Open Door Policy: Mona’s response to her Sidewalk Experiment

A woman puts a man beneath her heel and is open for sex or anything elseDear Mr. X,

Where were you, baby?! I waited for you in a dark alleyway, so wet because I wanted you to lick my nipples and let me taste your cock. I want it in my mouth, and I want to take it very deep. I have practice in cocksucking. I know how to take it so far back in my mouth that you won’t last a minute. Just consider that an invitation, sexy boy. Name the place and the time, and I will be there with lipstick on – on my knees!

Now I want to tell you about how I took off my string for you, and how you made me so wet. I was actually wearing that string for a second day in a row, because believe it or not, on the first day Mona did not find the right moment to slip it off for your dare. I admit that I was horny all day looking for an opportunity and I smelled the panties that night and rubbed my clit until I came while thinking of you, because I love the horny smell of myself. The second day I was so horny that I just didn’t care anymore. I was walking down [the street] at lunchtime, just past the [big café], and the sun was out, and I had a short skirt on and men were looking me all over. That made me even hornier, but it was also a problem, because it was impossible for me to strip in a crowd – at least this time! – so I turned on to [a smaller street]. So I was walking along and thinking about you in some dark alley and just wanting a hard cock inside me. I walked about a hundred meters and then I undid my string, which had a button at my right hip. My pussy was so wet that that the string wouldn’t slip down at all. It was just drenched against the shaven lips of my pussy, so I sort of grabbed at my crotch, not very much like a lady, so that it peeled away from me and stuck around my left thigh. The cool air felt so good on my free cunt that I thought I might cum right there.

As I walked, the string slowly began to slide down my left leg and that just made me more excited because I knew it might fall at any second and anybody might see. The insides of my upper thighs were wet with my own juices, and I was so dizzy that I could hardly walk straight. I would have fucked anybody who touched me right then and there. I don’t care who or how ugly. I was too dizzy to see them anyway. Then I just couldn’t stand it anymore and I didn’t care, and at the first trashcan I reached I stomped my heel hard on the concrete. I looked mad to anybody watching. I stomped twice, three times, and then finally the string slithered down to my ankle. I kicked it off onto the sidewalk in front of me and bent at the waist to pick it up, giving any little stalkers a good look at my ass. I know they saw the skin of my thighs but I don’t think they saw the skin of my ass. In my hand the string was almost squishy I had been so wet. I tossed it hard into the trashcan and strode off without looking left or right. I loved the way I was so naked under there and it was so hot to feel it all swaying back and forth as I walked.

I went back to the office. Since you are the superspy you probably know I work in advertising. And this is boring, but we are an affiliate of an American company so we have an “open door policy”. What it means is that even the bosses are supposed to keep their doors open so we feel like a team or some bullshit. Half the time I close mine anyway and I have my desk at the side of the room so even if the door is open people cannot see much. Sometimes I get tired in the afternoon and need a little porno break. You know what I mean! Anyway, I did not close the door all the way, so maybe the open door policy is not totally boring.

I had to write you a fantasy according to your instructions, so I just sat down at my desk and began to type it out. My pussy was still steaming. I just have a flat piece of marble as my desk, so you can see what is beneath. I had my legs slightly spread. I stupidly forgot to save the e-mail I wrote, but here is what I was thinking.

The door to my office is open and I want somebody to come by and understand that my pussy is dripping. That young guy in sales and maybe also his friend. They are always trying to get me to have drinks with them after work but it is always like a joke, because they know I am ten years older and they do not have a chance. But I know they want to fuck me. One of them comes to the door. He is smiling and I hear his other friend behind him laughing. They are coming back from lunch. The first one sees my legs and my shirt pulled down low. I do not know if he sees my pussy, but he is still smiling. I tell him that I need to speak to them both and say to shut the door behind them. They stop laughing when they hear how serious my voice is. They come in and shut the door. I spread my legs and now they definitely see my dripping cunt but they are too timid to really look. I pull my skirt up to my waist and finger it in front of them. I say I know they want to fuck me. I say I do not appreciate the looks they give me. It is not professional. I say they would not know what to do with a body like mine even if I took off all my clothes and spread for them right there on my desk. I say they would not even know what to do with their little cocks, and I look right at their crotches and see that they are both hard and not little at all. I move a finger from my pussy to my mouth and I laugh. I say they are both probably too timid to show me their cocks.

They are nervous but they pull down their pants and their underwear and they show me. It is a fantastic sight, but I do not let them see that. I just laugh and tell them to take off everything. They obey and as they do I pull out my breasts and start pinching my nipples. They get even harder. I tell the boys to come over to the desk. I ask them who wants me more, but they are both so in love with my body that they cannot say anything. I tell them to masturbate for me as I masturbate. They both stand there like little boys stroking their solid cocks. I roll my chair away from the desk so they can see my cunt completely. They worship it with their eyes and stroke themselves. I want both cocks in my mouth and I want to see the look in their eyes when I do that, but I am getting off on the sight of them there and the slick feel of my pussy beneath my hand. I want one cock in my ass and one in my mouth, but I am getting off too much on the way their bodies look standing in front of my desk, so that will have to be another fantasy.

In this fantasy I have four fingers in my cunt and I am about to come but I just start laughing at the two boys and tell them that is enough. I have seen enough. I tell them to put their clothes on and leave immediately. They are too confused even to protest. I yell at them like I am angry. Get out! They stumble around trying to get their pants on fast, and I tell them it is an open door policy here, so they better leave the door wide open when they leave. I keep laughing as they scramble off and wait there for the next person to come in and see my pussy. I will fuck the next person who walks through the door, and the next time I will fuck those two boys and their big cocks. I really will.

As I wrote I stroked my pussy until there was a wet patch on the chair beneath me. I kept stroking until I came and I banged my fist on the table so I wouldn’t scream. Right then I thought of your cock in my mouth again and I tasted my cum on my fingers.


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6 thoughts on “Open Door Policy: Mona’s response to her Sidewalk Experiment”

  1. Her descriptions are very vivid and sexually stimulating! I feel that I’M the on experiencing these events personally instead of reading them off a webpage on my laptop!

    1. I only wish you were experiencing them personally (!), and yes, Mona does seem to be your kind of girl, doesn’t she.

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