Friday Fantasy: Erotic Library

Erotic Library poseHere’s an erotic library fantasy with twist from sexy reader MrTinkertoys, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let him know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

The fog had not quite given up its grip on the dew soaked ground of the university campus. It took me back to days when I had been studying there. I had come for a cup of coffee and to catch up with a friend who had taken a faculty position.

As I waited for my friend at the cafe outside the main entrance to the library, I watched the ebb and flow of students as they made their way in and out of the library. Some would stop and grab a cup on their way to their first classes, needing a quick pick up for themselves before a long day of research and study. They would be back in a few hours for more. I always was.

I noticed a mousy brunette woman I figured to be an art student, based on the large portfolio she had with her. She hardly looked up from her moleskine-style notebook she was writing in with a great deal of focus. She was broken from her concentration by a woman who looked very stern in her presentation. I assumed she was a professor or an advisor of some sort. A group of pre-med students invaded the small adjacent space and boisterously discussed topics nobody else cared about….

When these students had finally filed off to their morning classes, the mousy art student and stern professor were gone. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the notebook the student had been so focused on, with a mobile phone, under the chair at the table where she had been sitting. They must have fallen out as she had rushed off to her next destination. I picked them up with the intention to turn them in at the lost and found. Just then my friend arrived, so I slipped them into my bag and sat down have our talk, making a mental note to turn them in as soon as I was done.

When I finally got home that night, I opened my bag to find that I had forgotten to turn in the phone and book. I was in the process of writing a note to remind myself not to forget to do this the next day, when the phone rang.

I decided to answer, figuring that it could be the phone’s owner looking for it. I said hello. “You found my phone,” came a female reply. I told her I had, as well as her notebook. She gasped or sighed – I couldn’t tell which – upon hearing I had the notebook. Her frantic tone turned reserved and almost shy…and she asked if I had read it. Her change in attitude puzzled me, and instead of confirming that I hadn’t opened it, for some reason I asked her what she thought I had done.

“You read it. I would have. I’m not really that person, I just need a place where I can get all of those thoughts and feelings out of my head. You must think I’m sick.…” Her reply just seemed to spill out into the phone. Now I was extremely curious about the notebook. I told her not to worry about what I thought, that the notebook had been in my possession all day so her “secrets” we’re safe with me. We made arrangements to meet at the cafe the next morning.

That night curiosity got the best of me, and I opened her notebook. The pages were filled with writings and drawings of submissive women in humiliating, embarrassing, and exposed situations. Short diary-like entries peppered the notebook, flavoring it with her own personal desires. She wanted to lose control, she wanted a strong man to give that control to, she wanted to live outside of the insecure shell she had built around herself.

That night I could not get this mousy girl out of my head. I thought about her and dreamt about her. By morning I knew I could not simply hand her phone and notebook back to her.

I arrived at the cafe a whole hour before her and got lost in the sights and sounds of the university campus as it came to life. Then I saw her – closed, reserved, and quiet as she made her way to my table. I stood and gestured to the empty seat. As she sat, a flush of rose spread immediately over her cheeks.

We sat silently for a moment trying to figure each other out. Finally I pulled her phone from my pocket and slid it across the table. She picked it up gingerly and looked at it for a long time. I imagined her steeling herself for what would come next. Without looking up at me, she meekly asked: “What about my notebook?”

Indeed, what about it, I thought. Then I committed myself to a course of action I had planned out when waking that morning.

“As you can imagine,” I began. “I read your notebook…and I now know your desires….”

The color surged back into her cheeks. I held the notebook up and asked if she really wanted the things in that journal. She sat there stunned and silent. I then made the first move in the strategy I had devised. I set a paper bag and her notebook in front of me and made my proposition.

“I am giving you a choice: you can take this bag, or take your notebook, but you can only take one. If you take the notebook, we will stand up and go our separate ways. If you take the bag, I will keep the notebook, in a safe place, and I will make sure you have the opportunity to live out the fantasies within…starting with the contents of that bag.”

With that I pushed both to the center of the table.

“Your move” I said

For five minutes she stared at the center of the table…before she reached out and took the paper bag.

Now it began. I asked her to give me a safe word. I told her that she could use it at anytime, and we would end our games. I would return her notebook, and we would return to our normal lives. She nodded, not yet looking up. Next I told her to go to the restroom and put on the panties that she would find in the bag. Next she was to come find me in the old reference wing of the library.

Twenty minutes later we were in a section of the library that few students entered anymore. It wasn’t deserted, but it was close. In a few weeks they would start moving the books to offsite storage in preparation for a major renovation.

I told her my name, but from this point on she should only call me “Sir”. Her name was Lily. I informed her that I would call her by many names, but today it would be her given name.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

I pulled a small remote out of my pocket and turned it on. A miniature vibrator in her panties began to work on her clit. She jumped and stifled a yelp.

“We’re going to play a little game of hide and seek,” I said and turned off the vibrator. I told her the effective distance of the remote was ten yards, and it would be in my book bag. I then told her to take off her shirt, skirt, and bra, and place them in the bag. Her cheeks again flushed red. Slowly, though, she disrobed and placed the items in the bag. She had a fabulous body – soft round breasts with small dark nipples, long shapely legs in thigh-high stockings. She was truly in need of something to break her out of her shell.

I turned the remote on, and she yelped again quietly. I dropped the remote into the bag and told her that once the vibrator stopped, I would be out of range, that I would then hide the bag somewhere in this wing and she would have to find it. The remote would stay on so she’d know when she was close. Then I dropped a card with an email address and told her to email me once she found her clothes.

“Now,” I said, “count backward from a hundred while I go hide the bag.”

She started counting, and I picked up the bag and walked away.

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  1. I really enjoyed this fantasy. Congratulations, MrTinkertoys, and thank you so much for sharing it. I have a little question about Lily if you don’t mind: does she look like any of the photos we have published these past days? 😉

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