignorance. The clipped articulation of facts.

      “Motor and neurological deficits?”

      Rachel nods, “Yeah, both upper and lower body but upper more functional, wheelchair bound since nine. Seizures, three to four times a year, despite medication. Learning disability.”

      “Her name?” she is scared to ask with a verb.


      “Older or younger?”

      “Younger….. by forty-seven minutes.”

      Nicole reacts as if she’d stepped on raw nail, recoiling, “dear God!”

      Pulling the pillow away slowly, she hugs Rachel tightly; her hands move firmly up and down her back. Nicole’s throat chokes yet she has no words to utter.

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      I curl up almost fetal like against Nicole. Her arms safe and tight around me. Her lips on my hair. My eyes leaking. My voice flooding.

      I hated her. I thought I was the only one. I was so relieved, Nicole, when I discovered how much Em hated me.

      When I got to high school, my parents hired someone regular. I went out on my first date. My parents said we are all going to do this together, so they went out too. Can you believe it? We were scared shitless to go out. Well, when my parents got home, that incompetent bitch was asleep and Em pee’d all over her bed. Pee was nothing compared to a seizure. From then on, I only went out if my parents didn’t need a break.

      My weekends were harder than anything I ever had to do during week. Okay, except for cramming for history. On days when my friends are sleeping in until noon, I am up, bleary eyed anyway, to take care of Emily, after my mother had been up every few hours to turn her. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without making arrangements for someone to take care of her. And the arrangements basically made going out not worth taking. I can tell you this, Nic, I don’t want kids, ever. I don’t think I can deal with the burden. Totally selfish but I don’t think I’d ever have anything to give to a baby.

      I went to my prom without a date, but that was okay. I had a few outcast type friends. My parents gave me a whole day spa treatment with a massage before the prom. The woman worked on my arms and shoulders, working the muscles that work hard to lift Emily, but which I never even really noticed. I never knew that even my hands and fingers hurt until she massaged them. I remember she pressed both her hands over mine after she kneaded my palms, holding them still for a few seconds before massaging between each of my fingers. I was almost eighteen, and nobody, and certainly not a guy, ever held my hand or touched me. And then I just cried and cried until she finished.

      Em, Emily hated me too. I found her stuff. Stuff she must have meticulously wrote, with agonizing slowness. She wrote about how much she loved me. How much she hated me. Her anger, like mine. Her frustration, different from mine. More honesty than I ever want to face.

      But still, Em and I, we were The Team. She had all these learning issues, but when I lost it and couldn’t see the words on the page in front of me, Em was the one to focus me. She got me through AP Euro. She got me through high school and college apps. We made a deal. I was going to go to college first. Finish. Then she’d go. And wherever she went, I’d get a job at that college. Maybe in the admission office, whatever. But work there and take care of her, so she’d get her degree. Then we’d both get real jobs, get an apartment together.

      In all the times when I imagined CP was not real, that there will be a cure, fantasized that I was an only child, I never pictured a future without Emily. I never imagined this. That Em wasn’t a part of this life, this reality.

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      Nicole sobs softly while gently rubbing Rachel’s arm. A lot of time passes before Nicole finds her voice. Her words fall on deaf ears. Nicole shakes Rachel’s shoulder slowly and is startled by the wide, dead stare looking out into nowhere. Nicole’s fingers automatically move to Rachel’s pulse, which she finds strong, steady, but somewhat accelerated. The alarms are sounding off in her head while she extricates herself from the body lock with Rachel. After another minute of unresponsiveness to her questions, Nicole runs into the bedroom for Alex.

      “Sweetheart, wake up, wake up. Something’s wrong with Rachel.”

      Alex jerks up to sitting, cursing under his breath at the pain shooting up his shoulder and the throbbing in his sprained ankle. Rubbing his eyes, he asks what happened.

      “She was telling me about Emily. And I started crying. Then I started talking to her again but she …… she appears to be catatonic.”

      Alex’s blood runs cold. He grabs onto Nicole’s arm to balance himself.

      “Do you know about this, Alex? What can we do? What can I do?” She reaches for his crutches, which he grabs, almost tripping and falling over while hobble-racing out to the living area, to the couch where Rachel is still sitting, motionless, and zombie-like.

      “I’m not sure, Nic. She told me one night when we were in Chicago, about Emily.” He turns to look at Nicole. His solemn face gripped with fear.

      “Then I went to take a shower and when I came back out, I found her out on the terrace. It looked like she was going to jump. I tackled her. I screamed at her. She denied it. She scared the shit out of me. I was yelling at her, she was screaming. I think we were fighting. Then I had her over my lap and I spanked the crap out of her. I finally stopped when my hand couldn’t move any more. She flipped over with this blindingly gorgeous smile on her face. She came out of whatever that was and was on me like white on rice.”

      Alex’s good arm reaches out to slap Rachel hard across her arm. She blinks ever so slightly in his direction.

      “I think it’s like that patient of yours, Nic, the one who was so brutally abused. Not that Rachel was abused but her response was like what you described with that patient.”

      “That’s crazy, Alex.” Nicole gently shakes Rachel again, without response.

      “My arm is useless, Nic. You have to help me …. spank her, or you can use that big hairbrush of yours if you have it.”

      Nicole shakes her head, “I’ve got nothing but my wallet onto the plane.”

      With his good arm, Alex pushes Rachel facedown onto the couch before he yanks her pants and panties down. He pulls her by the hair to face up to look at him.

      “Baby, Nic is going to spank you for me because I hurt my arm. Do you want that, Baby?”

      Rachel shows the smallest nod.

      “Baby wants to feel the bite?”

      Nicole stares at the blonde head that bobs a little firmer this time.

      “Baby wants twenty? Set of two?”

      The blonde tresses dip lower.

      Alex’s eyes pierce through Nicole’s stare and Nicole finds her arm and hand bearing down hard on Rachel’s ass cheek.

      “I want Baby to count,” Alex tells her quietly.

      “One…” Rachel is barely audible.

      Alex continues to stare hard at Nicole; her face becomes a mask of concentration, working through her task, following the silent commands from Alex’s expression to escalate the blows. Rachel keeps count with each strike; her voice finally audible at nineteen. Tears start to run down her cheeks by the time Nicole near finishes at the second twenty.

      Alex reaches for Nicole’s hand, pulling her close, while he asks Rachel, “Where are we now, Baby?”

      “Green, Daddy………… green.”

