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Sex Experiment Relay: Round Two

Incredible legs set to run a sex experiment relayMost Eager and Excellent Readers,

We have a new winner in the first round of The Sex Experiment Relay, the second of our daring games on this site after The Group Sex Game. For those of you who have taken a moment to sign up for the site, there’s also some serious experimenting going on in a couple of our member groups: Your Experiments and the Photo Orgy. If you like sex experiments or naked photos or orgies, feel free to join us. If you don’t, well I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Continue reading Sex Experiment Relay: Round Two

Sex Experiment Relay: Round One, last chance

Just a perfect ass ready for a sex experimentDear Readers,

We’re playing a game called The Sex Experiment Relay, and here’s how it works:

1) I post an experiment.

2) You post your experimental results in the comments section, as well as a new experiment for the next round of experimenters to fulfill.

3) Once at least three people have completed the round’s experiment, I’ll choose one to repost as the next experiment for everyone to attack. I’ll also be taking guidance from readers in the comments section on what experimenter to choose from round to round.

4) Once we’ve had fun with this for a while and have quite a few “round winners” (some readers may win several rounds), we’ll start with eliminations, the rules of which I haven’t figured out yet. As always, I’m also happy to change the rules if someone dreams up better ones (and I do take bribes). Continue reading Sex Experiment Relay: Round One, last chance

Group Sex Game Ends – Sex Experiment Relay Begins

Classy woman ready for group sexThe Group Sex Game has a winner. You sent off your sex fantasies to strangers, you stripped for the camera, but only one of you rose to a more mathematical challenge of phone numbers. Her name is Tori, she is charming, she’s got a way with words, and she’s made me wish I were a cowboy. Congratulations, Tori! It was well-played and well-deserved, and when the storied history of The Sex Experiment is written decades from now, you will be its first competitive legend, the girl with the whole package, the one with the kind of charm that wins championships. Bravo! I hope you can hear the roar of the crowd from wherever you are.

And I know that the last time we heard from you, you were begging for more. I fear that you may be out there alone in the big leagues (while we amuse ourselves with slow-pitch softball), but the weather’s hot, vacation’s here, and sex is in the air – which seems to me the perfect conditions for a new game. I’m calling it the Sex Experiment Relay (hell, I’m on vacation, too), and here’s the concept: Continue reading Group Sex Game Ends – Sex Experiment Relay Begins