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The World: the result of The Changing Room Experiment

A sexy wife with perfect legs.The world is always at a distance, and what happens out there can often seem like a strange performance through a plate of glass, less real than the thoughts that fire through our minds. Separation is the modern condition, and I find that it’s only in sex that the world and my mind collapse into one another and become unified.

This week, as Mr. X, I had read my wife’s sexy e-mail about her striptease adventure in the lingerie shop before I, as her husband, was introduced to the lingerie. It was the first time that I knew her response to an experiment before I experienced the “results” of the experiment. I had a vivid image in my mind of her wearing her new black silk bodysuit…and then one evening as I lay reading on the couch, she appeared in the same bodysuit, stepping into my mind’s image as neatly as she had described slipping into the suit itself. She stalked into the room like a cat, a sleek feline vision in lace. I put my book aside and studied her even more closely than the shopgirl had. Continue reading The World: the result of The Changing Room Experiment

Striptease: her response to The Changing Room Experiment

A hot woman shows her great ass in a changing room striptease.Dear Mr. X,

Well, I thought this little striptease was going to be your hardest challenge yet. Exposing myself to a delivery man was difficult, but that was just for an instant, and I could always shut the door if I wanted. But trying on lingerie (yes, lingerie– did you doubt I would ever choose anything else?) in a semi-public place seemed much harder, because I would have to keep myself out there for a while and stay seductive. I was extremely nervous. But then have I ever disappointed my horny monster X?

So lingerie it was, the nicest store in the center of town (sorry, that’s all the information you’ll get, although I will say that it’s the sort of place that sells very expensive little silk delicacies that are inevitably stripped off in seconds. In terms of price per minute enjoyed, they’re probably more expensive than caviar, but they do make an impression, and you know I like to make an impression). It was an unusually hot day, and by the middle of the afternoon, the activity out on the streets had slowed to a heat-induced crawl. I was feeling lazy and languid (and siesta-time horny), and so I decided to go for a stroll and see about fulfilling my obligations to you. Continue reading Striptease: her response to The Changing Room Experiment

The Changing Room Experiment

A hot woman shows her sexy body in a changing room.Dear Intrepid Voyager,

You want to know who that lone stranger in the basement of the sex shop was in your last experiment? It was me. And I’m still there, waiting, waiting, passing time by imagining all the adventures you and your new sex toy have managed to share since then. Please tell me you’re bringing your toys back to play with me.

Meanwhile, while I wait, I have a another project for you. Summer is coming, and I want you to go shopping: for lingerie, a body suit, a camisole, or a teeny bikini – something a woman puts on intending to take it off quickly. Continue reading The Changing Room Experiment