Click Click Sex: the result of The Pornography Experiment

Beautiful legs in stockingsI caught my wife looking at porn. I knew I would catch her looking at porn because I have an alter-ego named Mr. X who had told me so. He’s like Superman to my everyday Clark Kent, but despite all the nifty tricks a superhero has at his disposal, Clark Kent has at least one advantage over his super version: he’s still awed by a naked woman, and if he’s lucky he can take her to bed. So let me readjust my spectacles and tweak my f-stops and apertures. A naked woman is laid out in front of me posing for my camera. She happens to be my wife, and she happens to be as horny as hell.

Click: Sexy she on all fours on the couch, and the brown smudge of the birthmark at the back of her thigh. Add a dozen clicks, because I am obsessed.

Click: Her hand, with its red-painted nails, hooked up between her legs to fondle her pussy. Me – “Would it turn you on if we put these photos out on the internet somewhere?”

Click: Her face looking back over her shoulder with a bright, lipsticked smile, pussy now slightly out of focus.

Click: From the floor up towards the couch, her pert breasts, with hard nipples, and her grinning face hanging between her arms, upside down. She – “Absolutely. They would have to be anonymous, of course.”

Click: My own hand reaching out to fondle her left breast, and she looking at it intently, like an innocent discovering pleasure for the first time. “Of course. We could focus on your body, not your face.”

Click: She rolling over to sit on the couch, legs splayed, one hand moving to her pussy, the other to a  breast (these will turn out slightly blurry, as if I captured her dream of a hundred hands on her. “I love it! God this is turning me on.”

Click: Sexy close-up. Pussy (recently shaven, I should mention). Those red painted nails (all ten of them) on either side, pulling out the lips slightly for a glimpse of slick pink. “Maybe you want to post them. People would comment on them, I’m sure, and maybe that would turn you on.”

Click: A blurry, dazed look on her face as she begins to masturbate, mouth slightly ajar. “Bah. I don’t care about that. I think I’d be instantly bored. I do like the idea of knowing they’re out there, though. I like the idea of having that secret but not knowing too much else.”

Click: She showing her backside again, feet on the floor, hands on the couch, a spray of blonde hair above as she whips her head around. “Your ass is a miracle.”

Click: From the side, her back arched, her face turned to me, a Hollywood pucker on her lips. “Ha! Then post a picture of it wherever you want, you sexy beast. I trust you. Let’s not deny the world my ass.”

Click: Close behind her now, and low, shooting up her smooth thighs to her shining pussy and pale ass. “What’s that? I’m a bit distracted here. Your ass something?”

Click: Standing now, my cock in the frame, returned to full size again and teasing at her two entrances. “Yes, my ass, you idiot. And you’d better do something about it.”

Click: Last click, and the camera is put aside, but we’re addicted to new images of ourselves, reconfigured into different sorts of lovers every time, and the camera won’t stay put for long.

Sex: and then click again, sex, click, sleep, eat, talk, click, sex, click, click, sex, click.

We’ve got a new hobby.

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18 thoughts on “Click Click Sex: the result of The Pornography Experiment”

      1. I wouldn’t put them here…if she ever wants to see the reactions to the pictures, your gig is up. Try putting them here They post every Thursday and has a wide viewing circle. All comments are tasteful and respectful. AND, the Experiment website stays hidden.

        Just a thought.

  1. From what I gather the pics and others are in the book which I so desperately want to buy but it is only available for Kindle. Believe me I have contemplated getting a kindle JUST to see these pics but that would makes yours the second most expensive book I have ever bought.

    1. Ha! Yeah, that’s the kind of pricetag you reserve for signed first editions of 19th century Russian novels. Tried to do it on paper, but Amazon’s sensibilities are apparently more delicate that way.

      It’s also on Nook, if that helps?

      Would love for you to see them, though I worry that with your skills you’ll be disappointed – not with her but with me.

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