The Airplane Experiment

A hot woman walking anticipates airplane sexLong Distance Lady,

I keep picking up the phone, hoping to hear you telling me to do something dirty on the other end of the line, but I just keep getting dial tones that won’t tell me how bad I’ve been.

And yet, as I pine away, I glimpse new possibilities. The holidays are here, and I spy the prospect of you jetting off somewhere to see family and friends and sit on Santa Claus’s lap. So this experiment is a conditional one: follow its instructions to the letter if you do find yourself on a plane, and if you don’t, well…then just come sit on my lap.

Air travel: formerly glamorous, now as degrading as a doctor’s exam for an unpleasant condition. Do cattle have raging libidos? I doubt it, because every time I’m treated like one, my libido vanishes. So this is your mission, Beauty: restore sex appeal to the 747 and save humankind from airborne celibacy.

The challenge is not as daunting as it seems, particularly when one is equipped with your formidable sexual arsenal. Your first step will be to find the peace of mind to let your desires begin to creep down the aisles. Maybe you wait till a pause in the relentless service, or until the lights are turned out – then let yourself relax and find a lust object (or two). Maybe you spotted them while waiting in the terminal. Maybe you fell into line behind them while boarding. All that matters is that they be within sight as you begin the experiment. Maybe you’ll want to choose the aisle seat to facilitate lusting.

Once you have this person targeted (even an arm or a cheek will do), I want you to imagine everything you would do to this person, and everything this person would do to you. Pick a location, pick an atmosphere, pick a fetish, pick a surprise. Tell me about it. Do not hold back.

Is the sex fantasy rolling now? Have you imagined reaching out to put hand to flesh, and have you taken something into your mouth? Very good. Now get up from your chair and go to the bathroom. Again, you will likely want to do this at a moment when the plane has quieted. I imagine it will be crowded for the holidays, and you will want to to have the bathroom (and your sex fantasy) to yourself for at least a while.

So: privacy at last! Close the bathroom door behind you, and now here’s the catch, the little detail that will keep me up at night for the next week or so, like a kid waiting for Christmas: do not lock the door.

Move your underwear to your knees, move your stockings too if you’re wearing them, and put your fingers to your dream-moistened pussy. Fondle yourself towards ecstasy, but do not lock the door.

This, my Sexy Elf, is my Christmas gift to you. What’s that? Me? What would I like? You really shouldn’t. Your Mr. X is a simple man with simple needs: And all I want for Christmas is to hear what comes next when the doors are unlocked and you’ve got sex on your hands.


X (mas)


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9 thoughts on “The Airplane Experiment”

  1. LOVE IT! I often use the ‘getting caught out’ scenario as my money shot when I am playing so this appeals to me very much. Cant wait to see if Mrs X rose to the challenge….I absolutely cant see that she didnt!

    1. I love that you find the idea of being “caught out” to be such a turn on! I am intrigued about how shameless you might be if someone can upon you in such a position? How does your favorite “money shot” moment play out in your fantasies (or in real life if you have been so lucky?). How wanton and apparent would you make your lustful moments? Are you leaning back, clothes fully open/pulled up, legs spread and putting on a show so that when the moment arrives, the unsuspecting voyuer not only can infer but can plainly see what you are doing? What is your reaction as the door opens (stop and try to act normal, stop but remain exposed and on display, ignore the person keep going and continue as if the door were closed, or look directly at the person while they process what they are seeing and then resume/keep going?). Could the moment of exposure send you over the top, or is it the increadibly sexy thoughts as you process what just happend that does it? Inquiring minds want to know how a slutty little exhibitionist thinks/feels and it seems you may be able to provide some answers. I can’t wait to turn the handle and pull back the door on your dirty little mind! Breathlessly awaiting your thoughts…

      1. Mmmmm so you want dirty details do you? I dont think I have ever been caught out, at least not knowingly but in my head I would love the last reaction to be mine should it ever happen. In the case of the toilet scenario, I would be stood, facing the mirror, one knee on the toilet lid and the other foot on the floor watching myself, pants around my ankles so no disguising what I am doing. If the door opened I would look through the mirror at the person on the other side to gage their reaction, hopefully they would smile or at least acknowledge the dirty deed and allow me to continue but more than likely they would mumble an apology and close the door. Either way I would carry on to orgasm and flash them a smile on my way past. I dont know if the surprise would tip me over the edge because it has never happened, I sometimes close my eyes and imagined I am being watched which certainly does do it for me so maybe it would! Maybe one day I will find out and maybe, just maybe I will tell you about it! 😉

        1. This is a scenario I have often thought about whilst travelling on the train – those big curved automatic doors that slowly open for the big reveal! Anywhere with unisex toilets is ripe with possibilities, as are swimming pools where they have a mixed ‘changing village’ where there could be something interesting going on in the next cubicle… Mmm indeed! 😀

          1. Never have the words “Comments Section” sounded so sexy to me. You two (three?) need to get a room. Better yet: an airplane bathroom.

          2. Lol….you had to say train didn’t you P2SU? 😉

            Think it might be a tight squeeze to get three in an airplane bathroom but I bet it would be fun trying!

        2. Mmmmm…your words have “occupied” more than the loo for this poor passenger! Henceforth, I have resolved to go to the bathroom much more frequently on planes (and trains, and unisex bathrooms and “changing villages”) from this point on and I also must rethink my otherwise gentlemanly habit of looking down and quickly shutting the door upon realizing the “room” is in use. Maybe that is a lesson to slow down and look more closely at everything in life.

          Thank you for sharing how it plays out in your dreams and considering how you might feel if it could happen in real life. I will try to pose some more thoughts on exhibitionist scenarios soon so we can prod your imagination further.

          P.S. I love the long slow stare in the reflection (a decidedly cinematic twist-your only reaction being to glace u…) that would make it so much more realistic to hold your position while making eye contact and observing the reaction.

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