Truth: her response to the Truth or Dare Experiment

Sexy legsSometimes truth gets in the way of Truth or Dare. Here’s a sampling of some lines from e-mails exchanged by my wife and “Mr. X” over the past couple of weeks:

Her: “Sorry I’ve been slow to get back to you on this dare. I’m incredibly excited by (and leaning towards taking “dare” in case you hadn’t guessed), but I’ve been all over the place these days and haven’t found the proper time or mindset to accomplish your mission for me. More soon.”

X: “Understandable, luscious one. As I wrote to you, there are high tides and low tides, and you can’t have one without the other. Big kisses all over that dreamy body of yours, and may the perfect Truth or Dare situation come to you when the high tide is crashing.”

Her: “X, I miss our exchanges so much. I miss having you – or at least your dares – on my mind all day long, and making me wet with the thought. Those moments are precious these days, and I relish them. I just haven’t had too much time for the moments. So yeah, it’s low tide, and at some point magic will happen and I’ll play this dare. Otherwise everything is good and I hope for you too.”

X: “Don’t worry, beauty. Fun should never be a burden, and I know that soon enough we’ll keep having our strange sort of fun. I’m thinking about the night sky in the summer. You know when you try to scan the sky for a falling star, you never find one, but it seems that whenever you stop searching, one falls out of the corner of your eye? I think adventures are like that, too. Sometimes you can’t seek them out. Sometimes you have to wait and let them fall out of the corner of your eye.”

So this response to the Truth or Dare Experiment is not really a response….

The other truth is that I’ve been just as busy as my wife these days, off on extended trips that make returns home more about romance than sexual madness. That’s wonderful, too, of course, and in my opinion the spirit of this blog from the beginning has been more about romance than mere fucking (though there’s a lot to be said for mere fucking). We reunite, then I’m off again, or she’s off someplace else. Meanwhile an interesting challenge is presented: as my wife’s husband, I’m currently an over-busy man, but then my wife’s X really shouldn’t coincidentally find himself busy at the same time. So X has kept flirting, gently, in e-mails here and there, and as always she flirts back. Reassure yourselves: “their” relationship is strong, as is “ours” – we just haven’t had the time one needs to ease oneself into a dare.

So here’s the plan. There is nothing worse in sex and fantasy than forcing a moment, so I’m not going to push the dares again until the end-of-year holidays are over. That will take us through this busy period to a calmer, sexier stretch of months.

In the meantime, there’s always Mona, of course. I’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails with her, and she’s as “up” as ever, but she’s been overwhelmingly busy, too (there’s something in the air, it seems – are all of you manically running around like us?) But surely Mona will respond to a proposal over the coming weeks, though I’m too busy to flutter my eyelashes and flirt her into it, and again, these are things you don’t force.

However, I will definitely keep posting the best of the incredible dares and fantasies that are being posted by readers of the site in the Your Fantasies and Your Experiments groups. I’ve discovered some amazing writers there, and some amazing, unhinged fucking. There are also a lot of “experiments” flying around in there, and bold sexual adventurers reporting back on their “accomplishments”. If you’ve got a dare, or want a dare, that’s the place to find them.

And here’s an idea: you’ve got the Truth or Dare Experiment. Why not finish it yourselves and report back on the site or in the comments section.

Finally, if these days you find yourself pacing the floors, pining away for a bit more Sex Experiment, I sincerely recommend you pick up my new novel, The Neighbor Experiment, for just $3.99. You can find it on the Experimental Books page, which groups together everything I’ve published. I’ve said it before, but it’s by far the sexiest thing I’ve ever written. Sometimes I could swear that the computer was blushing. Sometimes I could swear that I was blushing.

Thanks as always for reading, commenting, and contributing here. It’s still such a kick for me when I make a sexy new friend, and my brain is always whirring with the next dare, and the next, and the next….

We’ll have all of them and more.

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