      “Very good, Baby.” Alex turns Rachel over and pulls her up, touching his forehead to hers, whispering to her. She nods and cries and crawls over to Nicole, who holds her in her arms for many long, tender minutes as she sobs, her agonized screams muffled against Nicole’s breasts. Nicole is silent as Rachel clutches her. Nicole’s chin rubs and nuzzles the top of Rachel’s head, and that is when Nicole looks up to see her husband’s tears through the haze of her own.

      With trembling fingers, Alex reaches out with his good arm to stroke Nicole’s cheek while his other hand gently soothes Rachel’s ass. Rachel moans, furiously bucking her hips, pushing her face harder and her lips practically latching onto Nicole’s nipple. Nicole inhales deeply, the heady, musky scent of Rachel’s arousal. Alex’s palm is cool against her hot skin. His fingers spreading and massaging down her crack before he pushing a finger into her ass, hard and rough. Rachel’s whimpers changes tone, giving way to a high pitched whine that strikes a deep cord of desire within Nicole who pushes her hand down to find Rachel’s swollen clit, tweaking it hard. Rachel squirms frantically.

      “Keep very very still, Baby,” Alex whispers, “and I’ll let you have a reward from Nic.”

      Rachel freezes on the spot.

      “Give our Baby something nice, Nic.”

      He presses his finger even deeper into her ass and then asks, “Do you want it, Baby?”

      She lets out a low keening whine.

      Nicole draws Rachel’s mouth up to hers, soft and prying. One hand gripping her blonde curls, steadying her, before fingertips press firmly to rub her scalp. A few seconds pass when the glare of blinding lightening spread and spread, back and forth between the two. Nicole groans; she groans loud, erotic, and feral. Rachel inhales frantically in response to how Nicole’s groans vibrate against her lips and echo into her mouth. Tongues licking, they drink in each others cries.

      “Give it to me, Baby,” Nicole says while she pinches Rachel’s clit again, just before plunging two fingers into her cunt. Mouth eating mouth. Rachel bucks her hips, fucking Nicole’s fingers. Nicole can feel Rachel’s pussy walls blooming, pounding, pounding with blood, hot and thick. Nicole fights to control herself, working hard to temper down her mouth, kissing Rachel slow and sweet, before giving in to gruff possession. She feels Rachel’s ignominious fucking, her cunt fisting her fingers. Then Rachel’s orgasm screams out of her mouth and sprays out of her pussy.

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      Nicole is fast asleep. My fingers pet the cool, damp silk of her hair while I stare out the window into the surrounding clouds. Her hair, smooth liquid shimmering between my fingers, soothes my soul and caresses my heart.

      I smile thinking about the two of them giving each other an affectionate hug. I feel so, proud, seeing the two of them bond. Rachel chuckled, with Nicole teasing her that they can’t “really” kiss in public, not with tongues and saliva swaps. I had pushed Nic aside jokingly, to pull Rachel against me, kissing her enough for both me and Nic before Rachel boarded her flight. I did not have to look to know there was an evil grin twitching on Nic’s lips; the heat of her stare gave me hot flashes. I knew she would be searing hot and soaking wet when we sneaked into the lounge shower. Her eyelids were heavy with rapture when I pushed her up against the wall and nuzzled into her throat. Her jugular pounded against my lips; the pulsing of her blood resonated up to my ears.

      I look down at the bite mark on my palm from muffling Nic’s screams. Her cunt, taut from mourning, could not have been tighter than if I rammed into her a virgin. This is all settling down to more than I ever fantasized, in state of my lunacy. My new taste and thirst for this head game with Nic, this kink of her heat fueled by jealousy and off-balance, grip my ravenous cock and light my brain on fire. And Rachel, god, Rachel. Everything is new, everything is special, and everything is a first. It is so powerful, emotionally fulfilling to taste new orgasms, navigate the new relationship, bring about new responses, and lead her seduction.

      I was merely a slave to the thrill of two. It was not my intention to shake her, to have Nicole reach out and compete for me in the context of another woman. It is not just the juvenile in me flirting with other women. Rachel became different for me. And Nic knows. She probably knew before I realized it. My attention has been completely focused on Rach and I admit the intensity has dimmed the other aspects of my world. I love how this has also intensified the sex with Nic; I love the raw new taste of Nic’s cravings. She and I are no longer settled to a contented simmer. When we fuck, I can feel her panting to burn herself back into my soul. I am totally intoxicated by the knowledge of my worth this woman’s keeping. This woman, this siren, my cunt, my wife.

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      Staring into the glow of the candle lights, I realized how early it gets dark now. I doubt it is even five yet. Closing my eyes, I inhale the lavender scent steaming from the hot bath water. I stretch a little, letting the heat and water jets soften my aching limbs. I don’t think I’m even going to have dinner tonight. I could just curl up in bed and have the TV on for company. I go over our fight in my head. I want the anger back. I grit my teeth at my failure to do so.

      The text message sounds off on my phone. When did I start holding my breath? I am gasping to fill my lungs. Thinking hard, focusing, and moving deliberately, not to get dizzy, black out, and fall. Caution. Caution. I step out of our huge tub, carefully gripping, before wrapping the big towel around me. I pump some lotion into my hand, smoothing it over my neck. I look into my eyes. Make him wait. Yeah, but his waiting is nothing like me hurting. I can’t breathe waiting for him. Tossing the lotion aside, I run.

      It is not him.

      Hey Nic watsup

      Hi not much. How are you?

      Im good is Alex ok

      Yes why

      Dunno. Havent heard from him … like a week

      He’s away, busy


      He told you, didnt he?

      Yeah but we txt…. then like nuthin…. like 1 word

      He’s okay Rach. He’s busy with work.

      Hes ignorin me
      Is it over

      No of course not.
      Welcome to Alex’s career

      He like this with u?

      It’s not you.
      He is consumed.

      I sigh and pause.
      We had a fight so I guess he’s not talking much

      Oh…..what u fight abt

      Nothing. I needed him and he kinda made me feel whiney and wifey

      Im sorry u wanna talk

      Not really.
      Maybe I was needy. I dont know what happened.
      Then we were fighting.

      I wanted to tell him I got my period.



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      Dragging my suitcase through the door, I was about to yell out for Nic. The darkness reminded me that she has surgery in the morning. I find her fast asleep. After I smooth the covers over her and caress her hair, I move into the bathroom quietly. I yawn, thinking I might as well call it day too. Digging around one of the drawers, I find a new tube of toothpaste. A goofy smirk spreads at the image in the mirror. Maybe Nic won’t mind if I wake her up to let her know I am home.

