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Fuck-Finger Fuck-Suck-Finger Fuck: Alice’s response to her Five Word Experiment

A naked woman throws back her head as she is finger fucked.There is news from Alice. I only wish you were all at sex café the afternoon she walked in with her notebook to fuck a stranger with her mind and write it all down for her five-word experiment. I imagine she was quite a sight. I also may have to follow through with that threat of a good spanking (if only!). Alice is obviously a rebel, and she has a hard time following orders. Which is just one of the things I like about her. She has a tendency to make every experiment her own. Not that she couldn’t use a little disciplining (and my mind idly wanders back to that spanking).

Anyway, she began by telling me about a current lover: Continue reading Fuck-Finger Fuck-Suck-Finger Fuck: Alice’s response to her Five Word Experiment

Sex Cafe: Alice’s Five Word Experiment

A sexy young woman puts her hand in her panties.Beware a woman with a mohawk fetish. Do everything in your power to get her into your bed, but beware. You’re in for a wild ride, particularly if her name is Alice – particularly if she’s shown a penchant for having her clit sucked by a girl in a tight purple dress in the bathroom of a booming club. I’d missed her. I’d had fantasies about her. Hadn’t you? Well, last week she sent me another e-mail. I sensed an emergency situation. I sensed a libido on the prowl. Naturally I wanted to help. Here’s her e-mail:

Mr. X,
The more I think about sex and have sex, the more people notice. I had to share a tent during a storm with a stranger. He slid his hand up my shirt, sliding it around my stomach. He put his leg over mine. I stretched against him, but because I was running on forty-five minutes of sleep, I went to sleep when he didn’t progress. I’m leaving this city in a few weeks. May I have an assignment to complete before I leave?


Alice Continue reading Sex Cafe: Alice’s Five Word Experiment