The Known Experiment

The erotic novel The Known Experiment, the hottest erotica of the year.I love sex, and I love to write, but until I decided to put up this blog, I had never specifically written about sex. Turns out I enjoy it. Yes, it turns out that I’ve immensely enjoyed the new sexual adventures my wife and I have had because of this blog (surprise, surprise), but writing about those adventures and publishing them for you to read has been almost as exciting. We’ve been daring – she much more than I – but our adventures must be fit into the patterns of our lives. And while it’s true that I often find myself feeling like a fictional character when I “play” Mr. X, I’ve found myself wanting to create more characters and to arrange them in even more unbridled erotic configurations. So I started playing around with fiction…and now I’ve got a book. Here’s a summary:

“Beautiful Katharine Bright has always played by the rules. When she arrives in Paris to work at an auction house, however, she begins to break a few, amusing herself with innocent sexual dares. Then her elegant boss disappears, and she is drawn into a shocking Parisian underworld of unimaginable erotic possibilities. Is the priceless Kama Sutra she discovers a clue to the mystery? And is she investigating a shadowy group of sexy individuals, or are they investigating her? To answer these questions, Katharine will need to be more than just a detective. She will have to confront her deepest sexual desires. The result is an adventure that will redefine the rules forever….”

Sound like your kind of woman? Sounds like mine.

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