      I quickly shower. Toweling off, I toss the toothpaste box into the little trash can. My hand stops mid-air. Slowly, I pull the towel around me, staring on the little plastic applicators. My heart constricts tight. I gawp like a fish. She’d been alone the last few weeks while I’d been working non-stop. No wonder her texts had been short, not just in response to my own curtness. Almost a year of trying. This grief of no event, no end. I climb naked onto the bed, wrapping myself around her, the barrier of her underwear between us. The barrier of three weeks apart. No, not apart. Silent. Silent because I wanted to be frozen in time, be expectant, still, hopeful.

      The heat is surging, rising, and pounding up to my head. I shiver against Nicole’s cool, creamy skin. I loosen my grip, pretending that is the distancing necessary not to hurt her. The amygdala, the amygdala crawls and slithers in me. Sneaking in. My fingers curl. I yank her panties down; she jerks slightly, stretches lyrically. Then my mouth cups her, my tongue darts in and out of her, my lips sucking and biting her clit. A shriek bursts from her lips and Nicole jerks up. Her legs kick my head so hard, half of me nearly fall over the edge of the bed. The top of my head is burning fast and furious, unscrewing, prepared to launch the explosion. The white hot heat takes over my vision. All I see is blinding, white, glare. I’m between her legs; my hands push down hard and spread the long smooth muscles of her thighs wide. Slumber laced cries ring from a distance in my ears. Narrow rubber traction, but I plow further. Legs thrashing at the sides of my legs. I hear my name.


      My breath, burning, struggling, hardly making it back into my lungs.


      Her voice, my name, together a colossal wave about to break over me.


      I hunch my shoulders and duck my head. My insides swirling and tumbling as I go over and the room tip and veer away and I lurch brutally forward and into her.


      Her whole body clenches me.


      Everything, everything, everything. All of me, rushing in for her.

      I want to be enough.

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      “Terry, my glasses please.” Nicole wrinkles her nose as if to move her glasses back up to her eyes.

      She breathes in sharply to maintain control. Her voice stern, “Dr. Sommers, since your thumbs are on your cellphone, see if you can get Plastic to do a subcuticular.”

      He straightens up some, making the call, “Dr. Reegan wants someone to do a subcuticular. Who? Dr. Decona?” He looks at Nicole, who nods, after giving him a hard look.

      Thirty minutes later, Nicole drags herself out of the family waiting room, and bumps into Jillian Fader, chief of anesthesiology.

      “Jillian, I am never to see Sommers in my OR again. Please talk to your boy about excessive cellphone usage in surgery.”

      Before Dr Fader even has a chance to pull down her own mask to speak, Nicole turns and disappears into the locker room.

      Leaning against the lockers for support, Nicole tries the combination to her lock twice before she is able to unlock it. She digs inside to get her clothes and cellphone. The message light blinks. Four messages.

      I’m sorry about last night. Call me after surgery.

      Darling, are you still in surgery? Are you ok?

      And two are from Rachel.

      Hey nic im gonna be in town for job interview next mon

      U and alez around? Want to get together?

      Thoughts and questions thump painfully in Nicole’s head. Rachel is looking for a job here? Does Alex know that? Of course he knows, how long has he known? He is probably encouraging her to move here. Not that he has discussed this with her; he’s been too busy planning with his… girlfriend. She is just the wife. Nicole’s white knuckled hand slowly places the cellphone back in the locker. Air fills her lungs, drawing more in, pushing down, reigning in the choking rage.

      After ten minutes under hot blasting water, Nicole sits down on the shower bench, detaching the shower head to rinse off the rest of the shampoo. The water sprays and trickles down her torso. Then urgency flashed like lighting. She anchors her feet against the wall. Her thighs spread open. Her hips rocking against the jet spray she brings closer and then further and then closer. It shoots up her pussy, unfolds and peels her. It blasts and tickles and sweeps and caresses. Back and forth. In and out. Around and around. It pulsates and it smacks. She holds it steady and fucks the rushing streams and jets. Her cunt drips. Her eyes tear. Teeth marks deep on her forearm to silence the pants and the sobs.

      Her hand, now slightly pruney, reaches back in. The cracked fingers and shattered tips grasp at the cellphone. A calm has set in. Now, she can punch out her voice.

      I’m out of surgery. Going to get a manicure. Dont hurry.

      Kudos on interview. Will check sched with Alex and let you know.

      “Dr. Nic, wake up, all done,” Juju gently taps Nicole’s arm.

      Nicole stretches in response to the nudging.

      “All better now, you bad to yourself Dr Nic. Hands bad.”

      Nicole smiles at Juju, “I’ve been doing better.” She examines her cuticles, trimmed, soft, respectable again.

      “You use bad soap; do bad things, hands not happy,” she scolds Nicole.

      “I will try better, Ju,” giving her a credit card from her wallet, admiring the buffed shine on her nails.

      Nicole reopens her wallet again, looking into a memory. It may be a memory but the recall is total. She pulls the card out from the inner flap.

      He leans forward, frowning and absorbed by thoughts regarding the analysis on his screen. A cellphone vibrates, then rings. And rings. His eyes dart toward the annoyance. And rings.


      He sits back slowly, eyes wide in astonishment.

      “You tell me when and where,” he says quietly, “and I will be there.”

    • #4804


      “Hey Nicole, I’m not late, am I?” Leaning down, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

      “Adam! No, I…. I almost walked around the block to kill a few minutes,” she turns around her head quickly to look up at him.

      “Anxious to see me, huh?” he slides into the seat next to her.

      Nicole lets out a soft, low chuckle. Her lips part, mouth opens slightly, and then her lower lip curls in, teeth silence speech.

      He looks and looks at her.

      She looks back.

      Adam leans in with his face, tells her softly, “We don’t even have to talk. You can just let me look at you.”

      He watches her, sees deeply in her eyes. She remembers. She remembers he remembers.

      “We can have an appetizer and entree?” with the threat of a giggle in her voice.

      “Yes. But NO dessert,” he says in solemn conclusion.

      Nicole shakes her head, “No, NO dessert, but…but definitely coffee though.”

      “Definitely coffee.”



      Adam offers his hand as she lowers from the bar stool. They walk to their table. Her hand feels cool and lean in his grasp.

      “Did you take the day off and spent it in yoga class?” he observes.

      “Oh. No, I worked. Uh, I just got out early,” she pauses before continuing, “but I changed clothes.”

