Friday Fantasy: The Belly Dance Experiment

A sexy belly dance

Recently the site’s Your Fantasies Group has been a virtual laboratory of lust, with readers writing in with some of their most erotic hopes and dreams. A lot of it’s so good that it seems a shame not to share it with the wider world. Here’s a hot fantasy by reader Mallory.

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We were getting serious. After all, he had asked me to attend his friends’ wedding with him. That’s a sign that a relationship is moving another step, right? Anyway, it was a heartfelt ceremony, and the wedding was beautifully arranged. When the dancing started, a woman he had introduced me to earlier came over and asked to ”borrow” him for the dance floor…that it had been ”years” since he had danced with her and he ”must” give her a few minutes. I’m not a dancer, so I never suggested it. But what I witnessed on that dance floor changed all that. I also discovered that there was a different man hidden behind the bow tie and cufflinks.

I did not know that man on the dance floor. He and the woman had the entire party transfixed with their salsa dancing. Their hips swayed in perfect unison, and they stepped light and quick one minute, slow and sensuous the next. A dramatic thrust of an arm here, and a proud flick of hair there. I watched the sauciness of the woman, coming on to my guy. Who was this stranger, this stud flirting right back with her? They continued with rolling bodies and shimmying shoulders, gyrating close to each other. They were practically fucking on the floor while everyone looked on.

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind, and the sexiest stud at the wedding drove me home. We were quiet during the drive, but we could hear our hearts pounding. I was acutely shy and awkward all of a sudden, but also hot and excited. Lust was building, as if I was about to have a steamy one-night stand. He held my hand on the walk to my door. Once we were inside, I started tearing his clothes off. Right there, within a yard of the door, on the foyer rug, we bucked against each other, lifting our hips until we connected. This other side of this new man dove into me. My mouth was all over his body, licking up his sweat. I could not get enough of his new taste.

He was gone the next morning when I woke up. I was full of conflicted emotions in the aftermath of this intense, perhaps fleeting encounter. It was a few days before we saw each other again. We became newly uncomfortable with each other. Me, because he had become unfamiliar. He, because he had unveiled a part of himself. But I wanted more of this sensual side of him and encouraged him to take me dancing. Every time he did, I got to sample yet another flavor, and yet I felt more and more inadequate despite his reassurance that I had other talents he loved. I simply did not have the agility or the rhythm he had.

I was not an overachiever for nothing. I did some research and decided to learn belly dancing, the movements for which are largely in isolation. I proceeded with six months of clandestine lessons on simple foot patterns and basic rhythm, then adequately “mastering” the languid and lyrical movements of hips, arms, and I guess, the rest of my body.

I planned a private celebration for his birthday to include a revealing of my dancing secrets. I lit up my place with candles and got a huge pillow the size of a full bed for a proper sultan. I even managed to bribe a fellow dance classmate for a joint performance. I needed the moral support, and she danced so fluidly. There we were, two veiled but scantily clad belly dancers, pulling our astonished birthday boy by his arms, removing his jacket and tie and leading him to his front-stage seat. With the help of my friend, we gave a mesmerizingly seductive performance. I was sure he adjusted his pants a few times with the two of us moving our hips and breasts hypnotically, spinning the sultry veils. The two of us finished and collapsed onto the big pillow, chuckling, giving the birthday boy a kiss.

He turned to me then, his voice low and almost dizzy with lust, “GOD, honey, WOW. I …. just can’t believe you can dance like that, and did this for me.” He gave me a kiss so hard and deep that I tingled all the way down to my toes. Moments later, and before I could thank my pal, he turned and thanked her with his tongue down her mouth, which was agape with surprise. My eyes flew to hers, and hers to mine in utter shock. She must have decided in those couple of seconds that this was insanely hot. I watched her urgently kiss him back. I watched them kiss, the heat intensifying between them…and between my legs. I remember the raw lust rising from within me. I hooked one of my legs around his, while the rest of me slithered up to reclaim his mouth. My move left the rest of him open, and my lovely partner synced up with me and shimmied up onto him. We both started creating wavelike movements against his body. He quivered as he moved his head and mouth from me to her to me to her to me. She took the lead then, angling her hips to align with his erection, making circular and rolling motions on his cock. She teased him for quite some time before making way for me, for my pelvis to connect with him, for me to undulate and rock against him. I built up to vigorous vibrations on his pulsing cock. All that existed were lust and concupiscence pulling the three of us together. Her mouth, his mouth, my mouth, locked and kissing. Her body, his body, my body, our joint carnality intertwined and dancing.

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  1. I really like her determination to capitalize on this newly discovered aspect of his sexuality… and to such great effect! One has the feeling he is a very lucky man 🙂

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