Anyone: CC’s Fantasy Experiment

0003CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her most recent experiment from Mr. X.

Dear Mr. X,

Your challenge this month kept me up at night, with wild thoughts running endlessly through my head. My fantasy crystallized in my mind the more I imagined it, and my fingers found themselves between my legs more than once.

I sit at Starbucks, sipping my Vanilla Latte, running my finger along the edge of the cup. The fantasy that I’ve never breathed out-loud is now going to be out there for the world to see. As I hold the sealed envelope containing my deepest and most intimate thoughts, I tremble. I’ve been meaning to get up for the past five minutes, to leave the envelope behind on the table, and just walk out. A little voice of doubt and insecurity has been holding me back – what if someone sees that I’m the one who left it? The next time I come they’ll know that I’m the person with the incredibly dirty mind. Yet that’s part of the challenge isn’t it? I let the envelope slip through my fingers for the last time. My feet finally move. I take my purse, and the now empty cup, and walk away.

At home, my boyfriend sits at the computer, completely oblivious to what I’ve done. This is not something I’ve shared even with him because I’ve been nervous – what if he judges me for it? He’s not the judgmental type, but this is a bit crazy, even for me. I stand there awkwardly, and he finally notices I’m in the room.

He studies my face for a second and asks, “What’s up? You look weird.”

I shift from one foot to the other and look at the floor. I know I shouldn’t be ashamed of my own sexuality. Everyone fantasizes – I just wonder if I’m abnormal.

He stands up and crosses the room, tilting my head up and making me look him in the eyes. “Did something happen in the past half hour? I thought you just went for coffee.”

“I did. I also left something behind – an envelope with a pretty big secret inside. Well, more of a fantasy than a secret. Someone is going to find it and read it. I have no idea who. Guess I’m a bit apprehensive about it.”

“Why’d you do that?”

“It was a challenge, actually. A new dare from Mr. X. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it or not, so I didn’t tell you before, but I actually did.”

“It’s not something that can be traced back to you, is it?”

“No – unless someone saw me leave it.”

“So – what was this fantasy?”

Blushing, I walk over to my computer. A few clicks of the mouse and the document is there in black and white. He sits down at my desk and I stand behind him, scanning the lines for the hundredth time.


It’s an overcast day, and I’ve pulled over at a truck stop along Route 66 in my car. My boyfriend is with me and grabs a blanket from the back and the hand-held camera. We walk past the restrooms and search for a good spot to set up. We find a little copse of trees that offer a bit of privacy but not total seclusion. I unfold the blanket and spread it on the ground.

My boyfriend turns the camera on me. “You ready to do this?”

I nod, excitedly.

I walk away and head toward the men’s restroom. I wait only a few minutes before someone comes out, wiping his hands on his jeans.

I spring into action, not even caring what he looks like. “Hi there.”

He stops walking. “Oh – hi.”

“Are you a trucker?” I ask.

“Yes, ma’am. Carrying a load from Maine to Nevada.”

“Must be lonely, driving that far,” I say as I step forward and place a finger on his wrist. “How about we go into those trees and have some fun?”

The trucker looks at me, startled. He looks behind me at my boyfriend who is carrying the video camera.

“Uh – well I’m married.”

“I’m not asking you on a date – I just want you to fuck me,” I say, tossing my hair behind my shoulder.

The heat in his eyes is unmistakable.

“We won’t show your face – nothing to identify you,” I assure him.

He nods, and the three of us walk back to the blanket. I shrug out of my shirt and unhook my bra, letting it fall to the ground. I get on my knees and waste no time in unbuckling his jeans and sliding down the zipper.

His cock is rock hard, and I lean forward and take the swollen head into my mouth and begin to suck like the whore I am.

He moans as I swirl my tongue over the bulbous head and use my hand to stroke him firmly. He grabs my hair and I look up at him, his dick inside my mouth. I see my boyfriend filming from above and I’m determined to make a good show of it. I alternate pressure with my lips, letting his cock slide down my throat and then back up, locking my lips and making a tight seal around him.

