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0023CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her most recent experiment from Mr. X.

Dear Mr. X,

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying our little game. Last month your challenge brought me out of my comfort zone, yet allowed me to feel an intense pleasure from my own daring that I never dreamed possible. This month’s dare proved even more exciting because it brought my lover into the equation. There’s nothing more delicious than doing something naughty, especially when the result is now out there for the world to see.

It happened last Thursday night. My boyfriend and I had an early dinner out, and came home to an empty house. Our roommates had gone on vacation, which gave us some much needed time for ourselves. It was an uncommonly cold evening, and the hard tile floor of our bedroom prompted us to get into bed early. We snuggled beneath the covers with our bodies pressed close together, enjoying the warmth. His fingers slid through my hair as his toes brushed lazily against mine. Neither of us were tired enough to sleep.

In the dim light, I could only make out the outline of his head on the pillow. My lips sought his, and he welcomed the soft kisses. Enjoying his lips and his breath mingling with mine, I felt my body awaken. Familiar desire for him flowed through me. My fingers stroked the plane of his stomach before seeking the sensitive tips of his nipples. Circling them lightly caused him to let out a moan.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” He asked as he bucked his hips forward so that I could feel the evidence of his arousal.

“I think you know,” I answered playfully. My fingers continued to lightly travel over his chest.

“I must not have done my job earlier,” he said, referencing how he’d fucked me senseless in the shower that afternoon.

“Oh, you did. I just want more. I’m greedy, after all.”

He chuckled.

The pads of his thumbs traced my nipples then, drawing a gasp from me, as little jolts of electricity fired through them. Enjoying the attention, I leaned back, allowing him to cup my breasts. He fondled them, weighing them in his hands.

“Any special requests?” he asked, as he kissed the tips of my breasts.

I bit my lip, thinking about the challenge I’d received for the month, and how I hadn’t yet brought it up. I decided to test the waters. “Well, there’s this one thing. You know how I’ve been doing dares every month?”

He sucked in a breath of air quickly. “Yes. Do you have another one?”

“Yeah. Although for this one, I actually could use your help.”


“My challenge is actually to accept a dare from my lover,” I said, “and to write about it. If you’re okay with that, of course.”

“What kind of dare?”

“I’m not sure. I think it can be something you come up with. Is there anything you’ve secretly been wanting to do with me? Any crazy fetish I don’t know about?”

He pulled me closer, and began kissing my neck.

“Well,” he murmured, “there is this one thing. I don’t think you remember us talking about it because it was pretty early in our relationship. Remember when you said you’d never been much of an exhibitionist, but you always thought it would be hot to have someone watch you?”

I vaguely recalled the conversation. “Yeah – sort of. What do you have in mind?”

“What if we made a little video, not showing our faces, of course. We could put it online – just for a few days.”

“Are you serious?” I felt a flash of self-conscious horror at the thought.

“It’s just an idea. Don’t you think it would be a little fun? We could do it so it was totally anonymous. Then you could read all the comments by the horny guys on the internet who want to fuck you.”

“I doubt anyone wants to watch me.”

He laughed then. “Honey, you don’t know how guys think. If I saw a video of a girl that looked like you, I’d definitely fap to it.”

“Well, aren’t you the romantic one,” I snorted.

Images raced through my mind as we continued to banter. I wondered what we would look like on camera – would we even look good?

“You know, we don’t have to do it live. We could just film it for ourselves, watch it, and then decide what to do,” he suggested.

His fingers left my breasts, and slid down my stomach, past the neat triangle of hair guarding my sex, to seek out my clit. He rubbed it experimentally for a second before dipping his fingers further down.

“Someone’s wet,” he murmured.

I felt his rock hard cock jutting into the soft flesh of my thigh, and the little bit of wetness seeping from it.

“Guess that makes two of us,” I replied, wrapping my fingers around his dick.

His cock twitched in my hand.

“So what do you say?”

My heart was fluttering in my chest. A wild impulse took control of me. “Let’s do it. Right now. Before I change my mind.”

I could tell he was smiling, even in the dark.

He slid out of bed, and turned on the lights.

I was naked beneath the covers, yet I still felt exposed. Raw sexual energy surged between the two of us as we exchanged glances. This was uncharted territory to both of us, but was all the more exciting because of it.

He pulled out our well-loved Nikon, and fiddled with the settings on it before placing it on the TV stand at the end of our bed.

I watched as he tested the angle by taking a few practice shots. He ended up placing two books beneath the camera in order to capture our encounter.

