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Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

0015We are constantly learning desire. I’m thinking of Mona realizing for the first time in her life that she might like to watch, rather than always being the one who’s watched. Seeing a beach club waiter ogle her friend’s naked body, she was surprised to find that she’d like to watch that friend getting fucked. And Mona’s new desire teaches me something new about her. She’s always been sexy to me, both in our occasional real-world contacts, and especially in our secret e-mail adventures, but she’s also been slightly comic to me, somewhat of a sexual caricature, charming because she was always aware of the outrageous role she was playing. But now I imagine her watching her busty friend fucking a tanned stranger. I imagine Mona fully clothed, her eyes wide with attention as she watches, curled into a chair, her nipples hard through a modest shirt, her mouth slightly open, her knees gently pressing against one another….

And I am wildly, dangerously excited. I imagine we might go to rich, dark places together. Her new desire opens a new desire in me. Continue reading Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

My virtual sex wife.Absence makes the cock grow harder. Isn’t that how the saying goes? If not, it should.

Mrs. X and I are still spending most of our time in separate cities, but this summer we got to spend a couple of months in the same bed, and catch up on adventures. In recent months she’d discovered the Internet. By that I mean she’d discovered the excitement of meeting erotic strangers at the click of a mouse.

She’d been dared by Mr. X to put up some sexy photos on an adult encounters site. She’d chatted a bit with a few men and women who looked particularly sexy with their clothes mostly off. And one night, with a proud smile that was also the slightest bit guilty, she told me all about it, and about a few of the people she had met. Of course there was no reason for her to feel guilty. As she sat there behind her laptop, I would have been thrilled if secret admirers had reached out through the screen to caress her thighs. Continue reading Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

Experimental Marriage Vows: the result of Mona’s Marriage Experiment

A blowjob after experimental marriage vowsAs regular readers of this blog and my books know, I spend a lot of time thinking about sex…and marriage. In all aspects of my life, I want relationships that present possibilities rather than limitations. This is is particularly true of sexual relationships, which tend to be founded with the truest parts of ourselves. When you strip for somebody, you’re stripping away more than just clothes.

Then you throw marriage into the mix. I love my wife, but I dislike marriage – not necessarily because of any limitations my wife and and put on each other (cf. every post ever written on this site), but because of the limitations we put on ourselves. We are social creatures. We are influenced by the ideas and habits of those around us, but in our society the wisdom of marriage is a given. This despite the probability that the majority of couples make each other frustrated, anxious, jealous, resentful, bored, and boring almost every single day. Why? Because you expected them to be different. Because you wanted them to be one way, but sometimes they’re another way. Shocker. Continue reading Experimental Marriage Vows: the result of Mona’s Marriage Experiment

Everything is permitted: the result of the Masseur Experiment

Sex in which everything is permitted“She does get excited, doesn’t she,” I said. From my office, where I had been sitting at my desk, pretending to do something very important at my computer, I had been waiting for sounds from the bedroom, where my wife was being massaged by a masseur who was admittedly strikingly handsome. I had a sense that she would moan at some point, an invitation to something new and sexual, and I knew that the moaning would be my signal that I was to join her in the adventure. Continue reading Everything is permitted: the result of the Masseur Experiment

Sex Sounds: the result of Mona’s Experiment Experiment

A nude screamer making sex sounds on a tableThere is at least one glaring disadvantage to anonymously e-mailing sexual dares to a real-life acquaintance: when she comes back and blows your mind with her erotic mastery, you may find yourself unable to think of anything else for days on end.

I dared my wife’s friend Mona to get herself a dare from someone else. She ended up having mad sex with a handsome new friend…and letting another handsome friend listen in over the telephone. This just about drove me insane with lust. It has also restored my faith in the kinky sex lives of my acquaintances. As well as causing me to spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating what I might do say or do the next time I actually see Mona in public. So far I don’t have any ideas unlikely to end in catastrophe. So far my strategy is to maintain that perfect poker face and simply admire her in my mind. Poor strategy, if you ask me, but that’s what I’ve got so far. Continue reading Sex Sounds: the result of Mona’s Experiment Experiment