“Careful,” he gasps, “or I’m gonna lose it.”

I slow down and let my lips slide freely up and down the moistened skin that feels like silk. I finally let go of his cock after I taste his slightly salty and bitter pre-cum. I turn around on my knees and lift my skirt, exposing my bare ass and pussy, inviting him to take me. He kneels behind me and parts my pussy lips. The head of his dick presses against me, and then it sinks inside my slick warmth.

This stranger’s cock fucking me feels like heaven and sin wrapped in one delicious package. The sounds of our frantic coupling is loud and obscene against the distant traffic of cars whizzing by on the highway.

So involved am I that I’m taken completely by surprise when a hand gently lifts my head. I open my eyes and see another stranger’s cock in front of me. I open my mouth and take it in, feeling like a complete slut as I suck another man’s cock right in front of my boyfriend.

The man behind me grunts, and I feel a surge of heat as his cum floods my pussy. He withdraws, and I’m left on my knees with another man’s dick in my mouth.

I notice that our activities are drawing more attention and that two other guys are watching.

“Fuck her if you want,” my boyfriend says to them.

I have no time to see their reaction, because the man in front of me holds my head firmly in place as he starts to pound his cock into my mouth. My jaw relaxes automatically, and I let him use me for his pleasure.

Suddenly, I’m filled again from behind. Another cock slides into me and begins to firmly pound into my body. I feel like I’m being hammered from both ends. The cock in my mouth begins to spurt, and I dutifully swallow the load. My head falls forward, and I moan as two hands grip my hips tight and force me backwards, bouncing me off the cock of a man I’ve never even seen. The sound of a photo being taken from a few feet away only excites me. I’ve never felt such exhilaration, such freedom.

I let my body be used by countless men, all caught on camera – my pussy and mouth used by cocks of different sizes, shapes and colors. I lose track of time and know nothing until dusk when my boyfriend puts a stop to it and helps me to my feet. He helps dress me and kisses my cheek tenderly as he leads me back to the car. He drives us to a motel and after getting a room, takes me upstairs and into the shower where he takes his time washing away all traces of the afternoon’s activities. He towels me dry and carries me to the bed where he lays me down and kisses every inch of my body with his lips, worshiping my body with his as he makes sweet and gentle love to me, reclaiming what is his.


My boyfriend finishes reading it just a beat after I do. I wait with bated breath for his reaction, fearing the worst but hoping for the best.

He turns to me. “Okay.”

“Okay? What does that mean?”

He studies me for a second. “Well – it’s your fantasy. You know, in Europe we call that dogging. It’s actually a fairly common fantasy for women.”

My heartbeat slows down as my body relaxes. “Really? You don’t think that’s depraved and crazy?”

He laughs. “No. Not at all. Were you worried? I love you, sweetie. You know I’ve been in open relationships before – this doesn’t bother me. I’ve even fantasized about watching you get fucked by someone else.”

My eyebrows lift in surprise. I’d been so caught up in my own fantasies that I hadn’t considered his. My lips brush against his. “I love you – and I am really horny right now.”

He stands up and wraps his arms around me. “Is that so? Then you better get on your knees on the bed, my little slut.”

I give him a saucy wink and saunter over to the bed where I shed my clothes and wait with my cheek against a pillow, kneeling for him.

He climbs into bed behind me and leans forward, whispering in my ear, “This cock about to fuck you could be anyone, you know.”

Goosebumps break out over my skin and my nipples harden. I gasp as he thrusts inside of me, hard. Our bodies move in sync and little electric pulses travel through my lower abdomen and the inner walls of my pussy as he takes me. This man knows how to please me. He reaches between our bodies and finds my clit, stroking it firmly and sending me over the edge.

The world collapses to a single, pulsating point of euphoric pleasure.

Fantasy is awesome – but reality is so much better.

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2 thoughts on “Anyone: CC’s Fantasy Experiment”

  1. Fantasy is one thing but nothing tops reality. I, like CC, dream up all kinds of insane, over-the-top fantasies that are not carried out but used in pillow-talk that fuels smoking hot sex.

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