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Sex with strangers: the result of The Business Card Experiment

Two strangers have hot lesbian sex.I heard my wife come in. I even heard the zip of her dress as her clothes fell to the floor. I was listening closely. I knew she had come in from my fantasy.

I sat for a while in my office, listening through the silence. Then she began to moan. I listened to her moaning to the unknown images that flickered through her mind, and I was instantly hard: both because my wife was in the living room naked and masturbating, and because the images were unknown. Sex with strangers? What had she gotten up to today? What man had put her in such a state? I wanted to know everything, and I wanted to know nothing at all. What I really wanted was to take her in wordless passion and see the unknown fantasies flit across her face. Continue reading Sex with strangers: the result of The Business Card Experiment

Shopping for Sex: her response to The Business Card Experiment

A woman shopping (for sex) with outrageous legs.Well you’re certainly getting creative! It’s always the little twist to your dares that makes them difficult (as I’m sure you know). I give my business card out to strangers every day (and now I’m worried/excited to think that I’ve given one to you at some point), but handing it over without explanation was another matter entirely. Not that it wasn’t terribly exciting! The first step, however, was to find some stranger hot enough to entrust with my cute little card (as well as the rest of cute little me!). I had lots of errands to run all over the place today, and as I did I was more aware of other people than I’ve been in a long time. It made me excited to assess their bodies so closely, and then to assess my own body for its reactions to the assessments. There was a lot of assessing going on out there! And my nipples were tingling and taut with the excitement of it all (showing clearly through my dress, I’m sure, so that I felt nearly as naked as I did during your first test). Continue reading Shopping for Sex: her response to The Business Card Experiment

The Business Card Experiment

A woman runs in a sexy skirt, and it's business time.Dear Mrs. Fantasy,

I can’t stop thinking about your orgy fantasy. As I walk down the street, every woman is you, and I let my eyes run over their breasts, their hips, their legs…. I pretend you’re naked before me, and then I slip into your orgy fantasy: your eyes are fixed with lust on your husband’s cock, and on the heaving breasts all around us, and I am behind you with some other man, having shed my clothes. My body is pressing up against yours, and you feel my cock tracing a line across the small of your back, then across your firm ass as it arches up towards me, and then my dick slips down between your legs, and although you do not know who it is behind you – you reach back to place a hand on my chest but do not turn to investigate further – we’re both too far gone to do anything but fuck, and fuck, and let our bodies be drawn down towards the floor as others watch with lust and envy. Continue reading The Business Card Experiment