The Sex Confessional Experiment

Two sexy women in bikinis make a sex confession to each other.Dear Dreamer,

Oh, you’ve been a bad girl. I really can’t emphasize that enough. Not that I expected anything else. Will you believe me if I say that I was even unsurprised to discover that one of your most insistent fantasy objects is a woman. You’ve mentioned your appreciation of the feminine form before, and then you’re becoming more open-minded by the month. So join the club: our membership is approximately half the world’s population, and we fantasize incessantly about naked women. It’s a blessing and a curse, my dear, but once you’re in the club you can never get out. You’re made. Great tits will distract you forever. Alas.

But wasn’t it a relief to get that feminine fantasy off your, well, chest? I find it’s sometimes a great comfort to be able to speak one’s mind…. I find it even more comforting to read about you speaking your horny mind, and so I’ve decided to provide you with that opportunity again (for our mutual benefit, naturally). Here’s the deal: your last sex confession was anonymous, but I want this one to be made in person. Choose someone you trust and tell them that about our unusual relationship. Tell this person about the challenges you’ve so spectacularly met, and tell her (him?) how our little experiments have made you feel. Have your thoughts about sex evolved? Have you acquired new fantasies that might have shocked you before?

Revealing your recent adventures to an acquaintance (whom you’ll just have to decide to trust) may prove to be quite a challenge on its own, but the real measure of your success here will be this: are you willing to slow down the story and tell not just the general facts (I flashed the delivery man, ha ha), but the tantalizingly specific ones (he looked at my tits; I was wet and wearing Chinese balls, and I definitely would’ve fucked him). Sound fun? Sounds fun to me. So it’s time to confess your sins, you fabulous creature. Time to step into that sex confessional, shut the door, and reveal all. Meanwhile I’ll be dreaming up penitential alternatives to Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s – spanking? phone sex? — that will only send you back into that confessional again. Yep. Sounds fun to me.



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