“It’s set up. I was thinking it might be best if we do this from the side. I could stand at the end of the bed, and you face the wall on your knees. If you keep your hair down, it will hide your face.”

I nodded, disentangling myself from the sheets. Feeling excited, yet nervous, I positioned myself on my knees. I let my hair cover the right side of my face, hiding my identity from anyone who might watch the video.

My boyfriend positioned himself behind me. His hands rubbed the curves of my ass in appreciation, before his fingers found my entrance. He probed gently, and they sank inside easily. My pussy was sopping wet, and needed little encouragement. He fingered me for a few minutes though, until I was moving my body back and forth, aching for deeper contact.

Suddenly he withdrew his fingers, and in one push, buried his cock deep inside of me. I moaned loudly, loving the full feeling.

Feeling my lover’s firm body behind me, taking me, with his solid thighs hitting the back of my legs was intoxicating. There’s nothing hotter than a man taking a woman like this, while she’s on her knees, vulnerable and exposed. I’ve always loved submissive positions, and the lack of control they provide.

I closed my eyes, and fantasized that we were on a bed in the middle of a vast room filled with rows of seats. Every seat was taken by a man, but I couldn’t make out any of their facial features because they were bathed in shadow. They all had their zippers open, their turgid cocks pointing straight up toward the ceiling. They watched enviously, stroking their hard cocks wishing they were behind me, drilling into my wet pussy.

I moaned into the bed as the fantasy took over, and I dreamed that not only were they watching me, but they each got to come up onto the dais, and take a turn. I imagined I was a dirty slut, being used and fucked in front of so many strangers. I wondered how it would feel, having load after slippery load filling my wet cunt.

My boyfriend gripped my hips hard then, pulling me back onto his cock as he rocked forward. I felt him tense, and then groan as found his release.

While still inside of me, my boyfriend reached down between our sweaty bodies, and took my clit between two of his fingers. He manipulated it as he had many times before in just the right way, causing me to cry out in pleasure. The expansive feeling of his still-hard cock lodged inside of me, holding back the fountain of his cum as he played with the most sensitive part of my body, had me gripping the sheets with my hands, and panting out as I came. The feeling was so excruciatingly exquisite, it took several seconds before I could properly breathe.

My boyfriend withdrew as I stayed in position. I heard the sound of the camera being turned off.

I moved toward the head of the bed, and slid beneath the covers. He carried the camera over, and handed it to me so that he could climb in next to me.

“Do you want to watch?” he asked.

I was curious too to see what we looked like.

We settled back against the headboard, and he found the file. We watched ourselves on the tiny screen. The first thing I noticed was the side of my body, pale in the white lighting of our room, my breasts hanging down in front of me nearly touching the bed. My long hair completely covered my face.

I watched my boyfriend admiringly as he came into the frame. His hard cock bobbed up and down gently as he positioned himself behind me.

I watched our bodies move with fascination. I found myself mesmerized, watching the flex of his hips, as he rocked forward into me. It was clear that I was enjoying it too, as I was moaning loudly, gripping the sheets in front of me.

I never realized how animalistic our lovemaking was, how rough. Yet it was interspersed with gentle caresses that I barely recalled, being so focused on the pleasure radiating through the center of my core. It was a revelation, and watching it made me want to fuck again.

I took the camera from his hand, and placed it on the bedside table. Straddling my surprised lover, I reached between us to tease his cock until it was stiff once again. He didn’t protest as I placed it at my entrance, and took him inside of me. I closed my eyes, riding him with my hands flat against his chest. I felt wild, free, and uninhibited. I was a goddess – a powerful, sexual woman, and I loved it.

My orgasm came suddenly. My pussy contracted so hard that his cock was pushed out of my body. The waves that rocked me felt like heaven and hell at the same time, painful in their intensity, yet exquisitely pleasurable. I fell forward limply into his arms, sweating. He kissed my damp forehead.

We both fell into a blissful sleep afterward, the kind that can only be had after an incredible lovemaking session.

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I thought of was the camera. I was dying to know if it would affect someone else as it had me. Later that day, my boyfriend and I uploaded it on a popular website. Within a few hours, we had 30 comments on the video, and many requests for more footage.

Thank you so much, Mr. X, for this month’s dare. It was a wonderfully exciting experience. I cannot wait to see what you will have for me next.

Waiting with bated breath,


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  1. Okay, CC, where is the link to the video?! I dare say, if you posted anonymously for total strangers to view, we deserve to be in on this. We want to see! We want to see!

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