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Fortune cookie erotica: the result of The Delivery Man Experiment

A sexy couple fucks after the hot wife exposes herself to a delivery man.So my wife has turned out to be an exhibitionist, and I’ve turned out to really like it. I’ve always liked the looks she gets from men when we’re out together – they undress her with their eyes, just as I occasionally do to their girlfriends or wives. The thrill is in imagining crossing the borders we place around our lives, but my goal is to set new borders for us out at the far edge of imagination, and watching my hot wife reveal herself to a stranger was out there in the realm of pure erotica. The problem is that the border is always shifting, and now I want more! Continue reading Fortune cookie erotica: the result of The Delivery Man Experiment

Chinese (balls): her response to The Delivery Man Experiment

A naked woman greets a delivery man in a doorway.Dear Mr. X,

Bastard! I really didn’t think I could pull this experiment off, and I almost fainted trying. You’re not going easy on me, are you, mister? Ha! I half-wondered whether when the delivery man showed up, it would be you in disguise. Not that this would have been any easier.

Everything started smoothly. When I got home from work I told my husband that I felt like Chinese, which is nothing unusual, and then I called in our order (to a place we almost never use) and hopped into the shower. Continue reading Chinese (balls): her response to The Delivery Man Experiment

The Delivery Man Experiment

A hot wife prepares to flash the delivery manDear Lady X,

I loved reading your sexy e-mail, and I hope I’m not going too far if I say that I am one of the many men you’ve made hard over the past few days. I didn’t know what to expect from this experiment, but since it started I have hardly been able to think of anything else. But please be reassured: I give you my word that I will always remain discreet, and I promise again that as desirable as I find you, this is not some secret plot to get you into bed myself. I promise to remain at a distance. So with that out of the way…“dare” it is!

Good news. You’re ordering delivery for dinner tonight. Chinese, Indian, pizza – whatever you’re in the mood for. Hell, extra cheese if you’d like. Easy, right? Here’s the catch, and please follow these instructions step by step: explain your husband that you feel like ordering out, and then you make the call yourself. Continue reading The Delivery Man Experiment