      He glances down at her hands.

      “Are you still married to Mr. Career?”

      “Yes!” with a startled look. Nicole’s torso twists, squirming to find its placement. “It’s complicated.”

      “Complicated is not complicated for me,” he pauses, “No more questions, let’s order food. How do you feel about sharing a couple of appetizers?”

      “That sounds great. How about the roasted red and yellow beet salad?”

      “Umm, with Roquefort and tangerine, all of which I like. Yes.” Reading quickly, “and what about the seafood risotto?”

      “Yes, I’d love that. And I’ll have the game hen.”

      “We are all set,” Adam gives the choices to their waiter.


      The beet salad is presented; the vibrancy is dotted by shiny, creamy blue veined crumbles. The vivid colors burst sweet, tangy, and earthy in their mouths; the soft buttery texture adding a complexity that lures the palate to carve more. They savor. Silence becomes quiet.

      They smile at each other as the second plate is placed, the cover lifts to release a rushing waft of musky, heady. buttery lava into the air. As forkfuls are placed onto salivating tongues, the grains send a warm creamy feeling into their mouths. They relish. Quiet ebbs into calm.

      “Two appetizers and we did not talk,” Adam smirks at Nicole.

      “And I am even starting on my entree!” Nicole glances up from cutting to see Adam fixated, watching her hands in motion.

      They finish their meals with barely any further words. And then coffee is served. He reaches over and takes one of Nicole’s hands into his. His fingers move up her fingers, her palm, her wrist. She feels her pulse in her throat and under his soft grip.

      “Nicole, how about I sit on your side, with you, for a little while?”

      “Yes,” she holds his gaze and smiles conspiratorially. Adam puts his arm around Nicole as he scoots in next to her. His breath. She can hear it in punctuated bursts. His fire. She can smell the cinders hinting from his skin. She fidgets up close to him, shifting herself until her back rests into and cushioned by his chest, and her arms come around his around her. His arms swathe her. She is cradled.

      Calm sinks into ease.

    • #4808


      Adam’s arms wraps tight around Nicole. His hands press and cup her breasts. Her hard nipples tighten with tension in his palms. His body wraps the slow melt of hers, two bodies of heat easing into each other.

      “I can be very simple for you. Are you up for some fun, Nicole? Will you let me push you, safely?”

      “Yes,” she answers, turns slightly to rub the side of her face on him.

      “Tell me your deepest, darkest fantasy, one you haven’t told anyone before.”

      She chuckles, “oh yeah,sure, let’s start with the easy stuff. I would have had a different answer several months back…Ummm. Okay, I think I would like to experience some kind of polyamorous situation, another woman, another man, something like that. And you? What is on top of your sexual bucket list?”

      “Well, I am both a voyeur and a little exhibitionist, as in at a hotel, curtains open, room is dark except for a light off in the distance….leaning up against the window for all the world to see, but only silhouettes, no faces. Would love to do a lot in front of that window. And then catch someone watching. Similarly, in a closet watching. She knows, he doesn’t.”

      “Hot. How would you push me? I have to be careful with my fun.”

      “Yeah, I got that. You’re very private.”

      She almost stops breathing, so she can go still, slowly. He pulls her closer.

      “Let me see if I can think on my feet like this, with you all captivated in my arms. Okay, I want five days.”

      “Five days? Five days of what?”

      “Day one, you will pick out bra and panties you will wear for ME. I want a photo of them, just the lingerie.”

      “Um. Okay.”

      “Day two, again selecting and wearing lingerie for me, you will go to the bathroom during the workday and rub your pussy over the panties until you’re wet. And you’re not allowed to cum.”

      “I can manage that.”

      “Day three, you will lose the panties, go home commando. Again, no cumming.”


      “Day four, before you go to work, I want you to touch yourself, push a finger in, get it wet and taste yourself for me. You cannot cum.”

      “I can’t not cum for that many days like that!”

      “Yes, you can. Day five, after you get home, take a long relaxing shower and tease yourself. Pinch your nipples between your fingers, getting them nice and hard, eager…begging to be sucked. While pinching them, reach between your legs and caress your pussy. stroking your lips and clit getting ready for what is about to come. Then get out of the shower. I want you to lie in bed and run your fingers all over your body, starting at your neck and working your way over your nipples, across your belly, over your thighs, inside your thighs and to your pussy. Rub your lips, feel your wetness and spread it over your clit. Use one hand to expose your clit and the other to rub it. Don’t cum. Dip your finger into your pussy, then rub your cum on your erect nipples. Taste yourself. Suck on your finger as if it was my cock.When you are touching your clit, rubbing it and pinching your nipples, I want you to take pictures of yourself. Of your pussy, your clit, your nipples. As you rub yourself to orgasm, of your face. Pictures of your cum covered fingers. As you cum, you must take a picture of your face. After you have calmed down, I want you to look at each picture. To see the beauty that is you. To see what a lover would see. Then when you have a chance, email me a report.”

      “A report?? What? Like a blow by blow?” she stammers.

      “Yes, you can do it. I bet you understand documentation.”

      Adam moves a hand up, caressing Nicole’s throat, fingers thudding at her pulse. Is that what a pounding heart feels like?

    • #4816


      Subject: Documentation

      All week long, I have been dripping wet. I get up and I dress for you. I await your elegant, seductive words; we banter. I welcome your instructions, your challenges. I want to figure out how to please you. All week long, I’ve been on a high. That rush of new desire, full of mystery, navigating the unexpected, learning the unknown.

      Today, my body is swollen with desire and full of heat. I waited until the dusk to dive into the cold blue waters to start my release. I calmed the heat, and now shivering I let the hot steaming shower permeate me. I touched everywhere. I caress myself following your instructions. The fire rages on.

      I nearly forget but I managed to record my final release. I closed my eyes and I caressed my breasts. You have seen my breasts; it is what I emailed you earlier in the week. You like them; you like my nipples. I closed my eyes and I touched my breasts for you. I closed my eyes and looked at the three words you wrote by hand. I see the words and I read them over and over again as my hands descend and as my legs start to part. My fingers spread and dip and glisten. My body gushes and tightens and shudders and quakes.

      After some time, I click through the pictures. It showed the sexuality, the intensity and the pleasure. It doesn’t capture all the layers but maybe that will be revealed in some other way.

      Thank you for all the moments this week.

