Talking Dirty: the result of The Phone Sex Experiment

A couple fucking in a 69 while talking dirtyWe’re in bed, we’re naked. My cock is hard and slipping up through her slick, split lips. I’m teasing her, refusing to enter, like a boat shallowly parting waters. I want her to beg. I want to hear her talking dirty in the way I know she’s been preparing to talk dirty.

“Christ please just fuck me please!

My tongue is at her nipples, teasing, and then it’s at her ear, flicking, whispering. “I’m not giving you enough? Huh? Maybe you should find a lover to give you all you need.”

The rhythm is broken almost imperceptibly: “You’d like that?”

“I’d love that. That would turn me on.”

“And you’d watch, wouldn’t you?” Her crotch arches up hard into mine.

“If there was something to see,” I say coolly.

Two can play this game, and she’s learned to play it. “Watch me taking his cock into my mouth? Watch me grabbing his hard ass and pulling him deep into my throat?” Her eyes close, and her mouth falls open for that cock.

“Oh, I’d have my own cock out for that. I’d be watching your pussy get wet and waiting for you to groan.”

She groans. She’s seeing it – the cock in her mouth and mine across the room. “Then I’d want him to take me from behind. I’d look back through my legs and see his cock just splitting me open.”

My dick is throbbing now, longing for the relief of her drenched cunt, but I wait, yes I wait. “Who is he? I’d want to watch anyone fucking you, but right now who do you see?”

Another hitch in the rhythm of our grinding, then softer: “[The neighbor].”

“Stroke your pussy and think of him. I know you’ve thought of it, so think of him just ravaging you and stroke your pussy.”

Her eyes close, and she groans. I feel her fingers frantically hook up into her sex, and her hard knuckles against the length of my cock. Soon even her knuckles are sopping wet. “You should fuck his wife too, and I want to try licking her pussy.”

“Happily, but now it’s just the three of us, and as he went on fucking you I’d take off the rest of my clothes, and walk over to the bed. I’d want you to suck my cock as he fucked you.”

“Oh god!” Her fingers go to my mouth, and I lick the slickness from them. “And then him too. Both of you in my mouth, one then the other, tasting you both. And then you behind me and him in front, both coming into me, your cocks just everywhere.”

I can’t take it anymore. I roll my hips back and hitch up into her drenched slit with a mad cry.

“I want it!” she screams. “I want everything!”

I fuck her like two men, three. She fucks me like everything.


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