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Sex Sounds: the result of Mona’s Experiment Experiment

A nude screamer making sex sounds on a tableThere is at least one glaring disadvantage to anonymously e-mailing sexual dares to a real-life acquaintance: when she comes back and blows your mind with her erotic mastery, you may find yourself unable to think of anything else for days on end.

I dared my wife’s friend Mona to get herself a dare from someone else. She ended up having mad sex with a handsome new friend…and letting another handsome friend listen in over the telephone. This just about drove me insane with lust. It has also restored my faith in the kinky sex lives of my acquaintances. As well as causing me to spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating what I might do say or do the next time I actually see Mona in public. So far I don’t have any ideas unlikely to end in catastrophe. So far my strategy is to maintain that perfect poker face and simply admire her in my mind. Poor strategy, if you ask me, but that’s what I’ve got so far. Continue reading Sex Sounds: the result of Mona’s Experiment Experiment

Sex (and phone sex): Mona’s response to her Experiment Experiment

A woman has phone sex while having sexDear Mr. X,

So you are getting pretty smart! You understand now that one Mr. X is not enough for Mona. No I need lots of Mr.X’s, maybe even one for every night of the week, all these mystery men wanting me and telling me filthy things to do.

You were right that sometimes your dares do not scare me at all, but believe me that sometimes they really do. It all just depends on my mood or the situation around me, but it is true that when I am horny, I am HORNY, baby, and I will do almost anything you can imagine. So it was a good idea to order me to get my dare from another man. In the heat of the moment, as they say. Continue reading Sex (and phone sex): Mona’s response to her Experiment Experiment

Mona’s Experiment Experiment

A busty nude prepares for an erotic experimentDear Delicious Mona,

I want you too. Your outrageous stripping in front of the man you picked up in that bar got me so excited that I didn’t know what to do with myself for several days. I wandered around the city muttering “I want you” to myself, imagining you locked in the words of your last experiment, speaking them to absolutely everyone who caught your eye, imagining you fucking strangers in mysterious rooms, imagining you wrapping your lips around the cock of that man you desired and let catch you stripping…and imagining your lips around mine, remembering my own glimpse of your tight curves as you stripped for me too. Continue reading Mona’s Experiment Experiment