Fantasy Girl: her response to The E-mail Experiment

Two fantasy girls with perfect legs walk hand in handDear X,

This was a tough one. With most of your experiments I feel like a spy. The people in my ordinary life – okay, it’s not that ordinary – would never suspect that I’m also a secret agent who does sexy dares in her free time. Even when you had me strip naked in that changing room, the odds were incredibly slim that anyone in my ordinary life would catch me at it (not that it would have mattered if they had). But writing a fantasy e-mail to someone I actually knew was different. I’m not a particular tech whiz, and I was nervous that in sending the e-mail I might accidently reveal my identity. I felt incredibly awkward and (believe it or not) shy. Do you think I might be becoming innocent again? That was a joke.

Anyway, I followed your techie instructions (geek), and yes, there was someone on my contact list whom I wouldn’t mind getting into bed. Will you be surprised to hear that it wasn’t a man, but a woman (and a VERY attractive one at that)?  I’ve always had a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I see a woman I like, and she caught my attention immediately. For the record, apart from some basically innocent experiences in my youth “playing doctor”, I’ve never really had any lesbian adventures, but this was meant to be a fantasy, right? So here we go again.


P.S. Not sure how good your [local language] is, so I took the time to translate the e-mail to my fantasy girl for you. Turns out I’m just as sexy in [local language], even when I’m nervous.


Dear Stranger,

I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten a letter from an anonymous admirer. I know I’ve never written one, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Forgive me if this sounds creepy, but I’ve seen you around and think you’re absolutely beautiful. I’m not a stalker, I’m not a danger – we’ve hardly ever spoken and I’m not the type to seek you out and confess my desire. I’m just some distant woman – blonde, attractive, about your age – who’s had a fantasy about you that I wanted to share. Don’t feel obliged to write back or even read this. I just wanted to put it down, and it admittedly does excite me to send it. So thanks for humoring me.

Here’s the fantasy: You and I are sitting alone in a loungy bar on low white leather sofas having a drink. Again, we know each other but not very well. We’ve just had a serious talk about possibly working together on a future business project. We’ve both had two glasses of wine, which has made the talk increasingly less serious. You’re dressed in black and are very tan from the summer, with beautifully manicured nails, smelling clean but musky and smoky at the same time, a scent that always turns me on. You’re laughing and talking in your deep, sexy voice, very sure of yourself. You’re so feminine that you make even me (feminine extraordinaire) feel masculine sitting there. When you reach over to get your lighter from the table in front of us, you touch me quite deliberately and intimately, and I sense that there is something more going on. Your hand brushes against my knee and lingers for a moment as you give me an appraising look. This is my fantasy, my lovely, and I just melt inside.

I feel myself growing hot between my legs, and that nervous tension that makes me aware of my pussy. I can’t tell if you suspect how turned on I am, and I have no idea how to convey that back in a subtle way. I’m completely inexperienced at seducing women, but I’m dying to kiss you and feel your breasts. As well as everything else there is to feel and kiss.

Eventually you catch the vibes coming from me – maybe because of my increasingly blatant glances down at that spectacular cleavage of yours – and you suggest we go back to your place to finish up our business and have a nightcap. Before I know it we’re in your apartment with the door shutting behind us. You don’t even turn on the lights. I feel your lips on mine, and your tongue playfully entering my mouth. I’m surprised by the swiftness of the kiss (innocent me! – so innocent she e-mails women anonymous fantasies!) and relieved that you have taken the initiative. Neither of us says a word. We don’t have to. Within a minute or two I have your nipple in my mouth. It is unbelievably delicious and firm. In my mind your breasts are soft but toned, and they smell heavenly (don’t they!). Meanwhile you have managed to take off my panties and are delicately stroking my pussy. I can’t believe my luck. Here I am with this incredibly attractive woman who is (in my fantasy) totally turned on by me too! We sink to the floor – kissing, licking, undressing, purring, kissing some more. My head gradually moves towards your belly while I keep one hand at your nipple. Then below your belly, and I bury my nose in your dark curly hair. You’re ready for me, and I may be a stranger, but then I also know exactly what women like. That’s just one of the many advantages of being a woman, baby!

I feel around with my fingers for a bit, then slowly part the lips of your pussy, taking that pink button into my mouth. Delicious. I’ve taken over now, and I’m not going to relinquish control. I feel you arch and moan, and there’s no turning back. I suck and lick and tease and probe until I can feel you tensing, and then your body’s shaking in a violent orgasm. I almost come myself just watching you shudder and sigh. After a minute or so your body relaxes again, and you pull me up to kiss me deeply and sweetly. Then you motion for me to lie down on my back so that you can have your turn. I give myself completely over to you. You’re obviously no beginner (naughty!), and you immediately begin licking my lips. You lick and you suck, and then you put first one, then two, fingers in my pussy, keeping your thumb on my clitoris and rubbing it gently while licking the surrounding area. I think I’m going to explode, but I manage to hold it off. In my mind I float up above us to see our bodies lying there – your breasts, your smell, your tongue, your lips, your taste – and again I feel myself at the edge of a cataclysmic orgasm. This is so perfect, I think to myself, and then I’m coming, barely suppressing a scream.

Then without another word I somehow dizzily make my way home, still smelling of sex.

Now please forgive the lust of a stranger, fantasy girl. I’m not insane. You just turn me on.

Kiss kiss,



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