Friday Fantasy: Special Delivery

Hot guy in a delivery fantasyRecently the site’s Your Fantasies Group has been a virtual laboratory of lust, with readers writing in with some of their most erotic hopes and dreams. A lot of it’s so good that it seems a shame not to share it with the wider world, so here’s a hot fantasy by reader PleasurePrinciple, who initiated us into a first installment of this fashion fantasy a couple of weeks ago.

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I headed back to my office after checking my watch. “Another late night,” I thought to myself: the hands displayed 6:12. This was nothing new. Since taking on these new accounts, I had been working later and later. The fashion world NEVER sleeps! Unfortunately for my assistant, that meant that she, too, had been working late. As I rounded the corner and approached her desk, I saw that tonight wasn’t going to be one of those nights where she took one for the team. She was standing with her Louis Vuitton bag resting at her side and her laptop case slung across her body.

She looked at me and apologized that she would be unable to stay any longer. Then she pressed a $20 bill in my hand. I told her I understood, and that she could go AFTER explaining what she was paying me for. She laughed and said that the money was a tip for the VERY handsome delivery guy in my office. She said that he had insisted that due to strict orders he could only leave the delivery with me. After confirming that security was still in the building, I dismissed her offer to stay until the delivery was made and watched as she headed for the elevators.

A million tasks danced through my mind as I walked towards my office. I also couldn’t help but wonder what swatch, contract, or invitation was so important that an evening delivery was in order. These thoughts fled my mind immediately as I stepped into my office, stopped in my tracks, and saw HIM standing there. My full lips were parted by a gasp. His response to this was an arched eyebrow. He looked as perfect as ever, swinging my freshly laundered shirt, which was now free of any signs of the wine he had spilled on it a couple of weeks ago. I thanked him for my shirt and hung it on one of the clothing racks parked in my office.

I watched as he slowly strolled around my office, taking it all in. I wasn’t sure if his intention was to simply return my shirt…or more. I don’t think I really cared what he wanted, because my body was screaming out a list of demands. So, as he perused my office, I made my way to the blinds to close them, and then I locked the office door.

The sound of the clicking lock caught his attention, and he turned to lean on my desk, folding his arms in that cocky way that I found sexy as hell. Looking around the office, he asked “So, this is where the magic happens, huh?” I slowly made my way to him – disrobing as I went, leaving a trail of clothing behind me. I told him I’d let him know after I was finished with him. In an instant I was before him on my knees, clawing at his slacks and working them down his thighs. I ran my lips over the outline of his hard cock before freeing it from his boxers. I licked my lips and slowly took it in, inch by inch, feasting on his delicious dick. With every stroke of my lips his moans grew more frequent until he let himself go, grabbing either side of my head and freely fucking my mouth. He plunged deeper and deeper, and I grew more aroused as I felt his cock tickle the back of my throat. I wanted him to cum; I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I needed to drink him in, all of him! He lost control as my teeth, through my lips, glided over the length of his cock, and my hand massaged his scrotum. My sucking grew deeper, and my eyes flew open with pleasure as I felt the warm release spill from him onto my tongue and down my throat. He was barely able to stand as he shouted a mangled version of my name. I was satisfied but wanted more. I continued to stroke his cock with my lips as he twitched from my relentless attention.

Looking up into his eyes, I saw a surge of fury. It was a mixture of satisfaction, desire and pure LUST! He pulled me to my feet and swiftly pushed me to the nearest wall. Lifting me, he wrapped my legs around his waist and began lowering me onto his STILL hard cock. My pussy was hot and super wet. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything. I cried out as he pushed beyond the resistance of my tightness and filled me with himself. We found a perfect rhythm of bouncing and rocking. It was like a perfectly orchestrated dance, and we were mastering it. His mouth furiously sucked at my breasts, greeting nipples that had stiffened from our contact. Our intertwined bodies journeyed closer and closer to what could only be described as heaven, and I was enjoying every moment of the climb. Our breathing quickened, and I felt a surge of electricity that sparked in my stomach and shot off violently in the direction of my pussy. His thrusts came quicker…harder….and then together we exploded. Sliding to the floor, we were spent, lost in each other, swimming in satisfaction….

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy: Special Delivery”

  1. Its funny, I have been reading these “chapters” in your story and been enjoying each of them a lot, but they have also captivated me in a way that left me wanting more…eager to read the next “installment”. To discover how your relationship with the mystery man with an unstoppable chemistry develops further and further… As a result, I realized that I haven’t been commenting or expressing my appreciation as often as I normally would!

    It is time to rectify that and let you know that your story is fantastic! Each part a perfect little interlude into the raw and instinctual and sometimes illogical nature of attraction. I plan not not leaving you wondering what I think with each additional installment (or any other fantasy or experience you care to share) going forward. Your writing is really tight and precise and arousing and this is a great story line for me. Thank you very much!!!

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