A sexy e-mail (and A Reader Experiment)

A reader sends in a sexy e-mail and strips off her top.The other day I got a sexy e-mail from a reader named Lisa, and I most definitely have a new obsession (can you have too many?). Here’s her (sexy) e-mail:

To Mr. X,

Your stories excite me beyond the point of orgasm. I’m incredibly intrigued by your life, your anonymous persona, and your wife the sex kitten. Reading the posts alone make me as wet as Mr. X makes your wife. I cannot explain how horny everything makes me. I love the fact that you share this with the internet community. I hope you’re able to continue this experiment for a long time. I also hope you start making your wife take pictures of her sexcapades and share them with us….

Thank you for making me horny,


Which, needless to say, made me incredibly horny, and so I wrote back to this mysterious Lisa:

Dear Lisa,

Well now I’m horny. The thought of an anonymous little Lisa out there growing wet as she reads about my fantasies and adventures has admittedly got me fumbling at my pants. What a kick to think of you growing all hot and lusty, and maybe putting a hand (or two) to yourself! Thanks a lot for writing. I’m very interested to see where all of this goes, and posting photos, and more, is definitely out there in my fantasies. I don’t want to move too fast, though (I intend to torture you!), but I do love to hear what people would like to see my wife do. It would really be fantastic if other women (and men) out there started doing some of the experiments themselves and posting their results.

In any case, thanks for a hard-on in the afternoon,



And then Lisa became really interesting (and fully entered into obsession territory). Here are a couple of quotes from her next sexy e-mail:

Mr. X,

…I would love to have a Mr. X of my own to dare me to do sexual things. That’s one fantasy of my own.  If you’re ever free to give me one, I would love to share my experiences with you. And I think you would like to know that your stories have given me a chance to have an earth shattering orgasm like never before. …[Giving] you a hard-on turns me on even more. Your wife is one lucky woman…..

Me & my pussy thank you,



This kind of thing just drives me wild, and so here is my recent response to Lisa (and her pussy):

Lovely Lisa,

I’m spending a lot of time imagining your body, I will admit. And your earth-shattering orgasms…. How do you touch yourself? Does a hand slip up to your breast? What do they look like? And your legs, your eager pussy…. I know you’re beginning to get wet just reading this. My hard-on is raging and really requires some attention.

It is an extraordinary turn-on to find a woman willing to offer herself up to an experiment. The blog has taken an interesting turn. I don’t know you, of course, so it’s difficult to gauge what’s within your comfort zone, and what you might respond to (Mr. X has the advantage of an “anonymous source” with the wife). I also don’t know if you have a partner, or are sleeping with someone, but I’d like to try something if you’re willing, just a little introduction to start. You’ve read the wife’s current challenge, I imagine. She has to describe one of her dirtiest fantasies to a friend, and as she does she has to observe the body of this friend and the effect that her fantasy has on it. I’d like you to do something similar. Write down your most urgent fantasy in detail. I want to know the idiosyncrasies of your desire, I want to be there in the room seeing and feeling everything (especially your body), and I want you to drive me mad with lust. Then, only if you are willing, I will publish your sex fantasy on the blog so that you can then imagine others masturbating over you, fantasizing about you, wanting you. You should not hold back in your sexy e-mail to me, but I also promise that if you do agree to let me publish it, I will remove anything you might feel uncomfortable with, or that might compromise your anonymity (assuming that’s something you don’t want compromised).

But then, of course, that’s not all, little Lisa. Once you’ve written out your sex fantasy, I want you to print it out. I want you to fold it up, or slip it into an envelope, and then carry it out with you in your purse like a delicious little secret. Then, when you’re in a public place that you frequent – a bar, restaurant, cafe, gym – I want you to leave the fantasy behind. Be discreet about this if you don’t want the fantasy to be traced back to you. Maybe you leave it in a bathroom, or a dressing room – a place you won’t be seen. But someone will find it eventually, and even if they can’t guess who the author is, over the coming weeks, whenever you pass by that place, there will always be the possibility that your fantasy is still in the atmosphere, and that someone you see there is holding onto it, dreaming about you, longing for you, watching you. Although of course I imagine that as lustful as you are, they’re always watching you anyway.

So that’s your challenge, Lisa. I have no idea if you’ll accept, but I do immensely enjoy playing our little game.


Mr. X


So here’s another sex experiment, completely unexpected. Now when I imagine my wife’s orgy fantasy scene (and I do, believe me, in dozens of different configurations), Lisa has entered the scene and is peeling off her clothes too. She has excited me tremendously, and I can’t wait to find out if she’s up to the challenge, and what she’ll come up with. I’ll let you know as soon as I receive another sexy e-mail. Somehow I have a feeling she won’t disappoint.


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