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The happy ending of The Full Body Massage Experiment

A wife sucks her husbands cock after a happy ending massage.Is it odd that 90% of my sexual fantasies involve my wife? That seems like some kind of unnamed disorder to me. Not that you can’t fit a lot of bodies into the non-wife 10% (and sometimes they won’t fit), but seeing her so sexually uninhibited just makes me more sexually uninhibited (and there’s probably a psychological name for that too). I walk down the street shooting molecules off my skin, and the women grin, knowing what I’m up to. Everywhere I look I see happy endings.

Do I mind that my wife let herself be manipulated to a happy ending by a masseur I’ve never met? Not at all. Mostly I just wish she’d freed his cock from his pants to wrap her red-painted lips round it with hypnotized lust. A couple of months ago, before I started this experiment, I imagine I would’ve felt a slight catch of jealousy at the thought, but somehow her experiments have been my experiments too, and we’ve evolved together. Continue reading The happy ending of The Full Body Massage Experiment

Mister Masseur: her response to The Full Body Massage Experiment

A naked woman is massaged by a sexy masseur.Dear Dirty Masseur X,

You know I do like to be touched.  Also, isn’t it every woman’s dream to be painted nude by some attentive master? I just think of the hours – the days! – it would take, and you slowly getting to know my every single curve, and me getting all sleepy and languid and just letting you look forever. But I’m being coy, aren’t I?  You’re sitting there awaiting your very official report, and this time I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, sir.  I’m letting myself go.  Because…well, why not? Continue reading Mister Masseur: her response to The Full Body Massage Experiment

The Full Body Massage Experiment

A sex wife strips off her panties for a massage.Dear Delightfully Daring Lady,

You’re surpassing all my expectations, and I can’t stop imagining you splayed across your couch – legs wide, sex glistening. In my mind the image is like some 19th century French painting, and I wish I was there with my easel and brushes to capture your naked flesh for future schoolboys stuck in museums (part of the fantasy, of course, is that I would actually know how to paint). I’d call it: “Nude in the Afternoon: Upon Having a Lesbian(ish) Encounter in a Supermarket.” In any case, I hope your legs have stayed splayed and that your mind is thinking ahead towards more lusty adventures. Continue reading The Full Body Massage Experiment