Want a sex dare? An open call/moan/groan to readers

Couples have a naked pool orgy after a sex dare.Dear Readers,

Today I was responding to an excited reader who had written in with a particularly challenging experiment for my wife. I was thanking him for writing, and I was thinking about writing in general, specifically how I find that writing desires down on paper (or speaking them aloud) make them somehow realer, and subtly alter the way we interact in the world. Words are more concrete than dreams, and closer to real experience. Typing is an action in a way that dreaming isn’t, and so it’s a lot closer to mad orgies than idle fantasy. All of which is a roundabout way of asking for your help, and by that I mean your own naughty experiments. I’m eager to meet Mr. A’s, Mr. B’s, and Mr. C’s, as well as Susie’s, Yvette’s, and other unknown, better-named women. I’d like to read about experiments women have devised for men, and experiments men have devised for women. I’d like to put you in touch with others eager to live out your sex dares, and I’d like to read about the results of your own.

Although this blog exists on a computer screen, its point is to inspire my wife, me, and others to step through the screen into a different sexual reality. It’s about the transition from fantasy to actuality – never an easy leap to make, but perhaps the idea of interested, anonymous readers out there will make the leap more enticing. I know it does for me.

So this is an open call to become part of an experiment. I’ve realized over the past month that for me, at least, the details are what make a moment erotic. You don’t have to be stripping for strangers, necessarily (although I’d really like to read about that). Just a small, private sex dare can be incredibly titillating. Just walking down the street underclothed can alter an afternoon.

Willing to try something? If you’re at a loss as to where to start, take some of the experiments here as inspiration. I’d love to read, and maybe post, several results to several experiments. So please post in the comments or write me at private@thesexexperiment.com. You’ve all got your own angles of desire, and every experiment needs willing subjects. So seduce me, and I’ll do my best to seduce you right back.



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