The Masseur Experiment

A naked woman receives a sexy massageOh Sexy Lady,

You got so tantalizingly close to surrendering the last of your clothes and letting your neighbors have their way with you. My entire body has been throbbing ever since. And ever since I’ve wanted you with a passion that has a newly sharp edge. I know: promises, promises. But seeing you step so close to the edge of a new world of erotic possibilities has gotten me lusting for every last inch of your flesh. I know that if I knocked on your door and found you standing there in a famously skimpy robe, I wouldn’t be able to help myself. That famously skimpy robe would be in tatters, and my mouth would be all over you.

And so – promises, promises – at least for now, I won’t be knocking at your door. I’ll stay the stranger and find something to do with my all-over body throb. And while I’m doing that….

…I think it’s time for you to have another sexy massage. You went further than I would have ever expected with your handsome masseur, although for months I’ve imagined you going further. I have no idea if you’ve seen him since then (although I imagine I would have heard if there were juicy details to be told), and I have no idea whether you told your husband that this masseur gently fondled you to orgasm.

So here’s your next dare: if you did not tell your husband about the experience, tell him now (since the masseur was initially recommended by a friend of yours, you won’t need to mention me or our dares, which is absolutely for the best). Then schedule another sexy massage at the house (it’s summertime, my lusty lady, and you need to relax). You are, of course, welcome to choose another masseur who offers his services at home, but whoever you choose, I want your husband to know about it.

Oh, and one more thing: not only do I want your husband to know (if he doesn’t already) that you were once fondled towards ecstasy by a masseur, and that he (or someone like him) is coming to the house again, but I also want you to ask your husband to stick around for the (sexy?) massage – not in the same room, necessarily (that’s up to you), but somewhere at home.

It’s a challenge, hot one – I know that. I told you I was irrationally excited by your recent exploits and likely to push the limits. I hope you’re as excited as I am by the challenge of being touched by a stranger when your husband is within shouting distance. Will that shut down your libido or set it loose? I have no idea, but I absolutely can’t wait to find out.

Your throbbing admirer,


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3 thoughts on “The Masseur Experiment”

    1. I second that thought! Mr. X, if you know of any local publications where your wife might search for the perfect professional, I would gladly post an ad for my services…

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