Friday Fantasy: Volleyballing

Shower nudeHere’s a filthy erotic volleyball fantasy from reader andrewflemming, posted recently in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let him know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

We had just finished our final game of volleyball. Despite being 6’4″, I was absolutely miserable at it; I had the jumping capability of an orca and all the coordination of a blind Schnauzer. However, even though I had been put to shame by my friends, I’d still had an absolute blast: eventually I just gave up trying and accepted that all I knew how to do in volleyball was make a fool out of myself. So I did. I joked around, flopped on the ground, and performed all sorts of ridiculous maneuvers to try and get her to notice me.

The ”her” in question was Amber, a gorgeous blond who was a volleyball pro at my high school. Although her volleyball friends had no patience for my antics, she laughed at them, and I flushed at the thought of her noticing me.

Pretty soon the party was over, and it was time for people to start heading off. The motley assortment of sedans, trucks, and bikes in my driveway was soon whittled down to only a few.

The only people that remained were Amber and one of her best friends, Diana. Diana was thinner than Amber but her tits were comparatively the same size, and were nice and perky. She had straight black hair that was about shoulder length, deep brown eyes, and a winning smile. She and Amber stood in my living room as I finished seeing off one of my friends, David.

”So what are you guys still doing here?” I asked, hoping that they were planning on sticking around for a little while.

”Well, Diana and I are going to see that new Billy Elliot musical later tonight with my mom, and so we were wondering if we could possibly shower here so that we don’t show up to the theater all hot and sweaty.” They were both sweaty, and oh-so-hot. The sweat on Amber’s firm, smooth legs glistened, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes locked to hers.

”Oh, sure,” I blurted nervously, trying not to picture Amber in the shower. ”Amber, you can have the one in the upstairs bathroom and Diana can take the one down here if that’s okay.”

”Oh, that’s all right,” Diana grinned, her long black eyelashes gorgeously framing her deep brown eyes. ”We’ll share.”

At the thought of this my already perky cock transformed into a raging boner as warm blood shot into it. Desperately I put my hands in my pockets and flared out my shorts in an attempt to disguise my rock-hard manhood.

”Um, yeah,” I replied, trying to appear calm, ”that’s great. The upstairs shower is a little bit roomier.”

”Thanks, Andy,” they responded, as they brought their changes of clothes into the upstairs bathroom and shut the door.

I sat down in the living room, my mind filled with perverted thoughts and my dick still pulsating as blood rushed through it. Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I didn’t know what they were doing in the shower but I had to get a look.

The first challenge was getting past the lock. Thankfully, with the use of a knife I was able to turn the lock through the doorknob, a trick that I had learned years earlier. The next step was opening the door widely enough to get a good look, but narrowly enough to avoid suspicion. Eventually I achieved that and gazed through. To my disappointment, they had opted to use the shower curtain, a detail I had forgotten in my lusty haste. But despite that I could still barely make out their lithe forms as they ran their hands down their bodies and, eventually, each other.

I could hardly believe my eyes. From their blurry, shadowy forms behind the shower curtain I could make out the unmistakable signs of intercourse. Pretty soon I saw Diana crouch and pull her long black hair back, her tongue positioned perfectly to penetrate Amber’s pussy. By now, my shorts were around knees and my dick was in my hand, and I tugged it mercilessly and felt a hot rush as I watched these two vixens writhe around with each other in my shower. I got going so fast that I accidentally lurched forward, and my lowered shorts caused me to stumble clumsily through the bathroom door.

The ruckus was immense and the shower curtain was immediately drawn back as Amber and Diana turned to stare at the intruder. Words can hardly describe that moment as I saw their beautiful bodies bare all in front of me. I saw droplets of water cascading in slow-motion down Amber’s perfect breasts, her pink nipples wonderfully hard. My eyes were then drawn to Diana’s body, and they quickly became fixated on her gorgeous, shaven pussy. Despite being a pornography provocateur, I had never seen a snatch to equal hers.

