The Bus Experiment

A busty superheroine boards a trainDear Magnificently Misbehaving Mistress,

What are we going to do with you? Part of me hopes that I’ve restored erotic order and that you’ll have remembered that you have a normal human name, but that I am Mr. X. A bigger part of me hopes that you will be as rebellious as ever and continue making chaos out of order. Most of me wants to see you in ever-intensifying situations, wants to push your limits, wants to see you repeatedly transformed. I intend to show no mercy, my captivating one. I intend to lust after you more fervently than ever, even if from a distance, and I intend to dare you towards new lusts. Do you understand? You want me to repeat it? How about a little spank? Enough of the questions. I just hope you’re smiling.

So it’s transportation that turns you on…. I can do transportation, but if you’re going to do transportation (apart from an eventual rendezvous in a taxi, whose story I await with relish), I want you to make it public transportation. You’ve proven to be quite the little exhibitionist, after all, and so I thought I’d oblige.

It’s hot outside. Women are wearing short skirts and skimpy tops. Some, I noticed, don’t even bother to put on bras. Sex is in the atmosphere. Have you noticed that? Dumb question. Back to seasonal fashions: for all I know, these women aren’t even wearing underwear. Fortunately, in your case I’ll know for sure. Underwear won’t be among your accessories for this experiment. I’ve taken inspiration from our first experiment together, the one where you went braless and pantiless to your café and nearly went blind with desire. So for this experiment, I want you to take that risk again. Except this time, I want you to enjoy your naked body for a moment or two before you put on your own skirt and top. I want you to finger yourself (I always want you to finger yourself), and with one hand, I want you to take a bottle of shaving cream. I want you to massage the cream through whatever hair you may have between your legs, and then I want you to take up a razor. I want you to take your time with this, and I want to shave yourself completely bare, running your fingers over and in those pink folds of skin until you are as smooth and as sleek as a statue.

Then put on that skirt, and put on that top. Your nipples may slightly show, but you’ve got style and certainly won’t be wearing anything trashy. Besides, take a look out on the streets and you’ll notice that nipples this year seem to be all the rage. I believe I read that in Vogue.

You may have occasion to observe the nipples on the streets from the bus I want you to board. Yes, I know, busses are surely not your standard form of transportation, but they are surprisingly convenient, even if you invariably have to pack yourself in next to all the bodies who also find the bus convenient. Do you see where this is going? I can see it already in my mind. Mad bus sex, you say? Why not? But let me be specific: pack your body into the bus against the other bodies, your pussy freshly bare beneath your skirt, your breasts hinting at what’s always on your mind, and let yourself be lightly jostled as the bus turns and stops and starts. You can always move if the situation gets uncomfortable, but I want you to find a spot that feels comfortable. Challenging enough? Well, I’ve promised to challenge you more: other bodies will inevitably be touching yours, but I want you to allow yourself to rock gently into one or two. You can always rock away, but for a moment, at least, I want you to feel the contours of another’s body, and I want them to feel yours too. If you like the feeling, discretely give into it for a moment. If you don’t, move away. Ideally, one of your fellow travelers – man or woman – will be attractive to you in some way, and you will slip into a brief reverie of your two bodies working harder against each other. This is your mission: to let yourself be jostled until you dream, or until you become too uncomfortable for any sort of dream. Then get off the bus.

In the driver’s seat again,



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3 thoughts on “The Bus Experiment”

  1. Ooh~ I’d have no trouble with this one, no trouble at all. It would be fun. Indulging myself a bit with no one suspecting a thing (mostly)… Though I suspect it would be over in, like, five seconds or something; it wouldn’t take long at all for me to start dreaming! Half the time I’m inclined to drift into places of my own making anyway, sexual or otherwise.
    “Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there…”

    1. Funny you say that. I worried that the experiment might be among the most difficult. But again, I’m discovering that experiment difficulty varies wildly from person to person. So, Innocent: I’ll be looking for you on the bus.

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