      Subject: RE: Documentation

      Has anyone ever told you how beautifully you write? I read this and I am amazed. Beautiful. Elegant. Sexy. Complex emotions and mind. As I told you earlier this week, there is one thing above all else that pleases me. That is pleasing a woman, a lover. This week, you allowed me that privilege, to please you, to discover you just a very small bit. And your email pleases me more that you may ever know. I hope you enjoyed yourself and the video. I hope you have seen the beauty that is you.

      Subject: RE: RE: Documentation

      Thank you.

      And thank you for the fun and games. For the past week, your welcomed distractions allowed me to quiet down just a little bit, all the inner turmoil. Yes, I admit it. I might as well. I know you already guessed.

    • #4817


      “Dr. Reegan, this was just hand delivered for you.”

      Nicole examines the envelope, relaxing as she recognizes Alex’s handwriting.

      Good morning Sweetheart,

      I have a proposal. What do you think about instead of “conceiving,” we just
      – fuck
      -do the nasty
      -make love
      -have relations
      -get laid
      -get busy
      -sleep together

      Okay, that’s my first dozen. What you think?

      If interested, please text me which one of the dozen you want to do first. I will get us a room at LoveShackExpressMotel for 2-3 hours. You can get there by 1pm? Somewhere in the lobby, I will have hidden an 8×11 envelope with the room number inside, and a present. Your job is to find it, then find me.

    • #4818


      I pull and step through the huge, heavy double doors guarding the entrance to the inner sanctum of the “LoveShackExpressMotel.” I stumble upon someone’s treasure trove of lovingly preserved personal artwork and collection of treasure boxes. The lobby is steeped in multiple layering of Murano glass waterfall pendent lighting and surrounded by bountiful floral display that decorates the space like a wild garden. It takes my breath away. Indeed Alex has chosen to eliminate any risk whatsoever, the need for a second chance to make a first impression. Like a first date, only one chance.

      I take some steps toward the stunning quartersawn fiddleback anigre desk that sits several laptops for checking in, and admire the diamond pattern on the desk top designed by creative placement of the straight grain of the wood pieces. And then my eyes drift to the library area, and the context calls me there, where I am at once secluded, in a private, public gathering. I knew. It feels like home. It feels like the world. Books on shelves. I walk along them and bring my head up and down. Then I run my hand along the tops of the books on the shelves leveled at my arm’s height. Yes. There it is.

      Nicole (if you are not Nicole, please put this back):

      I am on my knees here, 5pi to 4 significant digits, waiting for your forgiveness.


      Crap. I peek into the envelope. A blur of sultry, tantalizing wisp of man magnetizing exhilaration. Pi is 3.14 what? Okay, calm the fuck down.

      3.14 * 5

      So…..1570? Or 1571. Okay.

      My heart races, even before my legs accelerate in search for the elevators.

    • #4820


      She is more and more breathless ascending the altitude to arrive at the 15th floor. Crossing the threshold of 5pi to 4 significant digits, the divide disappears as fingers rush into hair, and delicate silk rubs against the long fibers of Egyptian cotton. Mussed French twist becomes a messier war of falling pins. Tongues duel in mouths, thrust and parry, parry and thrust.

      Nicole’s hands find the skin on his collarbone, working to unbutton his shirt. Her eyes come to focus on how Alex’s throat is constricting, his Adam’s apple moving up and down as he swallows hard between his breaths, trying to find his voice, uncertain of the words he wants to come out. The shutter of her eyes snatches at the glimpses of his mouth: the mouth that holds all their years of talk and silence, of tenderness and ferocious lust. In the end, no words are achieved, only the sounds of struggle to breathe, to continue breathing her in while the heat between his shoulder blades burns.

      Alex captures her face between his palms. His thumbs tracing her cheekbones before he twists each of her silk covered buttons with his thumb and third finger, deliberate and efficient. He slides himself down to his knees to bury his face against her stomach, Nicole’s hands reach down to whip undone her belt, in order to shove down her pants. His tan skin, his fine silver and black stubble, his full mouth, are everywhere against her navel. His features lost in the scent of incredibly soft skin over sinewed abs; in the distance tunnels, the rumbling of hunger fills his ears. She tastes like a steeping London Fog, all creamy and vanilla, hinting of citrusy bergamot. He meant to be gentle, but instead he gnaws himself inside her with his face, drives himself inside her with his fingers.

      Nicole fights her vocal cords but wrestles away her shoes and pants. On the brink, graceless with desire, she bites down to keep silent. But her silence becomes harsher, wilder. Screw, she had chosen. His moans no longer low and shallow, but instead grow deeper and rougher. He meant to be humble, but instead with perfectly filthy words, he commands and the backs of her thighs slams the fronts of his. Alex stoops to wrap one arm around her waist to propel and the other arm around her chest to cup her heart. Nicole reaches back with both hands and all nails to grip his hips, urging his fast and masterful force, demanding him as he is, to burrow in her, piping hot and strong and selfish. His commands morph to pleas. And then, then with sound of his crazy breathing, the smell of his sweat, she turns to crane her neck to see his face. One glimpse of his wild eyes breaks her and claws at her soul. Her cries whiplash out, filling him, filling her. Alex is intoxicated by the fog of her, and Nicole’s heart, however hesitant, is never silent for Alex.

    • #4856


      Squinting at the sunlight flooding the tiny studio apartment, Nicole watches Rachel gasp when the last mirror is placed and unwrapped.

      Nicole nods in satisfaction, “you can place them differently but this is what Alex and I was thinking when we got them for you. They anchor and define your bedroom space very nicely.”

      ” I can’t believe you got me into this building. These mirrors are exquisite. They probably cost more than everything I own.” Rachel looks closely at the carved finial and trailing swags.

      “Well, it will be perfect having you right here. I can assure you Alex…and I…. will put these mirrors to good use. Come stand in front of this one.” Nicole gestures Rachel over to the Edwardian antique cheval mirror. Standing behind Rachel, she reaches around to play with the buttons on the plain suit jacket before pulling it away from Rachel’s shoulders.

      “Why don’t you give this mirror a try? What does it look like when you undress in front of it?”

      Rachel stares into the oval beveled dressing mirror, surrounded by ivory and sycamore inlaid. She slips her hands under her cotton shirt, under her bra. Her body shudders, and then slackens. Small cool hands that cup small cool breasts. The mirror image is hypnotic. Beep click click, beep click click click. She turns to the sound with palms covering pinkish brown baroque pearls, large for her tits, full in temptation. She tosses her head back and contemplates at the reflection to Nicole’s camera with large glassy, dark recalcitrant pools.

