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A Reader’s High Heeled Experiment

High heel sex dare

Reader Mallory wrote in to the site’s Your Experiments Group about a dare she was recently given. These were her results.

I was rushing to work yesterday morning when I noticed the state of my heels. I commented that I needed to get new ones. You frowned at my worn, black patent leather Ferragamo Vara pumps and asked if I would be getting “those” again. “Of course,” I said. “These are classic. Okay, maybe I’ll get them in black calf instead.” You shook your head: ”No, no. I’m buying.” You pulled me over to my closet, handed me a short black skirt. You told me to change into it later, but to keep my black fishnet stockings on. You said you would pick me up at my office. Frowning again, you warned me not to even think about sneaking out and getting yet another pair of ”those.” Continue reading A Reader’s High Heeled Experiment