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I am a sex toy: her response to The Sex Shop Experiment

A woman shows her ass beneath a drawer full of sex toys.Dear Mr. X,

Did you miss me? I missed you. I wanted to send a postcard, or a sex toy, but then I don’t have your address, do I? So instead I thought of you and walked into a sex shop.

My chance to meet your sex challenge finally came one day when my sister went shopping. I told her that I wanted to stay home and read, and the second she drove away I changed into some sexy clothes and flew out the door. A few days earlier I’d spotted a sex shop not far from her place, and as I walked my excitement over what I would find there was almost unbearable. I had butterflies in my belly and a slightly burning crotch (ever so slightly, but distinctly there), and I thanked you for making it so fun in my head. Continue reading I am a sex toy: her response to The Sex Shop Experiment

The Sex Shop Experiment

A naked woman poses in profile.Dear Beautiful Loser,

I loved hearing about your (losing but winning) sex adventure out on the town with your husband. I would have loved to be there at the bar, sidling up close to you and considering the possibilities. But then I’ve promised to remain at a distance (alas), although I do occasionally come across you in unexpected ways.  For example, I was at a party last night and your name came up in relation to some of the work you’ve been doing.  I played dumb, of course, and said I’d only met you once or twice…but had found you charming.  What would’ve given me away, if anyone was paying attention, was the bulge in my pants that had appeared so emphatically that I feared it would rise clear out of my pants and walk off to order its own drink. We both needed a drink right about then. You do that to a man. Continue reading The Sex Shop Experiment