      Watching Rachel triggers a deep, familiar longing in her. Nicole could feel Alex’s lustful, urgent gaze. No dithering, no equivocating, he wants, he craves, he takes. Easing herself down on the bed, she looks and measures, then commands, “Take the rest off, Rachel. Do it so it makes me wet. Do it so it makes him hard.”

      Rachel gawks salaciously back at Nicole through the mirror. Her arms reach slowly behind, unbuttoning, unzipping. The skirt cascades down the lace of panties, the silk of stockings. She sees the slight lick of Nicole’s lips, the edge of tongue. Thumbs hook lace, hips wiggle, and panties shimmy down to the ground.

      Positioning herself on the bed in view of the second mirror, Nicole extends her legs, running one hand along her thighs, the other through her hair which has streaked all across the bed, all tangled in a web, yet glossy and slippery. Clothes peel off. Creamy skin gleaming in the mirror topped by carved capitals, supported with silvered socket castors.

      The blonde temptress prowls onto the bed in a flash; claws yank at dark silky tresses. She hovers over her, gliding fluidly over soft, smooth skin. Forcefully, she yanks Nicole’s head by the hair, mouth opens, head arches back, neck exposes, and then she sinks her mouth onto the throbbing pulse. As Nicole’s hair drips through her fingers, Rachel’s pants vacillate high and low.

      Her mouth moves up to gnaw at Nicole’s ear, with a pitch low in gripped control, voice adulterated in jagged stings, “He pets your hair and watches you sleep, you know.”

      “Yeah, I know. Like I know you were with him yesterday before he came home to me,” she moans thickly, and moans like she’d tastes blood, all hot and metallic and viscous. She brings Rachel’s hand back into her hair. “Go ahead, feel me, feel what he pets.”

      With the one hand petting Nicole’s hair, her other hand grabs Nicole’s hand and pushes it between her legs. Nicole’s fingers find her. And Rachel replies, hard and deliberate, “Yes, go ahead, pet me, pet what he wants.”

      Limps wrap around each other. Rolling over and over, each with similar force pressing against the other. Pinning down, pinned down. Wet on wet. Palms gripping faces. Fingers pulling hair. Nails scoring skin. Friction, concordance – deliciously intense flare. The world drains away except for the sunlight flooding the apartment, bouncing off the mirrors and igniting the fire on the bed.

      After heart rates lower, the sweat trickles down their backs and between their breasts, free flowing like condensation on beer glasses sweltering at a sports bar. It beads on Rachel’s forehead and drips down her face as Nicole pushes the damp blonde locks from her eyes. Nicole can taste how own salty sweat on Rachel’s shaky and icy cold fingers tracing her lips.

      Their faces so close that when Rachel gathered her voice, it is like a slow seductive rub of lips, “Nic…. are we….. okay?”

      “Because you cause me ……discomfort?”

      “Because it’s scary to reckon with you?”

      “Scary is exciting.”

      “I’ve never been more excited.”

      “Then kiss me, Rachel, kiss me, and do me again.”

    • #4876


      And just like that, we have a secret. Nearly every day we exchange a couple of emails. Banter. Teasing. I dare her. She accepts. She challenges me with tasks. And I welcome even more when she steps a little closer and asks a question. And every Thursday afternoon, late in the workday, I show up at the restaurant. She shows up at the restaurant. We have coffee and share an appetizer, and we pretend to catch up. I pretend I didn’t buy new shirts and ties or tried them on in front of the mirror with different suits to make sure they’d look good to her. She pretends she isn’t obsessing about whether or not to wear perfume or lipstick. We pretend we do not show up at the same place, the same time frame. Except today. I finally took care of the check and get up to leave when she rushes in. I look at her while her breathing turns to an almost inaudible sigh.

      And I stop pretending I did not know, and so I ask, “Long surgery?”

      “How…..” and she pauses, “yes.”

      “How did it go?”


      “Good. Do you want to stay and have coffee?”

      Nicole runs her fingers into her hair, trying to tidy it up. She shakes her head, “No. Not sure I can hold anything down.”

      I take her arm and hook it around my arm. My hand on her hand. I suggest, “how about we walk over to the planetarium and see the space show?”

      “The space show?” She laughs, at me, I think.

      “What? Too nerdy for you? Come on, it’d be fun. We can sit in the dark, look at the dark universe, celebrate the unknown.”

      She walks with me and leans her head on my shoulder. How does she do that? I didn’t even know I was empty until she leans in and I am filled.

      “I guess I’m not an unknown after all. How did you know?”

      “The way you cut that game hen. Then it all made sense to me. Your hands. Does it upset you? ”

      “I don’t know what to say. I thought I was very careful not to let on that part of me.”

      “You are very careful. It’s me. I had a lot of training in observation and surveillance.”

      “I’m a little freaked out right now.”

      “Don’t be. Please. Your secret is safe with me.”

      “I thought I was very cautious.”

      “Oh you exercise extreme caution, I assure you.”

      We just walk. We don’t say another word the entire rest of the time. We enter the planetarium and let the narrator’s voice lull us into a state of wonder, all the while the universe unfolds above and around us. I feel her cheek against my shoulder, soft and scorching. The moon, the galaxies and supernovas flash from the beginning of the universe until the present. And when they get to the dark matter and the dark energy, I swallow her into our own dark universe. I kissed her. And I kissed her. I kiss her. And I kiss her. And she kept kissing me back. She kissed me back. And she kisses me back.

    • #4880


      There, in our own dark universe, he reached for and kissed me. I kissed him. We kiss and gravitate closer and closer. The galaxies wrapping around us are stretching further and further apart. The deep voice above hums about dark energy, some fundamental force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe, a force powerful enough to shape the course of cosmic destiny. His hand finds mine. My fingers intertwine his. His grip tightens; the force powerful. And I, I must function under Newton’s law; my heart rate accelerating with his forceful hold of my hand.

      Back on earth, the normal human lights come on and suddenly we are no longer insulated in the expanding universe. And what the guy said must be true as our bodies pull apart and we adjust ourselves. We look at each other and burst out in chuckles.

      “Let’s enjoy gravity,” and he pulls my arm, tucking it around his and once again, I lean into him.

      “Your mass feels good,” I smirk at him.

      “Enough physics bullshit. Do you have a curfew tonight?”

      I dig around my bag and take out my phone to check the time, and messages. Shaking my head, “No, I can spend another hour or so. Do you want to take a walk?”

