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The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman sunbathing nudeDear Sultry One,

I’m still spending quiet moments contemplating the hot fantasy you spoke aloud during our walking experiment. I like to think of you being taken in sleek bathrooms. I’d like to take you as your hands gripped the sink counter and our eyes locked in the mirror in a brief, fearless fuck.

You constantly surprise me, but I’d like to see how you might surprise me with your flesh. I feel as if we know each other extraordinarily well after all these dares, or at least we know the dark parts of each other that stay mostly hidden from the world. I want to know even more about that dark places inside of you. I want to know how your darkness (which we could just as easily call “lightness”) corresponds to mine, and how it differs. I want to be able to find you in the darkness of this eternally erotic world we’ve created together. I want to know the ways you’re fucking, to discover more about what buttons to push and what dials to turn among the thousands in order to fine tune your sexual pleasure. Permanent orgasm – I’d like to imagine that for you. Continue reading The Sunbathing Experiment