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    Mr. X - "Happy New Year to all you sex experimenters out there, especially those who found us in 2017. Let me know what you’d like to see in 2018, and may it be a very sexy year for you all."
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    thereselalune - "Feels like forever since I last logged on here… time to do a little catching up!"
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    lake - "I’m never gonna wait that extra twenty minutes to text you back, and I’m never gonna play hard to get when I know your life has been hard enough already. When we all know everyone’s life has been hard enough alrea […]" View
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    sexy kitty - "We got out of the bathtub. Our massage table was ready and I went on it laying on my stomach. Nuru and other oils ere handy and Rico started to massage me lustily. Neck , shoulders, back everything was getting its […]" View
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    Mrs. Kitty - "Cinco de Mayo… and a Hedo Event…. Oh My >;-)"
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