The Business Card Experiment

A woman runs in a sexy skirt, and it's business time.Dear Mrs. Fantasy,

I can’t stop thinking about your orgy fantasy. As I walk down the street, every woman is you, and I let my eyes run over their breasts, their hips, their legs…. I pretend you’re naked before me, and then I slip into your orgy fantasy: your eyes are fixed with lust on your husband’s cock, and on the heaving breasts all around us, and I am behind you with some other man, having shed my clothes. My body is pressing up against yours, and you feel my cock tracing a line across the small of your back, then across your firm ass as it arches up towards me, and then my dick slips down between your legs, and although you do not know who it is behind you – you reach back to place a hand on my chest but do not turn to investigate further – we’re both too far gone to do anything but fuck, and fuck, and let our bodies be drawn down towards the floor as others watch with lust and envy.

Maybe your friend Mona is there (how I’d like to meet her – she seems almost as sexually uninhibited as you!), and maybe she’s sucking your husband’s cock while glancing lasciviously out of the corner of her eye at your handled body. I know she’s got somebody’s cock in her mouth – that much is certain – and I’d like to watch her at it as I take you anonymously from behind. That’s my fantasy, at least. And I know I’ve promised that it can never happen.

I want to be more direct with you now. I want to skip straight to the orgy, but I know that we are building something together, and my pleasure is as much in watching you slowly become a sexual force as it is in imagining your orgies (which will come someday, I’m convinced, and which I will do everything in my power to eventually bring about). So for this challenge I want you to imagine one of those anonymous men who pressed their body to yours in your orgy fantasy, and then I want you to find that man. As you go about your day, as the fantasy keeps flitting through your mind, I want you to keep your eyes open for the man capable of stepping into the fantasy and driving you mad with desire. Is it his face that makes your body tingle? His body? His eyes? Or even a suggestive detail as seemingly insignificant as a pair of strong hands, or the way he walks with confidence? Now it’s business time. Once you’ve found him, once you can imagine him taking you, I want you to walk up to him and hand him your business card (I’ll admit that I know enough about you to know that you will have one, but do not be afraid of that). You may strike out any information on the card that you feel could be compromising, but he must be able to read your name and phone number. Another condition: you may not say a word. You may wink, smile, or show absolutely no emotion at all if you choose, but you cannot explain yourself. You cannot speak. Hand him the card and walk away. He will be watching your ass as you go, and it is my hope that you will find the sexual calm to enjoy the feel of his eyes on you, and to let the sensation warm you with desire.

But that’s not all, my little adventurer. As soon as you get home (will he have called by now?), I want you to take off all your clothes, splay yourself over the nearest furniture, because it’s business time again. I want you to masturbate while fantasizing about this man fucking you. Imagine all of him in detail – his lips, his chest, his cock, his legs – and then imagine the feel of him inside of you, and what makes his lovemaking different from your husband’s, and what he does that turns you on the most. Imagine this man, and only this man. Hold onto the image of him. Imagine his kisses, and his hands all over your body. Imagine what would happen if your husband saw you like that.

You should not have hidden yourself away to masturbate in private, I should add. If your husband is at home (and I hope he will be), then he may well walk into the room and be surprised by the sight of you naked and fingering yourself, groaning with lust at the thought of the mystery man inside of you. And then something else will happen. Will your husband take you right then and there? Will you whisper something dirty in his ear? Will the phone ring? I can’t wait to find out.


Mr. X

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11 thoughts on “The Business Card Experiment”

  1. I like this one. It’s not too risqué for her to do, but it’s suitably tongue-in-cheek, and the simplicity of it probably allows for the most interesting results! I’m interested in seeing her response to this…

    1. Thanks, Loverboy. I think you’re absolutely right. There seem to be two types of experiments: those that are successes if you can simply pull them off, and those that are successes if you can pull them off right. This is one of the latter, but the simpler ones are by no means less interesting. At least that’s what I hope!

  2. I’ve never had the nerve – but I suppose those shops can’t be too scary, can they? Hmmm, what should I pick up to enjoy with my husband? Suggestions?

    1. I assure you they aren’t scary at all. If you do get that feeling from it then just find another one. They are always clean and you really can’t be embarrassed because everyone else is there for the same reason! 😛 I’ve actually gone into one on a first date, (and walked out with some purchases). So don’t fret. As for what to get, well you should get whatever turns you on. Don’t hesitate to ask someone who works there if a vibrator is strong or not, they will often test it out right there. My suggestions for some fun couples toys would be a really strong bullet vibrator or a good vibrating cock ring, (trust me your husband with have an amazing orgasm!)

      Enjoy 😉

    2. Am not sure what city you live in, but all the big cities have some really wonderful stores that are manned by ladies and they can explain anything and everything that you ask.

      Here is Paris, there is a sex shop in one of the Grand Magasins.

  3. Scary? No. Maybe you could even take him along. If he’s not as adventurous as you are, I’d say follow along with the wife’s experiment, more or less. Forget about your husband for a moment and find something that turns you on. Then surprise him by using it on yourself without introduction, as if he’s not in the room. For me one of the sexiest sights in the world is a woman lost in the pure sexiness of herself. Whether he just watches, or eventually jumps on you, you’ll make an impression.

    Others may have more specific toy suggestions.

  4. This one is in the bag!! Litterally since she’ll be out with a new toy in her bag!! Don’t know why but I’d love if you’d command her to go there dressed like a man, totally transformed, just to make a bigger impression on the shop keeper whether its a man or a woman selling the “good stuff”, also for your wife to feel really different and see how she can cop with people staring at her!!! Do you like the idea?

      1. Hahahaha!! I guess!!! It just that I still have this scene in my head of Kim Basinger dressed as a man in the classic “9 1/2 weeks”…sooo hot!

  5. I am a little blown away by how much, I loved that first paragraph. As you mention above, sometimes it is also the simple things that really just knock your socks off… and I find that him revealing to her that merely referencing her in a conversation made him rock hard in public is driving me crazy, what an absolute, unexpected delight! and I still had the whole rest of the delicious story in front of me!

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