I lay there on the ground with my throbbing cock in my hand for what felt like hours, as Diana and Amber and I stared at each other. Eventually Diana broke the silence.

”Andy… please… you can’t tell,” she said, her eyes starting to water as she thought about what her secret could cost her. Amber put her arm around her friend’s shoulder and gave me an almost angry stare.

”I’m sorry,” I said, getting up and thrusting my dick back into my pants. ”I really didn’t mean to…I’m just….” With that Amber stormed out of the shower and slammed the bathroom door behind me, her tits bouncing at her ferocious motion.

For a brief second she glowered at me, and I was afraid for my life. Then the next thing I knew, she had engulfed my mouth in hers, her gorgeous pink lips practically sucking on my face. I drew back, not out of disgust, but out of pure disbelief. Next thing I knew, she had torn my shorts to the ground, once again exposing my manhood. She then pulled off my white tanktop, exposing my embarrassing farmer’s tan. She scowled at me and pointed to the shower. ”Get in there, mister!” she said, her deep blue eyes etching holes into my skull. I could hardly believe her, but I wasn’t going to argue.

Next thing I knew I was standing in my shower, sandwiched between two of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen in my life. Amber, showing a side of her that I had never known, reached into her backpack and extracted a squirt bottle of lube. Brushing past me, running her breasts across me and teasing my skin with her nipples, she offered the bottle to Diana, who took it, crouched, and immediately shot it up into Amber’s plump ass. The lube must have been cool, because Amber gasped as Diana squirted more and more of it up into her. Finally , Amber turned around and bent over, and Diana stood up, so that Amber’s head was beautifully positioned in Diana’s crotch. This offered me Amber’s beautiful, clean asshole, from which lube had begun to flow. Amber gingerly kissed Diana’s clitoris and then swung around to face me. ”Take it, you fucking asshole,” she growled, but with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or her actual asshole, but in either case I thrust my now-screaming cock into her.

Words cannot describe the pleasure that rocked my entire skeleton as I thrust into her and pulled out of her at a rapidly-accelerating pace. All of the muscles in my body seemed to tense up and work in overdrive as I penetrated her plump, curved ass. The experience was made all the more wonderful because of the gorgeous view I was getting of Diana’s beautiful body as Amber ate out her pussy. Eventually Amber had Diana gasping, I had Amber moaning, and Amber had me about to scream.

What came next almost happened in slow-mo. I felt myself coming, so I pulled out and my cock instinctively angled up. Then, my whole body seized as all my muscles tensed, and it felt like all of the blood in my body rushed to surround my cock.

That moment lasted ages, as I took in the incredible sight before me. Diana had her head angled down to get a good look at Amber licking her ripe, pink pussy, and Amber had her head tilted up to meet Diana’s eyes. Then, Diana slowly looked up and our eyes locked. I stared for what seemed like ages into those gorgeous brown eyes, and my heart went into my throat as I saw a devilish grin start to pull at the corners of Diana’s pink lips.

Then the moment was over, and a full load of warm, sticky semen erupted from my cock, making a white, hot racing stripe along Amber’s back. The intensity of the orgasm made my whole body lurch, and with my lack of balance I fell forward, my body falling onto Amber’s, and Diana falling next to me so that I felt the warmth of their bodies all around me. Time slowed once again as explosions of pleasure rocked my entire being. All I saw around me was nakedness, lithe legs, gorgeous feet, tantalizing hips, supple breasts, both kinds of lips, wet manes of hair, and those sexy, sexy eyes.

The rest of the tryst was a blur. I remember clambering out of the bath and sitting in a stupor on my bathroom floor as I watched Amber and Diana bring each other to climax. I remember the two of them drying off and dressing in front of me as I watched, still in a stupor. I have a vague recollection of Diana imploring me not to tell anyone, and of Amber commanding me to keep my mouth shut. But what I remember best was what Diana said as she and Amber exited the bathroom.

”This was fun. We should do it again, sometime.”

Yes indeed, Diana. Yes indeed.

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