      “Yes, I do,” he says and pulls me a little closer.

      Again, we are quiet. Our silence, just the natural undercurrent of the ineffable connection we are feeling to each other. As the darkness starts seeping into the sky, our strides slow down as if we want time to slow down with us.

      “Nicole, tell me, tell me a secret.”

      “A secret? You mean besides the one we are creating right now?

      His legs come to a pause and I come into his arms. I can feel the velvety heat of his breath in my hair and hear the flaring of his nostrils as he cradle the top of my head under his chin.

      “I look all very straight and proper, but Adam, I’m not.”

      “You’re seeing me, I know you’re not … all… proper.”

      “You have no idea.”

      “I think I do have an idea. So that doesn’t count as a secret,” he lets out a little teasing laugh.

      My hands grip his lapels then. The dark energy finds its way into my mouth and down my throat and into my lungs and I feel it then. Feel it implode inside. My voice expands and words rush out.

      “We are trying to get pregnant. And even trying to get pregnant, last night, we had our girlfriend. She had him. I had her. I’m not proper or vanilla or whatever you think I am. I was so hot. We were so hot. I watched him eat her and he had her cradling me and spreading my legs for him. To make a baby, maybe. There. A secret. Dark, dark, dark secret.”

      His fingers grip the back of my head and then he yanks me by the hair to stare up into his eyes. His pupils dark and large, like moons eclipsing the sun.

      “No, Nicole, not dark. You have an animalistic sexual appetite. I told you it’s not complicated with me. I have a secret too. I do not fantasize about you letting me take you by the hand one day and lead you into my bed. I fantasize about you panting for me to take you and pump you full of my cum in your own bed. I am fully into the anticipation and discovery of just how wild-hearted you are.”

      The two of us stand there, breathing hard, our chests heaving, embracing each other. Like we just fucked. Actually, didn’t we?

    • #5038


      After I closed the door behind me, I fumble around to hit the light switch. The apartment is dark except for the outside skyline seeping in. I follow the low rumble to find Nic. The rumble and fizzle. She must have candles lit too. I enter the flickering light and step closer to the bubble sizzling sounds of our jacuzzi. I find her there, partially leaning on the deck, her little body floating. She is trembling.

      “Nic!” I grab the towel.

      She looks up at me then, with that pained, exhausted smile. I ease her up before wrapping the towel around her to get her out. I start drying her off.

      “Bad patient day?” I ask, rubbing my thumbs under her eyes.

      She just whimpers a little, while her eyes and hair soak through my shirt. I hold her until I feel her skin cooling off, tightening to fight the leaching of her body heat. The creeping vapor drains away from the bathroom. I ease her away slightly, letting the towel fall to put a robe on her.

      “Tell me what you need, Nic, “I search her face. No matter how bad it is, what it is, I would absorb it for her. But I am grateful it is not her surgery day today; I am not so good a buffer on those days.

      Her eyes, returning, closer. Her mouth, steadier.

      “Scrambled eggs?” she says, a wry smile touching her lips.

      My heart sighs in quiet relief, and I take her arm into mine and through the dark, we find our way to the kitchen.

      “Sure thing. Wanna help Daddy with the eggs?” I tease her.

      Nicole hops up onto the kitchen stool while I get a few things from our fridge.

      “How about if you get the toast ready, if you want toast. I want one slice.” I tell her while I start cracking the eggs and whipping.

      I watch her, through a few side way glances, pop the bread into the toaster then shove her hands under her butt and lean forward. My strong wife, in her state of occasional, no, rare disintegration. I watch her listening to the gentle, rhythmic beat of the silver fork stirring the eggs, mixing in the salt. She leans forward some more, to look at and listen to the butter softly sizzle to slick the small, hot pan. I push the bowl in front of her, with my spatula in hand.

      “You can pour it in,” I smile at her, “now.”

      I work quickly, non-stop, scraping the bottom and the sides of the skillet. I listen to Nic’s little chuckles at the large curds forming, before I turn the heat down. I carefully start folding the fluffy, billowy curds, and then slide the glossy eggs, shiny and slightly wet, onto our plates.

      “I love a man who understands bondage, on a molecular level.”

      “Yep,” agreeing with her, “I knew the way to your heart was through your stomach, and your nerdy mind. Or should I say your appetite and dirty mind?”

      We eat in quiet. In these times, I love that she eats with her left hand, when I can hold her with one arm and we savor together, the food warming our bodies, our touch reconnecting ourselves.

      We make our way to the bedroom not long after we eat. I tug at the bed linens to make sure they are extra tight and smooth when she got in. I press all of me closer to her; my hands caressing her ass. It amazes me that her butt is used to sit at all, given how smooth it is. Like a newborn’s butt. Like it has never known any burden of weight or pressure. Between how her skin glides on my palms, and how the cool silk of her hair slips through my fingers, I have all the peace and calm no amount of opiates can ever produce.

      There, I drift off in the darkness; our breathing and body heat wrap us together. Then Nic inhales deeply, a sharp and jolting breath.

      “I’ve been seeing someone.”

      I hear her but not grasping the message. Her six syllables rewind in my head. I listen again, the meaning of the words, the intended message. Nicole changes the speed by which my blood runs through my body; she always has. It crashes into my head and floods my cock, flashing hard and hot.

      “Seeing? Who?” Breathy words explode from me.

      Blinded, I move and I’m on top of her, all of her crushed by the fortress of my body.

      “Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” In an instant I’m trying to figure out what happened; my brain is rebooting while my chest breaths rage hot enough to blow out all the windows.

      “NO, NO, I am really hurting for the patient I can’t treat,” she says as if to transform words into a balm to soothe my panic.

      Her legs find their way to wrap around my back. Her arms wrap around my neck and she looks up into my eyes. Her lashes flicker. I push myself slowly into her until I reach that wanton’s sigh. I fuck her until she stopped rocking her hips, until her release. I hold her until she stopped crying. I listen to her heartbeat until once again, she changes the speed of my blood and I fall asleep.

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      Finally, I relaxed my hands and took in a breath for a few seconds longer. Then I clamp the vein, slinging the tie around it, I pull at it.


      Fisting my hands to steady them, I keep working around the swabs turning red, redder, fast, faster.

      “Call for six more bags, NOW.”

      No, no, no, no.

      “Get the O negative.”

      “MORE Celox. Pack them in here!”

      “Terry, WIPE,” I turn my face toward him to get the splatter blood from my visor.

