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Sexty: Queen Green’s response to her Five Word Experiment

A woman has passionate sex with her loverMy Duke,

I must report to you.

As you know, I told you I would see my love on Thursday.  Wednesday, as I was leaving work and signing off of our chat, the last thing I said was, “I lust for you to ravish and explore me.”

I had to go to the bank after work.  All the drive up lanes were full except for the lane right next to the teller window.  I never have a deposit slip and always have to ask for one.  After doing this for several weeks in a row, I have realized that Alex (a male Alex) is always working, and I always ask for a deposit slip and a pen.

Well, Wednesday was a very nice day, and I drive a convertible, so I had the top down.  I was also wearing a dress.  Nothing too suggestive, but sitting down it came high on my thigh and my boobs looked particularly big in it. Continue reading Sexty: Queen Green’s response to her Five Word Experiment

Confidence: Queen Green’s Five Word Experiment

A woman strips with confidenceI continue to be awed by the enterprising women who e-mail me begging for naughty experiments of their own. Yes, a man asks from time to time, but I’m forced to consider the previously counterintuitive possibility that women are the lustier, more creative, and yes, erotically braver sex. My own wife is the perfect example of this confidence, of course. As further evidence I present this recent exchange with a new acquaintance of mine who calls herself Queen Green: Continue reading Confidence: Queen Green’s Five Word Experiment

Fuck-Finger Fuck-Suck-Finger Fuck: Alice’s response to her Five Word Experiment

A naked woman throws back her head as she is finger fucked.There is news from Alice. I only wish you were all at sex café the afternoon she walked in with her notebook to fuck a stranger with her mind and write it all down for her five-word experiment. I imagine she was quite a sight. I also may have to follow through with that threat of a good spanking (if only!). Alice is obviously a rebel, and she has a hard time following orders. Which is just one of the things I like about her. She has a tendency to make every experiment her own. Not that she couldn’t use a little disciplining (and my mind idly wanders back to that spanking).

Anyway, she began by telling me about a current lover: Continue reading Fuck-Finger Fuck-Suck-Finger Fuck: Alice’s response to her Five Word Experiment

Sex Cafe: Alice’s Five Word Experiment

A sexy young woman puts her hand in her panties.Beware a woman with a mohawk fetish. Do everything in your power to get her into your bed, but beware. You’re in for a wild ride, particularly if her name is Alice – particularly if she’s shown a penchant for having her clit sucked by a girl in a tight purple dress in the bathroom of a booming club. I’d missed her. I’d had fantasies about her. Hadn’t you? Well, last week she sent me another e-mail. I sensed an emergency situation. I sensed a libido on the prowl. Naturally I wanted to help. Here’s her e-mail:

Mr. X,
The more I think about sex and have sex, the more people notice. I had to share a tent during a storm with a stranger. He slid his hand up my shirt, sliding it around my stomach. He put his leg over mine. I stretched against him, but because I was running on forty-five minutes of sleep, I went to sleep when he didn’t progress. I’m leaving this city in a few weeks. May I have an assignment to complete before I leave?


Alice Continue reading Sex Cafe: Alice’s Five Word Experiment