The Photo Experiment

A beautiful wife looks at her naked body in the mirror as if posing for an erotic photo.My Little Exhibitionist,

I hope you’ve put that sexy bodysuit to good use since we last wrote. Somehow I imagine that in putting it to good use, you also put that body of yours to use, and that now the suit has become like a second skin you wear as you prowl the night like some new erotic superheroine who leaps from bedroom to bedroom like a cat. I loved the thought of you cavorting naked around that dressing room – loved it so much that I’ve probably spent too much time thinking about it. So now I’m going to be greedy – perhaps too greedy. I want you naked again, completely. At this point I believe I would do almost anything for a glimpse of your bare flesh, but I’ve made these damned promises of anonymity. Fine. So be it. I will keep to my promises, but I am not jealous (how could I ever presume to be jealous?), and so if my eyes are not to feast upon you, then I want others – others  besides that shopgirl you modeled for – to feast, and feast, and feast.

I have a friend who is an artist. I think you know this friend as well – [name]. As you may (or may not) know, he is mostly a sculptor, but at the moment he is working to prepare a short film and a photo exhibition for a festival in Canada this summer. The film is finished, apparently, but he’s still putting together the photo exhibition, whose theme is the human body. “Inside Out”, I think it’s called, though I really have no idea what it’s all about – he’ll be able to tell you more when you see him in person. That’s right, Miss Nude – he needs people to model for him (anonymously – bodies not faces), and I want you to offer your services. He’ll be a perfect gentleman, I’m sure, but of course you’ll have to strip. How will you present yourself as a candidate? Well I know that he’s been asking all of his friends to pass along the word to any prospective models – nothing naughty or secretive here, just art – so call him up and tell him you heard about his project from a friend of your own and would be interested in helping out if he still needs people. I promise he’ll need you. Here’s his number: [number]. And so that’s the first part of the experiment done (it’s amazing how far we’ve come, isn’t it!).

The rest will rely much more on you, but as always, I want you to be constantly observant of your own body and his as the photo session develops. He will of course be entirely professional (poor man – I may be luckier in not seeing you at all than he, who will feel required to exercise such impossible restraint), and so it is you who must search for the subtle erotic shadings. I want to know how you take off your clothes for him, how it feels to have his eyes so boldly assessing you. I want to know the moment you get comfortable, and how quickly comfort becomes something potentially sexual. I want to know how you move your body, and what he seems to appreciate the most. I want to know how your eyes assess him, and if your nudity eventually empowers you to fear nothing. Study him. Is he struggling to restrain himself? Would you take his cock in your mouth? Would you spread your legs for him? Can a photo session become like a sex act? Can you tell from his eyes the way he would want to fuck you? Is he drunk on you, and are you drunk on him? Or are you imagining others seeing these photos of your flushed body? Imagine what would happen if you were to stroke your pussy. How much explosive desire can be compressed into a click? Are you wet right now?




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3 thoughts on “The Photo Experiment”

  1. X
    Enjoyed reading up on your experiences here, I personally can’t wait to see what happens next and how far wifey will be willing to go to make Mr X happy.

  2. Je voudrais bien les faire ces photographies. Pour la beauté de l’ Argt.
    Et j’ ai envie de voir d’abord la tête du photographe!
    Ou que vous soyez dans la pièce.
    Pour moi c’ est OUI.

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