      “Why are the suctions so fucking loud?” I try clamping more. The hissing of the machines rattling my brain.

      The battle continued: more stitches, more swabs, more hands in her abdomen, more blood, more instruments.

      More tension.

      More failure.

      “Bolus her with more adrenaline! Keep it coming, watch the time.” I look up at the numbers dropping, flashing, alarming.

      The blood loss relentless, as are my hands in cardiac compression.

      She is grey and waxy and all I can see are my hands pushing to pump her heart. The pool of blood expanding while the rest of my team shrink away.

      “God damn it, Nicole. Call it. It’s over.”

      I can barely hear Jillian over the sound of my breathing. My arms come to a stop as I stare again at the flat line on the monitor.

      “Time of death, 17:39,” I declare.

      My body becomes rag doll like as Terry pull off my soaked gown to cover my scrubs with a clean one.

      “Do you want me to call Alex for you?” he asks.

      “No,” I shake my head, “he’s out of the country.”

      He looks hard at me, squinted lines around his eyes deepening, before glancing at the door.

      “I’ve got it. You get out of here.” I tell him and I walk out to tell the family.


      “Nic, there you are. Terry texted me about what happened. How are you doing, the truth? Where are you?”

      “Hi. I’m gonna fire his ass. I’m okay. I’m in the locker room. I’ll leave for home in a few.”

      “I am getting the next flight home.”

      “NO, don’t do that. I will be fine. You just landed, didn’t you?”

      “Yeah, we’re in a cab, headed to the hotel. I’m coming home, Nic.”

      “Sweetheart, I just have to get through the night. You can’t make it; the flight is at least 9 hours.”

      “Nic, I am so sorry. This was bad timing for me and Rachel to take this trip.”

      “Don’t come home, Alex, just …you guys just have… a good time. For me. I have to go, my car is here.”

      “Do whatever you have to do, Nic. Nickie, please.”

      In his pleading moment, I could not continue and I push the hang up button.

      I curl tightly into the corner of the backseat, my heart racing, rapidly thudding against my chest, body trembling hard and I can’t seem to draw air into my lungs. I wanted to feel the sharp edge of the knife, but not that of a #22 blade into my bronchi. I watch in my mind Alex and Rachel entering the Le Meurice, and the replay of the tie cutting through the wall of the vein, weakened by the infiltrating tumor, initiating the massive hemorrhage.

      I think this is the first time I actually accept Charles’ extended hand to help me out of the car and into our building. By his startled look, I think I really gripped him.

      “Thanks, Charles, I am not feeling well.” I say softly before getting into the elevator, willing myself to just make it up to our apartment.

      Kicking off my Birki’s, I run to the bathroom at another wave of nausea. I picture him leaning Rachel over the hotel vanity. I dry heave into the sink. Tears burn and flood my eyes, I retch again while my stomach wrench violently. Nothing comes up. Nothing left of the breakfast Alex made me 15 hours ago. Breathe, Nicole, breathe.

      It is so cold in here. Why is it so cold? After I turn on the hot water to fill the tub, I drag myself to the kitchen to get coconut water and ginger candy. Stripped of the sweat soaked clothes, I lower myself into the tub.

      They tell you in medical school, that when you break the news to the family that your patient died, you are supposed to be as straightforward and succinct as possible. The first time I had to do this, my chief came with me. He said I had nerves of steel and that I was going to become a great surgeon because I was an iron pillar and yet I can give the family my humanity. Medical school teaches you to tell them the patient died and be as brief as possible about the facts surrounding the death. They tell you to be compassionate and then malpractice suits teach you to be unapologetic. But nobody teaches about the grieving process for the physician. Nobody told me that the only thing that works is the weight of Alex’s body covering mine, and then I am not alone in my grief. The only thing that works is the sound of his mouth breathing against my ear, and then my crisis heart calms down to pace.

      I get out of the cooling water, shivering in the bath sheet. In Alex’s closet, I dig out one of his many black t-shirts from the hamper. I put it on. I dig out a second one and put that on too. As my hand reach at the door knob, I see our bed and I see him in bed with Rachel in Paris. The plan was to give our very young woman a normative romantic experience. The plan was to simultaneously give me a lesson on edge retention of the knife. I retch again and pull the door shut, collapsing onto the bath sheet heap on the floor, wrapped in his t-shirts, surrounded only by the walls of his clothes. Unable to control the shaking or breathing, I reach for my cellphone.

      I wake up the next morning gasping so loud it sounded like I screamed. Arms immediately tighten around me from behind. I flip around. Adam captures both my hands and breathes against my face and hair. His warm body presses against mine, he lets go and reaches back with one hand to bring my head onto his chest. His fingers slowly stroking my hair. Stroking. Twisting softly…. brushing it away…….from my cheek….Stroking….. Twisting softly….around his….

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      ADAM – Am I Just the Night, or Am I Her Morning

      And just like that, our secret reduces to just my own, alone. I sit down for the fifth week, and the bartender looks at me with fringes of pity around his eyes while he pours the red wine into my glass. I ask myself again, how I got here, knowing in actuality so little about her, and yet consumed by this relentless expansion of void because she stopped showing up. When did she become of such consequence for me? As if I really didn’t know. That night she called. When she let me in and I followed her into that closet. That pristine alpha male closet with the puddle of towels on the floor. As soon as I stepped into that closet, I had crossed over to a place where I never thought I’d be. Became someone I would have never imagined: a victim to her heartbeat.

      She started to reach down to grab the towels but her body exploded, a thud and slammed against mine and we dropped down onto her puddle. I pulled her close onto my chest. My fingers in that thick mane of hair and other palm on her back. I cocooned her little body, all goose bumpy and clammy cold. “I’m in shock,” she managed to tell me through chattering teeth. I held her jack hammering softness until the heat of her body slowly risen to match mine, her heart slowed, beating in time with mine. Something in her, something singular and precious inside her, insinuated its way through two layers of another man’s cotton, into me. And this feeling, like I have known it since a prior life, a life that was simple and wild, and the nights were long and deep and open to the stars, waiting for the heat of the morning. This feeling, intimate angst, reached into me and expanded beyond and whirled around our bodies.

      We were again in the dark universe. This time, not mesmerized, but together, we drifted into private unconsciousness, into our very own darkness and body heat. Unguarded and defenseless with each other through the blackness, until the seeping foggy glimmer of first light. Was I just the not-so-stranger body, or did she gift me her vulnerability. Was I just the convenient Saturday night or did I become her Sunday morning.

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