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His wife, my wife: the result of The Dinner Experiment

A woman showing her tits and smoking a cigarette at dinnerDinner with the neighbors. Dinner with a  man who has made my wife “puddle” as she thought of him while sunbathing naked on our balcony, which I know from reading an excerpt of a diary on her computer. I believe myself when I say that this moment of weakness was uncharacteristic, and I do still regret it, even if that moment of weakness has been compensated by the great moments we’ve had since. I think of her face thrown back in an orgasmic scream (lucky neighbors). I think of her laughter once we’re back on earth and sharing in the story of the planets we’ve just visited. We’re having fun. Continue reading His wife, my wife: the result of The Dinner Experiment

Me Nude: her response to The Dinner Experiment

Me nude by a bookcaseLet me give your photographic mind something to click at. The sexy artist gave me a half dozen of the photographs he took in black and white. They were beautiful, and he says he’s using them in his show, but in most of them you wouldn’t recognize me. In those where I posed behind the glass, you only see the outline of my body, and in others he’s covered me with digital layers so that I look veiled from head to toe, with only a hint of me beneath. There are two, though, that I really like. They were taken at the end of the session when he just asked me to play, and when I got to feeling, well, a little horny. You know that I’m-naked-and-an-attractive-man-is-circling-around-me feeling? That’s the feeling I mean. Continue reading Me Nude: her response to The Dinner Experiment

The Dinner Experiment

A nude wife after dinner sex.Good scientific method means that occasionally your experiments are going to be a failure. The results will sometimes surprise you, and your theories may be overturned. It’s these unforeseen consequences that make experimentation, particularly sexual experimentation, worthy of some healthy obsession. I’ve written about this before, but I was reminded of these thoughts this week after I received an e-mail from a devoted reader who had tried a couple of the wife’s experiments herself…with not entirely satisfying results. I replied that experimenting itself is its own victory, and that I hoped she’d keep at it. Continue reading The Dinner Experiment