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The Known Experiment: Erotica Available Now

The erotic novel The Known Experiment, the hottest erotica of the year.First of all, I can’t even begin to describe what’s going on in there. Illicit messages…photo dares…virtual three-ways…pirate fantasies. By ”in there” I of course mean in The Sex Experiment social network, which was inaugurated just over a month ago as a new way to meet friends, dare strangers, admit fantasies, share photos, and talk dirty. The results of this experiment have exceeded my wildest dreams (and my dreams do tend to run wild). In the Your Fantasies Group, you’re thrusting yourselves into each other’s dreams with abandon. You’re taking it all off in the Photo Orgy Group. And a whole lot of you are reading new erotic novel, The Known Experiment. If you haven’t joined us yet, now’s the time to do it. Continue reading The Known Experiment: Erotica Available Now

The Known Experiment

The erotic novel The Known Experiment, the hottest erotica of the year.I love sex, and I love to write, but until I decided to put up this blog, I had never specifically written about sex. Turns out I enjoy it. Yes, it turns out that I’ve immensely enjoyed the new sexual adventures my wife and I have had because of this blog (surprise, surprise), but writing about those adventures and publishing them for you to read has been almost as exciting. We’ve been daring – she much more than I – but our adventures must be fit into the patterns of our lives. And while it’s true that I often find myself feeling like a fictional character when I “play” Mr. X, I’ve found myself wanting to create more characters and to arrange them in even more unbridled erotic configurations. So I started playing around with fiction…and now I’ve got a book. Here’s a summary: Continue reading The Known Experiment