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I married a flasher: the result of The Sex Confessional Experiment

A beautiful flasher shows a great assBeing Mr. X has its advantages, but then so does being my wife’s husband. As Mr. X I knew all about my wife’s (near) flashing in our local café, and I knew she was out confessing some of this to a friend (likely Mona, I knew). But when she returned home and told me herself, in person, that she had once gone without panties or bra in her café, I was unexpectedly overcome with excitement. This was my wife, standing right there in front of me, revealing a sexy secret, without the distance of an e-mail. I was instantly hard at the thought of her tempting fate without underwear, even though I had thought of that exact scene many times before. Hearing the flasher story straight from her, and having her reveal the “secret”, was a powerful aphrodisiac. Continue reading I married a flasher: the result of The Sex Confessional Experiment

True Sex Stories: her response to The Sex Confessional Experiment

Two women show their pretty legs and share true sex stories with each otherDear Holy Father X,

I confess everything. So what’s my punishment? Will you spank me? We force me to do even dirtier things to make up for all the dirty things I’ve done? Sort of like community service, if you know what I mean (I think that should be clear)? I hope so.

When I got your challenge, my first thought was that there were a surprising number of people who I would be willing to tell about my recent sex stories. I’m not exactly the shrinking violet type, if you know what I mean. So there was my husband, and I considered this possibility for about a day. I honestly think he would get a kick out of what we’ve been up to, but in the end I decided not to mess with how the game’s been played so far. He’s been enjoying its benefits as much as me, after all. So don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, or something like that. Continue reading True Sex Stories: her response to The Sex Confessional Experiment

The Sex Confessional Experiment

Two sexy women in bikinis make a sex confession to each other.Dear Dreamer,

Oh, you’ve been a bad girl. I really can’t emphasize that enough. Not that I expected anything else. Will you believe me if I say that I was even unsurprised to discover that one of your most insistent fantasy objects is a woman. You’ve mentioned your appreciation of the feminine form before, and then you’re becoming more open-minded by the month. So join the club: our membership is approximately half the world’s population, and we fantasize incessantly about naked women. It’s a blessing and a curse, my dear, but once you’re in the club you can never get out. You’re made. Great tits will distract you forever. Alas. Continue reading The Sex Confessional Experiment