Fuck Fantasies: the result of The Neighborly Experiment

A man touches a woman's mind to feel her fuck fantasiesMy wife was mildly propositioned by the neighbor (and his wife). It was her fantasy about this neighbor that inspired me to give her a first erotic dare over a year ago and opened the door to The Sex Experiment, which has given us both a new sense of sexual possibilities. I have also flirted with the specific erotic possibilities presented by the neighbors. We had them over for dinner one night, and we all flirted at least half as much as we drank. All of which has been a hell of a lot of fun – almost as much fun as I imagine fondling the neighbor’s wife’s fabulous tits would be. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife? Isn’t that the way the old commandment goes? Well I do, and you would too. Continue reading Fuck Fantasies: the result of The Neighborly Experiment

Living the erotic novel: the result of Mona’s Pick-up Experiment

A naked woman reads an erotic novelIdentity is the product of the imagination. We are what we imagine ourselves to be, the main characters in our own fictions. Dreams may push us on towards future possibilities, but for the moment, we are closest to what we think we are. Perhaps our lives are regular ones, the lives of secondary characters in ordinary movies set in ordinary places. Perhaps our own movies are more adventurous, or more romantic. Perhaps we’re the character who always struggles, or the one who blithely succeeds. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we’re the protagonists in a thrilling erotic novel, our fearless bodies stripped to work magic upon the world. Continue reading Living the erotic novel: the result of Mona’s Pick-up Experiment

Infinite Layers of Fuck: the result of The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman has sex on the floor after naked sunbathingMy wife speaks the truth when she says that she’s entirely at ease in the nude. As the weather gets warmer, she flashes more flesh, and I get hornier. Of course Spring always gets me buzzing for sex and bikinis anyway, but her increasing nudity is like a visual representation of my mounting lust.

It’s an immense pleasure to have a light-footed nymph cavorting around the house, but as they say about nudist beaches, it’s not really sexual (which still sounds to me like claiming to read Playboy for the articles, but admittedly I haven’t tested one of these beaches out to confirm just how unsexy the nudity is). Of course I love having my sexy wife naked and reveling in the feel of her own taut body. It makes me feel like a dissolute Roman emperor or a wine-stained Greek poet (incidentally, I think I was made to be one of the above, the more infamous the better, but then I’m getting off topic…but just let me imagine those lounging beauties, the casual immorality, the toga-strewn floors…for a moment…a second…there).

Here’s what I’m thinking about nudity: you want it to have a few additional layers. Those nude Greek and Roman statues in the museums don’t turn you on. They have perfect bodies, but we need more: a glint in an eye, a chemical connection, a history together, a story that needs to be written, a line to cross, a human pulse.

Let me be more specific:

Continue reading Infinite Layers of Fuck: the result of The Sunbathing Experiment

Sex Zombies: the result of Mona’s Sidewalk Experiment

Fearing sex zombies, a woman removes her panties on the sidewalkOne of the interesting effects of anonymously giving your hot wife sexual dares (over which you both privately obsess), is that the thrill often sends your libidos off the charts, and then neither of us officially has any clue as to why the other is so hot to strip. We’re living private adventures, which is thrilling, but they’re really the same adventure. And the hotter those private adventures get, the more extravagant we are in the bedroom. All of which seems to be leading us towards some cataclysmic fuck as apocalyptic as the Bomb in a science fiction movie.

A few last remaining survivors wander the streets in a daze, in lingerie, urgently seeking more sex.

Human civilization has been destroyed by the Great Fuck, but only more fucking will save them…

…from a strain of Sex Zombies who want to fuck them…to death! Continue reading Sex Zombies: the result of Mona’s Sidewalk Experiment

So Sunk Down in the Fuck: the result of Mona’s Party Experiment

An invisible man gets the fuck down with a woman from behindA few days after Mona conspired to have herself masturbated through sheer pantyhose at a party, my wife and I went to a party, too. I will admit that I was hoping to find Mona there: for a glimpse of her fabulous tits, at the very least, and maybe for a private bedroom fondle of her shaven pussy through sheer hose? Well she wasn’t there, although the crowd was fun, and drinking a lot. We didn’t know a lot of the people attending, which is rare in a smaller town, and which tends to turn us both on. Nothing’s healthier for a marriage, as far as I’m concerned, than a bit of across-the-room flirtation, a hint of possibilities. And my wife does turn heads, and my head does enjoy a good turn or two. Continue reading So Sunk Down in the Fuck: the result of Mona’s Party Experiment