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Truth: her response to the Truth or Dare Experiment

Sexy legsSometimes truth gets in the way of Truth or Dare. Here’s a sampling of some lines from e-mails exchanged by my wife and “Mr. X” over the past couple of weeks:

Her: “Sorry I’ve been slow to get back to you on this dare. I’m incredibly excited by (and leaning towards taking “dare” in case you hadn’t guessed), but I’ve been all over the place these days and haven’t found the proper time or mindset to accomplish your mission for me. More soon.”

X: “Understandable, luscious one. As I wrote to you, there are high tides and low tides, and you can’t have one without the other. Big kisses all over that dreamy body of yours, and may the perfect Truth or Dare situation come to you when the high tide is crashing.”

Her: “X, I miss our exchanges so much. I miss having you – or at least your dares – on my mind all day long, and making me wet with the thought. Those moments are precious these days, and I relish them. I just haven’t had too much time for the moments. So yeah, it’s low tide, and at some point magic will happen and I’ll play this dare. Otherwise everything is good and I hope for you too.” Continue reading Truth: her response to the Truth or Dare Experiment

The Truth or Dare Experiment

Truth or dare - she lifts her skirtDear Daring One,

I think it’s time for another experiment. Here it is: take me to bed. Show me the places on your body where you were fondled by your husband and your masseur. Let me touch those places, lick those places. Let me kiss your adventurous mouth and remember all the borders you’ve already crossed in your mind.

The report from your massage has kept me buzzing for weeks, blonde beauty. I always sensed you would keep going further, but somehow you surprised me all the same. I lust for you intensely and revel in your constant awakening. I want to throw men and woman at you from every direction, with cocks to slip into your mouth and breasts to surround with your hands. I want to dare you to fuck the world. Continue reading The Truth or Dare Experiment