Bubbly water, no panties: her response to The First Sex Experiment

A hot wife wears no panties and flashes a cafeDear X,

You’re naughty. That was fun. I was a VERY nervous at first, but believe me I followed your instructions to the letter. I closed the door to the bedroom to dress. I did exactly as you said (and the shirt was white cotton, by the way, and I even undid an extra button than I normally might!). Even just that moment made me horny. I love my breasts even if I wish they were a little bigger, but they are sleek and perky, and I lingered on them a while, running my fingers over my nipples beneath the shirt. And I actually looked at my little pussy in the mirror – no panties! – and felt just…delicious! Though I almost raped my husband when I came out ready for work, I don’t think he noticed my excitement. I was so nervous that I hardly looked at him as I walked out the door – just a quick peck on the cheek and a mumbled goodbye. He hadn’t had his coffee yet, but I was BURNING!

So then I drove to work, and as I was walking up the sidewalk I was still so hot that my eyes were going everywhere, just as you said, looking at people looking at me. It’s finally begun to get warm here (as I guess you know!), and I loved feeling the sun down my collar and on my legs. I wished I could be somewhere private and take off all my clothes and feel the sun warming me all over, which I love, particularly between my legs.

I work alone, so there was nobody there to see me, but I kept running my smooth patent leather heels up my legs and let myself be distracted all morning by dirty sex fantasies (those I’ll keep to myself!). At lunch at went out to the café I always go to and sat in the back where I always do. As I walked past other tables I made a point of looking at people’s faces, and I saw quite a few men who weren’t looking at mine! They were checking out my tits, my legs, and my ass most of all. I felt completely exposed, and mostly embarrassed because of that, but another part of me wanted to scream: No panties! My pussy’s right there, boys! I think I even caught a few women wanting me – ha!

So by the time I got to my table I was practically trembling all over. The waiter brought me my usual bubbly water to start, but even the air was like a million hands running all over me and I couldn’t look at him. We’re friends, we see each other every day, and maybe I’ve suspected he has a thing for me, but I’ve always ignored it. Today though, when he came to take my order I leaned over the menu so he could see right down my (cotton!) shirt if he wanted to. My nipples were rock hard, and I wanted him to see me. I really wanted to see what I could do to him. And so when I looked up at him, I let my eyes slide over his crotch. They wear black pants in this place, but he thinks of himself as a bit of a player, I guess, and his pants are always a somewhat tight. So I just let my eyes linger over his crotch, and the front of them was stretched tight. I don’t know if I had given him a full-on hard-on, but there was clearly something happening in there! Then I looked up at his face with him looking down at me, across my breasts, my cheeks burning. I made my order, and we just smiled as we always do, pretending nothing was happening (if anything actually was). Then he turned and walked off, and I have to say he doesn’t have a bad ass either. Everything down there was particularly tight today!

So it took me a while to recover from that. I read my book as I waited, but I had to do each sentence a dozen times to even begin to understand the story. The waiter came back with my lunch, and as I ate I felt myself relaxing and growing horny again. Anybody could have proposed anything sexy to me at that moment, and I probably would have said yes. Amazing how the brain controls the libido, isn’t it? I’d say it’s almost all brain. Anyway, I was getting hornier, and so I decided I would try something. My pussy was still moist from my encounter with the waiter, plus all of the “brain excitement” of the day, and so I uncrossed my legs (they felt so smooth and sexy) and spread my knees just a bit so that somebody sitting in the right place would be able to see right up into my crotch. Then I closed my eyes, all these fantasies ripping through my mind, and I stayed flashing like that for a minute or so, refusing to open my eyes and going nearly crazy thinking of who might be realizing that I was wearing no panties.

When I felt a hand on my shoulder I was so startled and in such a state that I almost came instantly. It was the waiter with my coffee. I looked up him, probably like some kind of stoned addict, and we both smiled, and I thanked him for the coffee. Still trembling, I steeled myself and looked around the room, wondering if anyone would meet my glance (and embarrass me to death), wondering if there were a few cocks out there still hard at the sight of my delicious pussy, but from what I could tell nobody had noticed anything. Tonight, though, I can still get wet just thinking about the risk I took, and I found myself wishing that somebody HAD seen me flashing. I would have been mortified, of course, but still it excites me, and there at the café I just couldn’t help myself. I was some kind of sex animal in there, and honestly, I liked it.

So that’s my report, mister. You got your wish, so don’t push it. I’ve probably said too much.




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